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Ok. First product review on this blog. Here goes.

This is a bag of Organic Matcha from Kiss Me Organics that I was lucky enough to receive in exchange for an honest Amazon review. 

I am NOT a person who is overly concerned with eating organic. I do now and then, but it isn’t a priority in my kitchen. SO, that being said, I had never used matcha, never tasted it….not even really THOUGHT about it. So I was curious when I saw it available as a tester and quickly signed up. 

Within a few days I received this vivid green powder on my doorstep and had NO IDEA where to start. After googleing what avid users where doing with it, I was, quite frankly…INTIMIDATED. Many folks are using it with tofu. (not something my family eats) in protein smoothies (not something my family consumes in any way) and in flax baked goods (something I’ve never worked with!) I felt like I was striking out and felt like I wasn’t going to be able to use this product without making something WAY outside of my comfort zone. Which, isn’t really easy at the moment, with an overactive toddler!

ARG! SOOOO, I opted to just go back to the bag and stick with the basics! Coffee? I LOVE coffee, ok, we’ll try that! 1 tsp as a daily dose? Ok. Half in my morning coffee and half in my oatmeal. Easy peasy.

Now, I did try it on it’s own…..I would not suggest that. It tastes like what I would approximate hay tastes like. Uck. In coffee though, it was very easy to hide with a bold roast and a dash of creamer. My only complaint in this form is that it settles to the bottom of the mug and you have to repeatedly stir it or else you’ll get a green health shot at the end of your brew. It also adds a green tinge, more of an undertone. So subtle it’s not even really noticeable in the photo.

In the oatmeal it’s slightly more noticeable flavor wise, but it’s not bad. It just helps balance out the sweetness of the peaches. Also, obviously it makes it look a little swampy, but that’s not a problem for me.

Why use Matcha at all? Well, it claims that it will boost your metabolism and give you even, all day energy. As well as having a much higher EGCG level than brewed green tea. (All noted RIGHT on the bag) 

I would definitely back the energy bit, I’ve noticed that I don’t crave an afternoon nap when I take it. I’m up later, working longer and aching less. Metabolism, I don’t know, I’ve only been taking it for three days now, I’ll have to wait to see if I feel it’s helping on that front. I’ll probably be leaving my official, much shorter, amazon review in about another week or so.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product, you can do so here.

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Organic Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder by Matcha Organics Review #Matchaorganicsgreentea #Review

Organic Matcha Culinary Green Tea Powder by Matcha Organics

100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Extract – Fat Burner & Weight Loss Diet Supplement & Metabolism Booster – Natural Detox All Day Energy & Mental Focus – Latte, Smoothie, Shake & Baking Mix – Vegan Superfood – Coffee Substitute – Improved Hair & Skin Health (4oz)


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Organic Matcha - Ceremonial Grade - Green Tea Powder

  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATCHA: Shade grown, Ceremonial Matcha powder is distinctive due to the vibrant green color, slightly sweet flavor and smooth finish.
  • OVER 100 YEARS OF ORGANIC FARMING EXPERIENCE & RECOGNIZED BY THE UN: Our certified organic family-owned Japanese tea farm has been operating since 1915, run by the same family for over 3 generations. Grown in the Shizuoka region of Japan, recognized by the United Nations as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System
  • ENERGY POWERHOUSE, NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER & MENTAL FOCUS: Boost your vitality with the unique ability to reduce stress levels, focus the mind, and provides all-day energy.
  • UP TO _137x THE ANTIOXIDANTS OF BREWED GREEN TEA: Matcha is a fine powdered form of shade grown green tea leaves. This means you consume the entire leaf providing your body and mind with a maximum concentration of Polyphenols and EGCG.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE 110% MoneyBack - If for some reason, you are not satisfied with our Organic Matcha we provide a no-hassle no-questions-asked refund. Yes, we are that devoted to your happiness! :)
Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder Matcha Review #enzomatcha #review

Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder Matcha Review #enzomatcha #review

Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder Matcha

Green Tea Powder – Matcha

Promote Brain Cells – Boost Metabolism – Natural Detox – Unmatched Taste Matcha – 100% Organic Certified


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Matcha green tea!- one glass of matcha is equivalent to 10 glasses of green tea!😱 since you are consuming the whole leaf. Matcha is packed with benefits; -full of antioxidants including EGCg -boosts metabolism and burns calories -detoxifies the body naturally -calms and relaxes -enhances your mood and concentration -provides vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc and magnesium -fights against viruses and bacteria -rich in fiber -lowers cholesterol and blood sugar -does not raise insulin levels EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate) - very potent antioxidant that is not found in any other foods, it counter acts the effects of pollution, UV rays, radiation and chemicals which can all lead to cell and DNA damage. 😱😱 powerful stuff!!💪💪 get your Matcha on! 😁😁 #food #fitspo #fitness #gymflow #gymlife #goodfood #greentea #greensmoothie #health #healthy #healthybody #healthyskin #nutrition #weights #workout #weightloss #matchagreentea #matcha #motivation #goodtoknow #antioxidants
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REVIEW | Kiss Me Organics: Culinary Grade Organic Matcha - Green Tea Powder

Hey guys!

I had a chance to sample the Kiss Me Organics Green Tea Powder and wanted to do a review on the product.

The Green Tea Powder can be used in lattes, smoothies and baking and is intended to provide “All day energy and focus – Calorie burning booster.”

I’m always looking for ways to increase my energy and maintain focus without having to resort to extra cups of coffee so I was very…

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