Below are the pieces of writing I have done so far. There will be lots more to come (currently working on something as I do this) and requests are always open!

The Word of a Pirate!
 - (Killian Jones x Reader)


The Biggest Test - (Peter Pan x Reader)

Secrets & Betrayal - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (requested) - (Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader)

A Prank Too Far - Part 1, 2 (requested) (Killian Jones x Reader)

Forbidden Desires - (Peter Pan x Reader)

Foolish Magic - Part 1, 2 (Killian Jones x Reader)

Some Stories Can Be Rewritten - (David Nolan x Reader)

The Lesser of Two Evils - Part 1, 2, 3, 4 (Peter Pan x EvilPirate!Reader)

I Hate You, I Love You (Peter Pan x Baelfire x Reader)

Where Loyalties Lie - Part 1 (Henry x Reader x Pan)

Dangerous Curiosity (Peter Pan x Evil!Reader)

Love Means Having To Sacrifice (Peter Pan x Reader)

Taking Down the Crocodile (Killian Jones x Reader x Rumpelstiltskin)

Song of the Heart (Reader x Regina x Gold x Archie Hopper)

Anything You Can Do - Part 1 (Part 2 coming soon!) (Peter Pan x Hook’sDaughter!Reader)


There Is No Escape - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 910, 11, 12 (part 13 coming soon!) (Killian Jones/Peter Pan x Reader)

Unanswered Questions - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (part 7 coming soon!) (Peter Pan x Felix x Reader)

Green Eyed Monster - Part 1, 2, 3 (part 4 coming soon) (Peter Pan x Tinkerbell x Killian Jones x Reader)

Green Eyed Monster (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine a new girl coming onto your team at the BAU to replace Emily, but Reid and her take a shine to each other and it doesn’t settle well with you…

Warnings: Language, jealousy

Word Count: 1254

Note: Beta’d by my amazing betaaaa @like-a-bag-of-potatoes thank you a million!

Tags: @munlis @amarvelouswritings


It was six months after Emily’s death…You were all still in shock, the whole team. Every mission was more tense, more calculated, more focused. Everyone used extreme caution now. You were all each other’s support but it didn’t seem like enough. Not to mention Strauss breathing down Hotch’s neck all the time, trying to constantly assess all of us. God, you hated that woman. You all had already dealt with so much and she itched to make it ten times worse. Any minute failure on any part of the BAU, and she would be there in a flash to tear the wound and pick at it until it festered and destroyed you. But you were determined to not let that happen. This was your family.

Suddenly, one day, Hotch showed up with a young woman with bright, long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, petite figure. She reminded you a lot of JJ or Seaver. She was any guy’s dream with her cheery disposition.

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet the new member to the team, Stacy Reynolds. Stacy, this is the team, I’ll let you all get acquainted,” Hotch informed stiffly as he nodded to everyone then briskly left for his office.

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REQUEST: Jealous Harry smut


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Green-Eyed Monster (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Hey I was wondering can you make a smut one where like jughead gets jealous because you’ve been spending a lot of time with another guy for whatever reason and he confronts you about it ? Thank you so much in advance I’m like in love with your blog ❤️❤️❤️

Hi! Can I have a Jealous!Jughead Jones smut? Maybe Y/N is spending a lot of time with Archie and Jug gets jealous (duh) and shows her who she ‘belongs’ to?

A/N: Jealous Jughead is my life purpose. Hopefully I did okay on this one! Sorry it’s short! Requests are welcome.

Warnings: Jealousy? Light Smut. A few swears? 


Green-Eyed Monster (Jughead x Reader)

It all started with Archie asking you to help him with his english paper. It was known around school that you were good at english and had a keen eye for editing so it wasn’t out of the ordinary when your ginger friend asked for your help.

You had already finished and edited your own paper as well as looking over your boyfriend, Jughead’s. So You simply shrugged and told him to meet you at the library.

After the first meeting, Archie asked you to help him with some other stuff so he could keep up his grades for football. You agreed as you’re always happy to help out a friend.

That was Monday.

You told Jughead that Arch needed help with homework and that he was welcome to come as well but he simply shrugged, walking away with a frown on his face.

