This house/twist seems amazing. I hope these houseguests are greedy as fuck and take the bait then unleash a punishment on the rest of the house, thereby becoming hated. Plus the bathroom is gorgeous! The only rooms which are kind of lame are the green bedroom with the typewriter and the backyard which is just meh. So ready for this season to start though

Twiggy writing on an Olivetti. Advertisement in Seventeen magazine, August 1969. Photograph by Justin de Villeneuve.

Twiggy has the 1969 romantic hippie thing going with long tendrils, poet-sleeved mini dress and tall suede boots. She looks slightly awkward with one finger tentatively poised on the typewriter carriage and the other on a key. The ad is for Olivetti’s Studio 45: The Brightwriter, with the tag line: “Twiggy loves our new blue-green portable.”