You are my soul and life worth beating–

You are the space between

Four walls of pain and sorrow fleeting–

And– still– I have not seen

poem by: bridget raymundo

bonus #926892 of olicity bunker sex: i made a thing! 

Basically, I was bored and high off 5x20 so I tried to sketch Lord Mesa’s beautiful piece (I put it below). Also, I wrote my loves a poem because of fEELINGS.

Green River Mesa – Green River Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT, September 2007

People think they can dial up an adventure.

They buy a rucksack and go hitchhiking across Europe.

Big whoopee.

That’s no adventure. That’s avoiding your responsibilities and thinking how cool you are.

Read all the stories. No adventure starts out with somebody buying a rucksack and going in search of an adventure.

Adventures come out of nowhere and nail someone who has something else in mind.

Luke Skywalker says, “Not me. I got a life.”

Moses says, “Not me. Take Aaron.”

Adventure is the last thing on a hero’s mind.

Even Indiana Jones isn’t after adventure. He’s after treasure: “Fortune and glory, Kid. Fortune and glory.” Adventure tracks him down.

That’s the way it is with adventure. It looks you up, and says, “Let’s go.”

The people with the rucksacks hitchhiking across Europe looking for adventure, miss the adventure that is looking for them back home at the place they used to work.