It’s been a week and your boyfriend has been acting differently since you started hanging out with Archie more. You guys moved your meeting from the Library to Pop’s and Arch always offered to pay as a thank you for helping him.

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Prompt by the beautiful brandinicole911

“Oh my God Eric! He is just a kid!” you yelled at Eric. Eric was pacing back and forth in the apartment you shared for the past year since you were married. You were already in a bad mood and you did not need Eric’s bullshit tonight. You needed a hot bath and a drink.

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“the woman who has his damndelion heart" Oh my god this was amazing! So cute . I loved it so much. Is there going to be a next part?

Aww hun my heart is bursting from your kind words, thank you so much! I don’t think I’m going to write a part III anytime soon since I had a bit of difficulty writing part II haha … maybe sometime in the future I will pick up the story but who knows. I will, however, leave you with this little blurb I had written as part of the series but never actually put it into the story. I’d imagine it fit right in between Braids and Excuses


When he finds you on the couch, a few hours later, reading your anatomy textbook, he sighs from relief at the familiar sight (and the peace and quiet). Anne had graciously offered to shift the reunion to the backyard to give you a quiet place to study even though you had originally asked to go the library for a few hours. The clangs of glasses echoed slightly from outside, but you didn’t seem to mind, lost in your own world from the way you hadn’t noticed Harry plopping himself next to you, laying his head on your comfortable shoulder while crossing his arms in an exhausted sigh.


You refused to indulge him, determined to finish this week’s chapter.


The feeling of his curls rubbed sweetly against your neck as he peered up to look at you (damn him).


“Harry!” you snapped stretching his name in annoyance. “Jus’ give me a sec.” You took a deep breath to calm yourself as you flipped a page of your book roughly, eyes still concentrating on your readings. 

“Hmm,” a familiar accusing tone surfaced in his groggy voice, “someone’s gettin’ snippy…”

His comment was ignored once again, but he didn’t mind. He felt quite smug at the moment. The ever so patient Y/N had crumbled slightly in the depths of his over-eager family (despite him triggering the hindrance).

“She lasted longer than anyone,” Harry thought to himself, eyes grazing over the complicated words of her book. His eyes dropped slightly, as a deep wave of exhaustion over took him. He gazed over to his family through the glassed doors, his sister was holding Jamie in her arms and he was grateful for the moment of peace without the little one. He loved her to bits of course, but she exhausted the wits out of him. He closed his eyes, finally, as a deep slumber over took his body.

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BTS’s reaction to you dancing with another man:

A/N: Aw, anon, your English is perfect, don’t worry ^ - ^ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a request <3 I’m sorry that this is embarrassingly late, I hope you enjoy it anyway~

Jin: “Why do you have to dance with him?” Jin pouts, as you crouch to lace up your trainers for dance practice.

“It’s only for one stage,” you soothe, standing up and closing the short distance between you and your boyfriend. A chaste peck on his lips has the frown smoothing into a smile.

“I know,” he says, “I just wish it was you and me together.”

Your face falls at this, as your mind seeps with concern. Jin always puts on a brave face for you, but you know there are a lot of feelings he keeps quiet to save you the worry. You worry anyway, of course, because that’s just who you are.

He picks up on your change of mood, and gives your cheeks a poke, forcing the corners of your lips up into a grin. “Hey, none of that,” he says, “If I practice enough maybe it’ll be me dancing with you next time.” To prove it, he takes a step back, and breaks into his famed traffic dance. It never fails to have you spluttering with laughter, and soon you’re joining in, flailing your limbs about in time to your own rhythm.

You collapse against each other, shaking with fits of the giggles. “Oh, boy, I don’t think the world is ready for our traffic dance collab,” you sigh, resting your forehead against Jin’s.

“Maybe not,” he murmurs, “Some day though. Some day.”

You chuckle. “Some day.” One more kiss, then it’s time to leave for practice.

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Yoongi: From his spot by the bar, Yoongi keeps his gaze rooted to you.

When you asked to go clubbing with him, this isn’t exactly what he had expected. In his mind, you had your arms wrapped around each other, floating in your own calm world, amidst the chaos of thumping music and flashing lights.

Yet here he is, sitting alone while you shake your hips, surrounded by a swarm of slobbering guys. The only thing keeping Yoongi calm is the diss track he’s composing in his head for the crowd of fawning men. He should write some of this stuff down - it’s gold.

