Cutting In

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by MagnoliaGrandiflora

He isn’t sure just who this green eyed monster is that Alex keeps giggling on about, or why Winn seems to be shooting funny looks his way. All he knows is that he doesn’t like the way James looks at Kara.

Words: 1721, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Prompt by the beautiful brandinicole911

“Oh my God Eric! He is just a kid!” you yelled at Eric. Eric was pacing back and forth in the apartment you shared for the past year since you were married. You were already in a bad mood and you did not need Eric’s bullshit tonight. You needed a hot bath and a drink.

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DIY Fabric Patterns | Green Eyed Monster

Ages ago (um… OK maybe like a couple of months, but it feels like ages ago) I did a post on freezer paper stencils. The only thing - where the hell do you buy freezer paper? I wondered if wax paper was the same difference. That I know where to get. And then I came across this DIY and I was like - YES. Now I can finally do some awesome freezer (er, wax) paper designs without having to get freezer paper imported.

Green Eyed Monster||Closed

There Vixx was at the backstage of the music show. Their promotion period was long over but that’s not why they were there, N was invited by Eunkwang for a visit and he decided to drag the rest along, not wishing to leave them out. Hyuk didn’t mind at all, he was glad to meet up with Sungjae, whom he haven’t talked to in ages.

As expected, the first thing Hyuk did as he stepped into the waiting room was to find the fellow maknae out, immediately moving over and buzzing around with the other. As they got caught up in their talk, Sungjae’s touchy hands appeared and made his way around Hyuk’s shoukder, which he just brushed off as he was used to it. The conversation suddenly died down though as the arm disappeared, making Hyuk look up only to see Sungjae staring at something in fear.

Turns out it was a someone as he followed the other’s point of view, only to be met by his boyfriend’s dark glare. Mystified, the younger started to make his way to his hyung, only to be hustled onto the van by the manager. He tried again but Hongbin continued to ignore him, making him even more confused, but refusing to ask just yet.

He followed the angry male quietly behind into the apartment and finally opened his mouth to ask the other’s icy figure,

“What’s wrong hyung?”

Green Eyed Monster

Release date (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
English: April 1st, 2015

“Lana, a college student and ex-magical girl, has spent the last four years trying to forget about her fantastical past. A call from her old partner, Jory, forces her back into action, and with it come old wounds and grievances. Will they be able to put aside their differences for long enough to survive one last fight, or will they destroy themselves in the end?”

This is a free game created for NaNoRenO 2015! You can get it from here.


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Green Eyed Monster

Request- Can you do a jealous dean like really jealous and really fluff?

A/N- Ah yes requests. How I missed writing them. It was refreshing to write. It feels like I haven’t done this in soooo long. haha Well yeah I liked writing this. It was going to go a completely other way but as I was writing my sister came into my room and started asking me stuff and I completely forgot what I was writing… ah well. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think! x)

Dean x Reader

Word Count-1636

Warning(s)- umm none I think, Is pizza a warning? idk but I’m hungry and I want some right now T~T

‘I’m going to tell Y/N.’ Dean repeated in his headed.

He walked out his room and walked over to yours only to find you weren’t inside. He checked the library and when he didn’t find you there he checked the kitchen. There you were talking to Sam while stirring the coffee in your mug. You, noticing Dean in the doorway, look up, smile on your face.

“Mornin’ sunshine.” you beamed. “We were just talking about you.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, “What about?”

“Lunch,” Sam answered, “You’re the deciding factor.”

“Yeah… You want rabbit food or pizza with all the toppings possible?” you ask already knowing the answer.

“Pizza of course!” he answered and then turned towards a defeated Sam, “Come on Sammy. You didn’t really think I’d pick rabbit food right? I’m a warrior.”

You laughed, “Alright let’s go hustle some fools so we can add extra toppings!” you say, fist bumping the air.

Sam shook his head but smiled all the same. Dean smiled at your excitement. Your smile and excitement that seem to brighten this dreary life that is a hunter’s life. That’s how he fell for you.

Dean drove the three of you to a bar where you could hustle a few people for their money.

You convinced them to let you do the hustling. They watched as you began your rouse of a klutz and then schooling a group of guys at pool. They also watched as they bought you a drink, flirted with you, and then began the casual touches.

Dean clenched his teeth. He shouldn’t be feeling the way he is. The one monster he couldn’t face and kill himself. The green eyed monster.

Sam could see it. The jealousy rising from his older brother. The anger and the regret. “You should have told Y/N a long time ago.” he said.

“Tell Y/N what?” Dean questioned.

“You know what,” he answered. “I love you, Y/N.” he mocked.

“What? Me? I don’t-” he paused. “Shut up.”

Sam laughed at his brother’s response, but said no more. Especially seeing how Dean was one dirty look away from breaking someone’s bones. Luckily you came back, wad of cash in hand, and a smile on your face.

“Suckers.” you chuckled.

“Great let’s go.” Dean said, grabbing your hand and pulling you along. It wasn’t forceful but you were still a bit concerned and turned toward Sam for answers. Only to be met with a smile and a shrug.

“Dean? What’s the rush?” you asked with a raised brow and a slightly tilted head.

His hand still connected to yours, “I’m just really hungry.” he lied.

“Oh. Well you should have just said that I would’ve gotten the money faster.” you say gripping his hand slightly tighter before letting go to get into your side of the car.

Dean smiled a little before going to the driver side and going to the pizza place you and he loved.

