fall cabin - living room

speckled concrete wall / light concrete wall wooden wall interior windows and door hat rack umbrella boots sideboard wall lamps hat vase globe skull books shopping bag wicker basket large painting snake plant briefcase handbag open box leaning painting shelves fan large book pinecone small books terrarium / wall plant woven rug desk chair computer printer notepad lamp candle picture white pot plant records and box mirror bookshelf wall hanging purple plant loveseat small cushions hide cushion side table record player / couch blanket laptop marble sidetable terrarium coffee cup armchair sequin cushion books on ground large rug coffee table book notebook remote phone beer bottle mugs tv cabinet apple tv white candles purple candle vase moon painting skull painting mountain tapestry, ‘we are young’ hanging, clipped/taped pictures love will picture portrait small frame hanging lights outlets plant on shelf books knitting needles owl bookshelf cactus cat painting ottoman blanket cushion oval rug


Aquaman is the King of the Seven Seas, and he’s unaffected by the pressure of the ocean depths. Green Lantern is an intergalactic cop who can create constructs characterized by his willpower. Flash is the Fastest Man Alive, and he can travel through time. Wonder Woman uses her divine powers to fight for peace. Her strength, granted by Demeter, is comparable to that of the earth, making her one of the elite. Hermes gifted her super-speed that allows her to disarm weapons instantly and immobilize opponents in the blink of an eye. Martian Manhunter can recover from injuries, shape-shift, turn invisible, and project painful psionic blasts. Manhunter is the most powerful telepath who’s able to affect even Spectre, capable of linking teammates from any corner of the globe, and reading the minds of all of Earth’s inhabitants at once. Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective. He’s fluent in Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese, Russian, and more. He trained in every martial art known to man, but uses the deadliest in his normal fighting style. Superman uses his solar-fueled powers to defend mankind against all manners of threats while championing truth and justice. He can convert stored sunlight into beams of thermal energy that can reach temperatures comparable to those produced by stars.

JUSTICE LEAGUE, by Tan Ho Sim, Raymund Lee, and Hector Barrientos.

Who’s your favorite evil counterpart here?


Ok, so… While I’m waiting for the game (2 days, *breathe*) I tried to re-create the cast of my beloved FRIENDS in the demo…. What do you think? What do I need to change? Phoebe and Joey are the moost difficult, I still have to figure out what I need to modify. 

Last I need to create some makeup and eyebows to match them exactly…