But then he sees one of the guys getting too close, placing his hand on your waist, then sliding it lower. Oh, there’s no way in f-ck he’s getting away with that!

Without a clear idea of what he’s doing, Yoongi pushes himself away from the bar, ploughing through the swarm of sweaty bodies, and thudding a heavy hand into the man’s chest. “Hey, keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you,” he snarls.

The man stumbles back, gives Yoongi a once over, and decides it’s not worth it. The crowd oozes away from the area, till you and Yoongi are left, invisible in the corner of the club.

“Um… thanks,” you smile sheepishly, “I had it under control though.”

“I know,” Yoongi says, “I just… couldn’t help myself. Creeps like that make me furious.”

You bite your lip. “Wanna get out of here?”


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Hoseok: Hoseok doesn’t mind. He really doesn’t mind… Well, okay, maybe a little… But it’s hard to watch you (the love of his life) dancing (the second love of his life) with another man. It should be him leading you as you follow the complicated steps, that cute, concentrated look on your face, that he’d just love to kiss away. But instead, it’s Jimin by your side. And seeing his hands on your waist has something sprouting in Hoseok’s heart. A seed of… jealousy? It isn’t a feeling he’s used to – it’s odd and constricting, crushing him from the inside, and forcing the air out of his lungs in a long, loud sigh.

“Hey, honey, what’s wrong?” you sink down beside him on the dance studio floor, cheeks pink from practice.

“Nothing,” Hoseok forces a smile, which you see through with one blink and one shake of your head:

“Come on, you can tell me anything, Hoseok.”

“He’s jealous because you’re dancing with me.” Jimin sends a Cheshire cat grin your way.

Hoseok doesn’t respond, just picks at the laces of his shoes, and then mutters, “You guys should watch your footwork at the beginning of the second verse. It gets a little sloppy. Yours especially Jimin.”

Jimin laughs this off. “Oh, I was just about to pack up for the day… But if you think we need improvement, maybe we should practice for another couple of hours. What do you think, Y/N?”

Hoseok’s ears turn red at Jimin’s teasing. “No, on second thoughts, I think you’ve done enough for one night.” He slides his hand into yours. “Let’s get out of here, what do you say?” A nod from you, accompanied by a kiss on the nose is all he needs to perk up.

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Namjoon: Namjoon has decided to start going to the gym more often. This has nothing to do with the fact that you’re now getting dance lessons from Jimin. It’s just a weird coincidence that he wants to life more weights after hearing you wax lyrical about your dance partner’s body. (“And then Jimin taught me how to do lifts. He’s so strong. Have you seen his arms? Wow.”) It isn’t that Namjoon’s self-conscious, but the thought of you spewing praises over him like you do with Jimin is certainly a good motivation to exercise.

Finally, he’s in a position to say: “Hey babe, check this out,” and show off his arms, in close-fitting tank tops. This is a sure-fire way to keep your eyes trained on him, and no one else.

“Have you been working out?” you ask, eyeing him as he flexes.

“Yep,” he pops the ‘p’, looking pleased with himself.

The frown that clouds your features is not the response he was hoping for. “Is this because of me and Jimin?” you probe, lips thinning into a straight line.

Namjoon’s smile fades away. “Maybe.”

You shake your head sadly. “Baby, you know that no matter what I say about the other members, or any other man for that matter, you’re the only one I’ll want.”

Namjoon did know that. But it’s always nice to hear you say it.

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Jimin: Seeing you at dance practice with Jungkook had given Jimin an idea.

That’s why, when you come home from work that evening, you’re greeted by a trail of rose petals at the door. A smile curling your lips, you leave your bag in the hall, and follow the scatterings of pink and crimson to the living room where Jimin’s standing in a suit, a flower in one hand.

“What’s all this?” you ask, breath releasing in something between a gasp and a sigh.

“I’m teaching you how to ballroom dance,” he announces, eyes scrunching up as a smile stretches his lips. Crossing the room, he flicks on the stereo, and a few strains of stringed instruments start up. “Ever since I saw you dancing with Jungkook, I couldn’t stop feeling jealous, which is stupid… I know,” he goes on to explain, holding out his hands, which you grab onto, pulling him in until he’s no more than an inch from you, “I decided that teaching you some of the most romantic dances I know would cure me of the green-eyed monster.”

