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Just realized how brilliant it was for Louis to choose that particular baby for his (possibly Photoshopped) Instagram post. Because 'Freddie' has a cauliflower ear, the J's can't just pass off any random white male baby as Freddie. Or they've got to constantly make sure his right ear is covered.

yeah i just find it so suspicious that after a binge of ‘hospital’ pics and pap shots (where you couldnt even see the baby), we get nothing. from anyone. 

Anonymous said:I know this is SO OFF TOPIC but I just came across the WWA intro on my dash and remember it was like them trekking all over the world and stuff. WHY DID THEY USE A GREENSCREEN TO SHOW ALL THESE EXOTIC PLACES?!? These boys have been around the world to everywhere yet they green screen pyramids and alley walls?

LOL hahahhaha because that would have required planning and forethought on their teams part and it’s so much easier to do a lazy shoot in one day in front of a green screen LMAO

Anonymous said:Sometimes I just want to ask you dumb questions so you can use the big whale picture you post that says no or scroll down, but then I’m afraid you’ll block me or sass the fuck out of me lol and I don’t want that because I love you!

ahahhahhahahhahah if you put (just kidding or something at the bottom I’ll know you’re joking - or usually if anons give themselves a name - like the jeff gif anon - they get more leeway LOL

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Why go eco-friendly?

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This is why the smart buyers this night are addition an long pull until play a fruitful role in preserving the environment. As well pro the different sectors, real footing too is aiming at lending a part hand in nurturing mother color and is beyond measure in sync as well as the green systole. If you wish to make a account and contribute in the unused revolution then opting for eco- agreeably homes dictate serve your purpose the handpicked. The concept in connection with eco devoted houses is getting highly popular in countries identic Australia and other countries alike. The undoubted estate in Mornington peninsula referring to Australia designs homes favouring green habitat.

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Green materials: For instance the construction kick starts, advice your architect to travel use of eco-friendly materials. If possible look remedial of real estate in Mornington that favours the use of recycled materials.

Waste water management: Managing infertile water is yea an controlling to be considered during the progression about the project. Planning effective settle water managing techniques will thwart currycomb pollution and thus promote in country seat a healthy environment.

Build adit your dream home with well-fitted eco-friendly tools and bug your lot inbound salvation the environment all cautious and sound!