Working to be healthy! I want to be able to make healthy (but yummy) things for myself and perhaps my husband and kids one day. I’m a bad bad example with how I eat right now (which is rarely and then usually Nanaimo bars or something). So YEAH, green smoothies anyone? 
(HEY other Erika! Have you tried green smoothies? Tastes a little like…green stuff but I hear it’s amazing for losing weight and staying healthy. Radiance! Awesome!) 

Magic Potion by Keleus

((Although I generally try to stick to photographs and manips on Gail’s blog, I found this potion container completely fascinating.  I love the look of it, and think it’s something Gail would use to bottle and package her own potions for shipment.  Unless, of course, it was a potion that couldn’t be exposed to light - in that situation, I think she’d simply improvise on the design a bit.))