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Eyebrows (Favourite eyebrows, I use them like nearly 100% of the time)



Eyeshadow (All eyeshadow by PS is amaze, GO LOOK!)


Skintone (Again, if using lipstick, don’t get an overlay/mask)


Lemon Realty has found an amazing house for you and your family. This small home located on the canal is in a perfect location for a young or mature family to live out their lives. This house is 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom with plenty of space for the whole family. The open floor plan is beautifully done, and the house has been remodeled in 2016, and even though it has been remolded many of the original framework was kept to give the house more character than many newly built modern homes. The asking price for this home is $62,275.

This is a remodel of the Crick Cabana from the game, with a little bit of CC added to it. The CC is minimal but to have it look exactly like the photos you should probably download the CC, the list of custom content used is included within the download. The packs that you also need are: City Living, Fitness Stuff, Parenthood, Get Together, Get To Work, Vintage Glamour, Backyard Stuff, Spa Day, Vampires, Romantic Garden Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Outdoor Retreat, Bowling Night Stuff.


LiSim Payne Conspiracy.

Okay so people have all been talking about how our precious Lima is now a clone. So I got out my magnifying glass and started to investigate. We have come to the conclusion that Liam is and has always been a Sim. Yes, you did read that right, a Sim from the computer game, The Sims. His computer creators are none other than the spawn of Satan themselves, Modest Management. Modest is becoming lazy in the band’s “hiatus”, thinking that the fan base is wearing down and wouldn’t notice. How wrong they were, because 1Dunsolved is on the case.

Lately, Liam has been wearing clothes that have been looking quite random. We have grown accustomed to Liam’s usual, dressed up, yet comfortably, classy fashion sense, depicted below.

Now, Liam’s new style seems in stark contrast to his former choices in fashion. 

As we all know, Modest is the actual worst.They have gotten lazy and obviously are just clicking their first available clothes option with Liam’s Sim. I mean seriously, how many layers does he have on? What are they layers trying to cover up?? What else is going on??? And don’t even get me started on the chain. Which brings us to our next point. THE CHAIN. Liam has been seen with a new, unnaturally large piece of jewelry around his neck, depicted below. 

Upon further investigation, there is a Sim necklace that looks suspiciously like our very own Liam’s chain. I don’t need my magnifying glass to tell you that’s the same exact necklace.

Obviously the only reason that Modest would put Liam in that deathtrap, that somehow was passed off as jewelry, is to distract us. Liam has been seen multiple times in this chain to keep our eyes on the chain and away from something else. What is going on behind the scenes? What are they covering up?? Why is our precious bean being forced to carry a small child’s worth of gold around his neck??? And now it looks like, OH MY GOSH, THE CHAIN IS GROWING?!!?!

Feast your eyes everyone, Liam Payne’s Chain is indeed growing. This chain looks like it is only going to get bigger. Is this ever expanding chain going to consume Liam’s body?? Has this been Modest’s plan all along????

And then Liam’s bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, tweeted this on December 18, 2016.

Is Louis Tomlinson confirming that Liam’s chain is in fact taking over his body???? With a chain that big, what is Modest trying to cover up?? When will the Modest Sim Creator give our poor Liam’s neck a break?????

Liam is blessing us all with a new music video on Friday and in the preview he seems to be doing a little dancing, or “movement” as Liam himself called it.

Now buckle up motherfuckers, for the TEA OF ALL TEAS. Below is a real Sim dancing.

You don’t even need a magnifying glass to see that that’s literally the same exact thing. 

Liam has also been seen with a mysterious object near his head. You guessed it everyone, our own Liam Payne has been seen with none other than the tell-tale sign for being a living, breathing Sim, the green diamond. This just further solidifies that Liam is being controlled by an old crusty man at a computer.

You’re going to want to sit down for this. Everyone has been talking about how our Liam’s accent has been a little off lately. Through an anonymous source we were given an exclusive of Liam ACTUALLY SPEAKING SIMLISH. IF THIS ISN’T ENOUGH CONFIRMATION, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.

However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Liam or his reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward.

Therefore, the mystery of the “LiSim Payne Conspiracy” remains.


- The Scratched Record

Gooood day everyone! 👋😄 I’m a lucky son because @javanese_vegan mum’s home & she went on a cooking frenzy! 😜 I can’t be bothered to cook traditional Asian dishes, just too much work for me

If I ever have a wedding 👰🏻, this is the sorta food that will be served. People are gonna be pissed 😡 & weirded out because there’s no meat, getting tummy aches 😖 because they’re not used to eating lotsa veggies & I’ll be sending them home with good bowel movements 💩👍 (the best wedding favor ever)!!

Clockwise from top: Tofu Rendang, Green Lentils, 🍀🍄 Chye Sim-Oyster Mushroom Stew, 🐢 Turtle Beans, 🔶 Sambar Sweet Potatoes, Barley, ☘ Kang Kong Stew, Black Pepper 🍄 Shiitake Mushrooms, 😷 Sambal Petai (Stink Bean), Tempeh Asam Miso,🌱 Bok Choy & 🍘 Brown Rice

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Have some of these.  It’s fascinating to see who can fit where in this, but I have come to the conclusion that “green” sims are definitely the only thing that can pass for green.  I think I have one of Andrei that could fit if you squint, but… pretty much nothing else.


A “rental house” (AKA a “hotel”) that I built for Twikii Island. I spent waaaaaaaay more time on it than I planned to spend, but that’s kind of always the way, isn’t it? :\ It’s teeny-tiny, but it looks bigger than it is because of the wraparound porch. Also, I like green.