PinkyParadise - Largest Circle Lens Store lens review!

The EOS Candy Green -…/e10-g208-grn.htm

Super comfy, bright green lenses, which goes perfectly with blue eyes! So alien goth : D

And if you use ‘Psychara’ at your checkout you’ll receive a FREE cute animal lens case + mystery gift!! This coupon code can be stacked; if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts! \o/

My new contact lenses arrived yesterday…  yaaay ~(⁰▿⁰)~! I never got green ones before since my real eyes are a mixed blue green and I thought it would be useless to buy a colour I already have. Well, the grey ones I ordered were also blue and I liked them anyway (˘⌣˘). Btw. sorry, for posting just face pics lately but I’m still waiting for the ones from my weekend in Berlin. I made a lot of nice pics there, sadly not with my camera (−_−).