It’s no secret that Green Ronin and Geek & Sundry are pals. We’re fans of them, they’re fans of us. So we freaked out a little bit (in a good way) when we learned they wanted to make a Critical Role campaign setting book. Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing (Titansgrave, Dragon Age RPG, O…


Dragon Age Dice Set (Pre-Order) - $14,95

Within this box you’ll find six beautiful dice, emblazoned with iconography from the world of Thedas, setting for BioWare’s Dragon Age fantasy video game! Four of these high-quality, durable dice carry the symbols of the Circle of Magic and the Templars. The remaining two bear the Grey Warden Griffon and the iconic Blood Dragon. Manufactured by Q Workshop, and perfect for any fan of Dragon Age, these also serve as two sets of dice for Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG!

Kickstarter for Blue Rose - The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy

Most important, we feel that games like Blue Rose are needed. Awareness of the importance of representation and inclusion in the hobby and the industry has grown in recent years. Now publishers need to follow-through on that increased awareness and deliver games that help to fulfill its promise. That’s what we’re looking to do with this Kickstarter so, if you agree, we would really appreciate your support.

The Kickstarter for Blue Rose ends 2015-07-20. Check it out.

Crystal Frasier’s NEW Mutants & Masterminds

It’s called the Template Tome, it has the best logo, and it’s right here:

The Template Tome on DriveThruRPG

It’s four-frickin’-dollars folks, so even if you’re not into Mutants & Masterminds* you should pick this up just to support Crystal and encourage this particular brand of awesomeness.

She also did the art—WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE!?!?!?1?

Again: The Template Tome. Get it before the internet runs out of PDF!

(* In which case, perhaps think about your life.)

After a long wait I’m happy to finally be able to post this. This is one of the illustrations I made for the new Green Ronin book, Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. The book has been in development for quite a while following their very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Green Ronin have partnered up with Q Workshop, whose awesome dice are almost certainly known to you. Each box of dice will come with two full sets for the RPG. That’s six dice total, four with the Circle and Templar emblems on them and two with the Grey Warden emblem and the Blood Dragon (the “Dragon Die” for the RPG).

Coming in March 2014 :) 

Today, on the International Transgender Day of Visibility, it seems a good time to make visible that some children in Aldea are born cast in the image of the remaining Primordials—a gift Braniel and Maurenna bestowed to honor their siblings—with bodies said to reflect Anwaren, who shared characteristics with both siblings, and Selene who shared none. Still others are born resembling one gender, only to discover as they mature that they are truly another—the result, some say, of recalling some spark of their divinity or previous lives from the Wheel or Reincarnation. Aldeans collectively call this myriad spectrum beyond men and women the laevvel bran’maur, “beyond the loom of Braniel and Maurenna”—shorted to “laevvel” in common usage. They are a people with their own special insights into life, incarnation, and all the things associated with and beyond them.