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I speak in real time
As head motions hand
to write
I’ve uncovered layers
of Self
the fog of years
roll revealing
slowly the nature of Now –
Wrought appears at
The edge of
these grasslands
Stops to eat
with my hunger
Along the walkways of a
Furrowed homestead
meditates with the
whippoorwills in the
Summer fauna
all green against green
The infinite gesture
of life unfolds
I hold myself in this
cradle of thought
As the wise
abutilon sings to me.

© K. James Ribble

The Black Moon, Book One, Chapter 5

Ross was among the stalls where some old clothes and second-hand shoes and wigs were for sale, when a harsh voice behind him said: ‘Well, my grandfather’s ghost, if it ain’t the young Cap’n himself! It’s you, my son. There couldn’t be no other!’ He turned. ‘Tholly?’ He could not believe his eyes. ‘But I supposed you dead!’ A heavy man with the square shoulders of an asthmatic; stooping, forty-six years of age, dressed in a fustian long coat, primrose yellow waistcoat, dark green corduroy trousers, a green silk neckcloth. A flat nose, dark hair grizzling, ice-grey eyes, beside one of which, puckering it like an inefficient seamstress, ran a scar which made Ross’s look no more than a cat’s scratch. In place of his left hand was a steel hook more suitable to a butcher’s shop. ‘Dead I been –or near it –oft enough, but come up smiling. It’s been a long time. Thirteen –fourteen year?’ ‘Eighty-one,’ said Ross. ‘Thirteen. It seems a century. I knew only that you’d gone to sea. You’ve been away all this time?’ ‘Till last year. Then I lost this.’ He lifted his hook.

mrnerdling  asked:

Do you bros think you'll stay together for a long time? Or are you planning to disband and live your own lives at some point in the future?

Red: Hey, man! These are my bros! They wouldn’t leave me hanging! Right, guys?!


Red: … Well, jeez, don’t go answering all at once!

Green: Er… Actually…….

Green: I’ve been thinking that, well… I’d like to try something else after I’m done with my training. I don’t know what it is yet because I haven’t decided, but I just… Don’t think I’d be doing this for the rest of my life.

Yellow: Ahaha, yeah! Being a NinjaKoopa is great and all, but I wanna try some other stuff, too!

Red: What?! You guys don’t mean that, do you? Black, are you hearing this?!

Black: Red, be reasonable. Your brothers think differently than you, have their own lives to lead. Are you really going to deny them of following their own path when the time comes?

Red: … I cannot believe this! I thought we were all a team?! We’re supposed to stick together! Well, y’know what? Fine! Leave for all I care! You guys are all traitors!

Black: Red! 

Green: … Gosh, I never thought he’d take this so personally…

Yellow: Leader Bro doesn’t hate us, does he?

Black: … No, he doesn’t. I’ll talk to him. You guys don’t have to worry.