You duck your head, gently bumping your forehead against his chest. “You know you never have to worry about me spending time with other guys.”

“I know. But I worry anyway. Since you’re the most precious thing I have.” These are the last words he murmurs before the music drowns all else out, and you get carried away in a flurry of melodies and the golden sparks in your boyfriend’s eyes.

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Taehyung: Seeing you dance with another boy makes Taehyung feel… weird. In the scattered rainbow of disco ball lights he can see your smile growing wide while this guy – who is he, anyway? – spins you around. With those simple gestures, Taehyung’s heart twists and turns - a writhing dragon, growling to break free from his rib cage.

There’s only one thing to do.

He strides towards you, pushing through the crowd until he’s by your side, where he feels at home. Then he does the only thing he knows how to do. Making you smile: his specialty. As the music picks up, he moves along with it, limps flapping, head bobbing.

Catching his movements, you grin, and seeing that he’s made you happy, Taehyung keeps on going, exaggerating his movements, until you’re bent over with laughter, the other guy completely forgotten. Then you take Taehyung’s hand, and begin to sway with him, lighting up a fire inside him. This is how it should be. Only him. Only you. And no one in between.

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Jungkook: Smile. That’s all Jungkook has to do. Smile as he watches you practice with Hoseok for set rehearsal, allowing his heart be pricked like a pincushion, again and again. Smile as your eyes scrunch up, gracing your dance partner with their warmth. He knows it doesn’t mean anything, and that at the end of the day, when the sun sinks low in the sky, it’ll be you and him going home together, hands intertwined. But waiting for that moment is torturous. Just a few more hours, he reminds himself. Just a few more sets of sixty minutes. He’ll count every one.

You glance his way, as the managers call time-out. Slipping from the group, you run over to him, and satisfy his need with a tight bear hug.

“Hey,” you whisper.

He grins into your shoulder. “Hey.”

You break apart before too many curious eyes dart your way. It’s not a secret that you’re dating, but you’d rather not parade it around in front of everyone. There’ll be plenty of time for all the needed touching, kissing, loving when you’re alone. For now, you give Jungkook’s hand a squeeze that promises: “soon”. Then you’re heading back for another rehearsal.

It’s enough for Jungkook. He’ll keep on smiling till you’re back in his arms again.

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(I did not make these gifs!)


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,195

Warnings: smut, masturbation, multiple orgasms, claim!kink (kinda), jealous!Sam, possessive!Sam, rough sex, smutty fluff, biting!kink, small mention of blood at the end, cursing, unprotected sex (WRAP IT UP), 

A/N: Written for @goandsavemyunicorn for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Sam knows how jealousy feels. He’d never really been able to describe it before, never thought he’d felt it, but at this exact moment in time, Sam knows he could probably write an entire novel on the dark, shitty feeling that jealousy is.

He’s drinking a lot, and the alcohol’s starting to infect his blood, his vision blurring slightly on the edges. Envy burns through his entire body, his jaw is tense and sore from clenching it for the past hour and a half, and his knuckles are white, the skin stretched tight over tendon and bone.

Jealousy isn’t a feeling all of its own. To Sam (or at least drunk Sam), it’s just another form of anger.

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Green-Eyed Monster

Characters: Y/N (reader), Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Colin (OC) Misha Collins, Bob Singer (mention),

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, Jealousy, drinking (everyone are adults), flirting, meh I don’t know. Just read it - it is not angsty, not for me anyways. Flangst maybe.   

Wordcount: 2900ish

A/N: This is written for @jalove-wecallhimdean’s “Do it like Dean” Challenge. My prompt was ”He’s just a cheap trick…like a little slut!” - It is still in the exact words but they are slurred a bit because someone is drunk. Hope that it okay :D Thanks for letting me participate. This was fun :D

Thanks to my boo @chaos-and-the-calm67 for helping me come up with this idea, and thanks to my Sam to my Dean @blacktithe7 for betaing it for me and helping me make Jensen sound drunk. You girls rock!

