Clearer skin regimines

For those of you who have had trouble with hyperpigementation, eczema, skin damage or any discoloration of the skin (esp face) I know what it’s like. I suffered with cystic acne at a point in my life which left me with horrible hyperpigmentation on my face, as well as suffered with bacne (back acne) and chest acne thought middle school and my whole high school career. Here’s a list I made a few months back on products I’ve either used or have done extensive research on that had great reviews.

I’m not a medical doctor nor do
I have the ability to vouch for all of these products but if you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to my knowledge to help you out :) 
disclaimer: some of these products contain potentially harmful products. I do not condone nor condemn the use of the products listed under “bleaches” but again for any further questions feel free to leave a comment in my ask!

natural exfoliating scrub products: 
Coconut oil 
Raw honey
Brown sugar 

Fading treatments

Plain organic yogurt 
<Every other day> 
Rinse after 15 minutes 
Green tea oil control mask (oily skin)

More fading tips:

(Skin “bleaches”)
Boscia - cleanser 
Wild rose - daily brightener 
Laser free - Peter Thomas 
White mask by Boscia 
Yoko whitening cream and acne cream

Nadinola cream (contains hydroquinoin)

With prescription:
Hydroquinoin -cream 
Tretinoin/retina - peel/gel

clarasonic mia/mia 2
Olay pro x (recommended)
Dermaroller (do research prior!!)
AHA natural chemical peels (^)

Always be sure to use a sun screen SP 40-50 when using products with chemicals and/or exfoliating your skin. It is actually recommended we all use sunscreen despite our skin tone or condition year round! 


Boscia Regional Trainer Amy Westerfield summarizes the brand’s new mask kit in a simple rallying cry: “Multi-task as you multi-mask!” Then adds by way of explanation, “Most people have different skincare concerns in different areas of the face, so using multiple peel-off masks allows all issues to be targeted at once.” She herself uses one mask to minimize her t-zone pores and another to correct hyperpigmentation from sun exposure and post-acne scars. “We call this The Balancing Act,” she says with a laugh. “As far as skincare concerns go: you name it, I’ve had it!” Along with an application brush and instruction guide for combos such as Date Night and Post-Flight, the set includes four masks. Below, Westerfield explains the merits of each one—and how to maximize them by going multiple. MELISSA LANE

“Anyone who wants to diminish darks spots and hyperpigmentation— whether it’s from sun damage, acne, etc.—will love this mask,” says Westerfield. “The skin immediately looks clearer and brighter, like you are ready for your close-up.”

“It is the ultimate in kickstarting your skin back into shape. The removal of impurities and debris is so thorough, it’s like you have new skin! With that kind of clarity and smoothness, all of the products you use after will work even better.”

“Its innovation is providing ‘gap-free’ calming benefits, but still peeling off in the most gentle way possible. Anyone who has very sensitive skin or who has had irritation or too much sun will like this: it calms like no other product.”

“This mask treats very oily, blemish-prone skin—which is often very inflamed and irritated—in the most gentle way possible. Green Tea is incredibly potent in its ability to reduce excessive oiliness and diminish inflammation. Its benefits are powerful, yet it is one of the most comforting products around ”

“For all masks, smooth on just enough to create an even layer. For the Black and White masks, this should look solid, with no skin showing through. Always apply a finger-width away from hairline and brows. When the mask is completely dry, roll an edge down from your forehead with your fingertip; with the free edge, pull in a downwards motion to remove the mask.”



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Boscia / Multi-Masking™