It’s #spring in #Australia and the #dapper @apmmillions is wearing our bicolor champagne #frame with bottle green lenses in #Melbourne. These handcrafted in #Italy #sunglasses are available at our online boutique (link in bio) 👓🇮🇹🇦🇺

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Hey guys so we’re doing a small giveaway! So its almost summer break and we’re super excited and we want to do something amazing! So for this giveaway we’re choosing three winners! We’ll use a randomize generator and pick 3 people! So you could get lucky with something you really want!

  1. 70cm Long Light Pink Lolita Wig 
  2. Circle lenses (15mm, green, blue or pink)
  3. Anime babe pillow (big), choose one  
  4. Angel Wing Backpack (black)
  5. 3 glico pocky (strawberry, chocolate, sweet milk)
  1. 60cm Long Multi-Color Lolita Wig
  2. Circle lenses (15mm, black, blue or pink)
  3. 3 glico pocky (strawberry, chocolate, sweet milk)
  4. Anime babe pillow (small), choose one  
  5. Tattoo choker
  1. 3 glico pocky (strawberry, chocolate, sweet milk)
  2. Death Note replica
  • Mbf 382gb and 126cm (we’ll check).
  • Reblog up to 3 times a day only! Don’t like cause likes don’t count! You can like only for a reference.
  • Ask box must be open / winner will have 5 days to respond.
  • Don’t unfollow over the giveaway, it’s rude.
  • Do not remove or modify the text.
  • If you’re under 18, please ask your parents for permission to give us your contact information.
  • No giveaway blogs (we’ll check).
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please don't ask for photo proof because all items will only be ordered after winner is chosen. Thank you!

GIVEAWAY ENDS: 30th July 2014

~~ GOOD LUCK! ~~

PinkyParadise - Largest Circle Lens Store lens review!

The EOS Candy Green -…/e10-g208-grn.htm

Super comfy, bright green lenses, which goes perfectly with blue eyes! So alien goth : D

And if you use ‘Psychara’ at your checkout you’ll receive a FREE cute animal lens case + mystery gift!! This coupon code can be stacked; if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts! \o/