On the way there a guy on a motorcycle drove right beside the impala. He glanced at you every chance he could. On the very next red light he looked over and as you happen to be looking in his direction, he winked at you. That wink was witnessed by the wrong person, Dean. Who in turn revved the engine, making it seem as if he wanted to race. Of course with the excuse of wanting to impress you, the man on the motorcycle accepted.

“Dean you’re not going to race the guy are you?” Sam inquired.

“Shut up Sam.” he answered.

The light turned green and the man raced ahead. By himself. Dean let him go on ahead as he had planned. He was never going to race in the first place. Dean laughed at the success of his plan and continue to drive accordingly.

Walking inside the pizzeria, Dean sighed out of relief of seeing a female cashier. Just as you and he walked up to order, she seemed to brighten up a little more. You and Dean both assumed it was because of Dean. It usually was after all. Plus you had given Sam some of your winnings to buy the food he preferred.

She looked straight at you, “Hello how may I take your order beautiful.” she said.

You turned to see if there was anyone behind you, which there wasn’t, and you turned back to her. “Me? Um-”

“We’ll have two large pizzas with everything on it.” he intervened.

“Anything else?” she asked, still looking at you, only you.

“Nope that’s it.” you respond.

“Great,” she smiled, “I’ll bring out your order as soon as it’s ready.

“Thanks” you tell her, to which she responded with a simple ‘No problem’.

Once the pizzas were ready you left to meet with Sam who was also supposed to buy the beer. He noticed Dean’s worsened mood and asked as Dean drove home.

“What’s up with you?” he asked.

When Dean didn’t answer you smiled, “I think he’s jealous that the cashier liked me more than him.”

Sam turned around to face you, “Seriously?” he chuckled. You nodded yes.

“That’s not it.” Dean muttered.

Obviously not in the joking mood you all dropped it there and sat in silence until you arrived at the bunker. Even when you were all eating the pizza he enjoyed so much did he have a sour face. You wanted so badly to ask what was wrong and solve the problem. After all his smiling face is one of the reasons you love him so. Of course, for you at least, it was unrequited.

Out of habit Dean would steal glances at you, only to remember all the people who flirted with you. He’d get mad all over again. He sighed in frustration just thinking about it and the fact that he had no right to say anything at all. He stuffed the last of his pizza in his mouth and got up and retreated to his room.

You look over to Sam, pizza in your mouth, “Whash up wif him?” you asked, figuring Sam would know.

He chuckled knowingly, “I think it’d be better if you asked him yourself.” he answered before he got up and left to the library.

After finishing the last of your pizza you head towards Dean’s room to do just as Sam had said. You knocked and no answer. You frown. You knock again. Still no answer. “I’m coming in!” you announced. You walked in and Dean barely glanced your way before turning away.

“What?” he questioned.

You frown again, placing one hand on your hip. “Dean… What’s going on? You didn’t even enjoy the greatest pizza ever. We even got a discount!” you say.

“It wasn’t even that good.” he murmured.

You let out a sigh, “You’re not going to tell me?” you asked.

“There’s nothing to tell.” he answered.

“Alriight.” you say, prolonging the word. You slowly made your way towards the door while walking backwards. “It’s fine if you don’t tell me” you turn your head to make sure you weren’t going to crash. “Here I go. I’m leaving. You don’t have to tell me why you’re mad or anything.” your outstretched hand feels the door knob. “I’ll just be in my room if you need me.” You slowly close the door, sticking your head in for as long as you could. Just as the door was almost shut. “See you later Dean.” you manage to say before you close the door. You walk to your room a slow or maybe even slower than you had exited Dean’s room.

Dean stared at his door. Angry, with himself for not telling you earlier. Jealous, with all those damned people who tried to lay their grubby little hands on you. Pissed off with the fact that he cannot defeat this monster inside him. Green eyed just like him. It was so unbearable that he practically ran out of his room to get to you. You, who wasn’t more than a few steps away from his door.

“Y/N…” he called.

You spun around, “Yes?”

“I’ll tell you.” he responded.

You walked over to him, your face softening with every step. “Okay. Tell me what’s the matter.”

“You” he said, “No not you. Me?” he questioned. “Just everyone.” he concluded.

“What do you mean?” you asked.

“I hate it when people look at you!” he all but shouted. “When they see a piece of what I see and how great you are. I hate it that they can tell you how beautiful you are because they don’t even know. I can handle a lot of things and I’ve tried but I just can’t take it anymore.”

“Dean…” you say just above a whisper.

“No Y/N… you don’t have to say it. I’ve made my peace with it months ago. I just had to throw it out there. Now you know. That’s it.” he started.

“Dean! Shut up and listen damn it!” you shout. Seeing his face made you chuckle, “I like you too. I didn’t expect you to like me back. I can’t even believe this is happening.” you smile. “Just had to throw it out there” you tease. He smiled brightly, his eyes then flicking to your lips. You roll your eyes, “Just kiss me already.” you tell him and he wasted no time to do just that. The kiss was everything you’d dreamed it would be or even better. Yes. Much better.

Sam had just left the library and saw when you both broke apart to breathe. “Great! When’s the wedding?” he teased.

Your eyes widened, a blush creeping over your cheeks. Not Dean though he smiled confidently. He looked from you to his brother. I’ll let you know.” he answered.

Maybe all he needed to defeat the green eyed monster was you.

Hope you like it! x)