Here is a roundup of some of the latest Videos on my channel!

The Sims 4| University Dorms 2 | MALE DORMS

Let’s Play The Sims 4 University Life 

The Sims 4 Let’s Build A MALE University Dorm

The Sims 4 | TSU Green Apartments 

The Sims 4| Male University Dorm | Athlete

The Sims 4| University Male Dorm| The Studious Playa 

Let’s Decorate an Apartment | Part1 | The Sims 4 

Let’s Decorate An Apartment | Part 2 |The Sims 4 

The Sims 4| Let’s Build A Male University Dorm| Chilled Musician 

The Sims 4| Let’s Build A Male University Dorm| LGBT ROOM

The Sims 4 - The Cast of Arrow

I made this lot a loong time ago, but since I changed my style of cc I revamped them and now I’m releasing them to you guys.

I don’t watch Arrow as much as my brother and Dad do, but I do know the basics of it, and I really love superheroes anyway - so here is the main cast of Arrow, in sim form.

There is some CC, but I’m sure that some can be omitted. Although it does mean that on the gallery you have to tick include custom content under advanced in order to see them.

Download them on the gallery under my Origin ID - Pasimmerday

CC List:

lumialoversims‘s skin here is on all of them apart from Diggle
kijiko’s eyelashes here are on Thea and Laurel
lumialoversims’s hair here is on Roy

I also have a default eye set but those aren’t necessary. Everything else is from the Base Game, OR, or GTW. I only did their everyday outfits.


TOU: Please do not reupload, claim as your own, or alter their faces or bodies, but you may change their clothes/makeup. If you use them, please tag me and I’ll check it out!

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership of any of these characters or anything to do with Arrow, I simply made their representations on the Sims.

Do you ever get like pre-crushes?? Like you meet someone that’s cool and pretty cute and you get along w and it’s like I theoretically could develop a crush on you but like I don’t have any romantic feeling for you, but theres a possibility?? Like I don’t know you well enough to have romo feels but if we got really close and there’s a possibility I could get a crush.

This customer called for my attention today at work and when I get to her she makes a gesture to the bananas and loudly exclaims “They are green?!” And I don’t even know what she wanted to say by that, because she litterally did not say anything more to me, so I just go “Yep. Those are some pretty green bananas” 

they weren’t even green they were yellow????

ARE YOU READY? Generation 3 of The Disney Princess 10 Generations Challenge is ready again!

You can find the beginning of generation 1 right HERE!
And the beginning of generation 2 right HERE!

And of course, the rules to the challenge right HERE!

Here is what inspired me to her look:

Generation 3: Tiana 
The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work

Your family has barely accomplished anything over the past two generations (not in my case ;-)), and you’re here to change that. This story begins when Tiana becomes a young adult. 

- Must have ‘Ambitious’ trait
- Father must die before end of the young adult stage 
- Must have food Aspiration
- Must marry a Sim with green (This can be hair, eyes, skin etc.)

And as always, i hope you enjoy it!