Suicide Squad; 7 days

Doctor Strange; 98 days

The Wolverine 3; 217 days

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; 280 days

Wonder Woman; 308 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 343 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 434 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 462 days

Justice League; 476 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 532 days

Black Panther; 567 days

The Flash; 595 days

Avengers: Infinity War - Part I; 644 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 707 days

Aquaman; 728 days

Untitled DC movie; 798 days

Captain Marvel; 952 days

Shazam; 980 days

Avengers: Infinity War - Part II; 1008 days

Justice League 2; 1050 days

Untitled DC movie; 1190 days

Cyborg; 1344 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1372 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1442 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1456 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1561 days

Deadpool 2; TBD

Gambit; TBD

New Mutants; TBD

Suicide Squad 2; TBD

The Batman; TBD

Untitled Harley Quinn movie; TBD

Inhumans; TBD

Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up; TBD

I’m sorry but I love my weed boy he makes me happy and I got loads of fanservice *happy sigh*