Dragon Queen of Meereen

“Meereen was not her home, and never would be. It was a city of strange men with strange gods and stranger hair, of slavers wrapped in fringed tokars, where grace was earned through whoring, butchery was art, and dog was a delicacy. Meereen would always be the Harpy’s city, and Daenerys could not be a harpy.” Daenerys Targaryen

The first victim murdered by the Sons of the Harpy is brought to Daenerys at the Great Pyramid.


The Blacks and the Greens or The Princess and the Queen

When Queen Alicent Hightower appeared at the feast in a green gown, her stepdaughter, the Princess Rhaenyra, dressed herself in Targaryen Black and Red. Their feuding court factions were known as Greens and Blacks from that day on.

The Dance of Dragons began…  



Okay, let’s start this thing~ Meet Wynter Greene, my foundress for Not So Berry! This challenge, if you didn’t already know, was created by @alwaysimming and @lilsimsie, and has been everywhere on Simblr lately. So why not give it a go myself :3

Generation One: Mint

You’re a mischievous scientist that really loves the color mint. You’re career driven but still make time for silly pranks and outings with your closest friends. You love luxury and want the best for yourself and your family.

Traits: Vegetarian, Jealous, Materialistic

  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
  • Career: Scientist


  • Master scientist career
  • Master mischief and logic skills
  • Complete elements collection

This is the little house I built for her and now, on with the legacy!