It wasn’t unusual for Jensen and some of the cast members to go out on Friday nights after a full week of filming, especially not if noone were planning on flying home that weekend. Those Friday nights were as amazingly fun for Jensen some days as they were torturous other times. Tonight was one of the later.

Jensen downed yet another shot of whiskey, signaling to the bartender to keep them coming. Jensen felt his temper boil inside of him with each wave of heat the strong liquid sent through his abdomen. This was unusual. Drinking never used to affect his temper before. If anything, Jensen was a very loving drunk. He was sure he would have been tonight too if it wasn’t for Mr. Bigshot putting his greasy paws all over Y/N as she danced with him.

Jensen didn’t know the guy, but he also didn’t have to to know he was a first class asshole. Jensen couldn’t believe she couldn’t see that. He couldn’t believe she let him touch her like that.

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Mobile Masterlist *Renewed*




Baby Daddy 
A Little Too Much Information {Angel!Reader}
Turn That Frown Upside Down 
The Night Before Christmas 


Run And Hide-Memory Lane

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Hold Onto Me

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Flannel {Sibling!Reader}

It’s A Jolly Christmas 

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Run And Hide-Memory Lane 

Hold Onto Me

Happy Hour

For Juju’s Challenge  @jared-padaloveme

All For A Book 

Angry Pets

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Broken And Bruised

Dream On Dreamer 



Sweet Love


Game Changer













Acts Of Affection {GIF PREFERENCE}



Your First Kiss


Dating Dean Would Include

Dating Sam Would Include

Dating Castiel Would Include

Dating Lucifer Would Include

Dating Balthazar Would Include

Dating Gabriel Would Include

Sam Liking Dean’s Girlfriend 

Dean Liking Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam Having A Tall Girlfriend

Crowley Liking Gabriel’s Girlfriend

Being Dean’s Girlfriend Before He Turned Into A Demon 

TFW Dream Girl 

Lucifer Having A Fascination With Sam’s Girlfriend 

Sam’s Girlfriend Being A Demon 

 ➤Dean Wanting Something He Can’t Have

Tfw Reaction To Hearing Their Gf’s Moan Their Names In Their Sleep

How Tfw Acts When Their Gf’s Are On Their Period

Popping That Cherry

Sam Finding Out His Girlfriend Is Pregnant 

Benny’s Reaction To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

Tfw Reacting To You Being Really Short/Dating A Short Girl

A To Z Headcanon: O 








I Don’t Trust Him 

Game On 

Caught In The Act

Burning Desire


Bad Things Happen To Good People 

Game On  


Coming Undone 


I Don’t Trust Him 


My Favourite Salvatore 










How You’s Make Out {GIF PREFERENCE}

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Kai Parker Would Include 



Game Changer 


Focus On My Lips


Under The Mistletoe 

Chasing The Past 




Dating Mon El Would Include 




I’ve Got You 

My Saviour 


Did You Even Love Me

I’ll Just Save Myself


Dreams Do Come True

Something Else {Young!Derek}

Sweet As Sugar, Cold As Ice


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No Way Not Him

You’re The Only One I Want


Well Then


Only Liam

Anger Issues

You Should Of Told Me

Hunter More Like Heartbreaker 

What Are You Doing In A Boys Locker Room?

Forgive Me Please

First Time

Birthday Surprises

Should Have Knocked First


I’m Not Giving Up On You 

House Warming 


Can’t I Hug My Girlfriend 


My Little Fighter 


He Does Love Her 

No Way Not Him 


Love Is A Complicated Thing

Dating The Enemy

Bad Intentions

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

She’s Not A Failure

Dangerous Love



Mind Blowing 


Not Again 


Our Little Princess 

Secrets Have A Way Of Coming Out 

I’ll Just Save Myself 

What Have I Done 

Christmas Cheer 



The Green Eyed Monster 


Safe In His Arms 

Only You { Male!Reader}

Acquaintances To Lovers 

You Matter To Me  -You’re Not Alone 

She’s Not Allison

Picking Up The Pieces

Mood Killer

Just Like Animals

Love In Their Eyes


Unsaid Feelings 


Deja Vu 

Not Going Anywhere 



   ➤Stay With Me 

We’ll Find Her  


Bad Intentions 

Isn’t Love Sweet -2

The Wrong Girl

Mind Blowing

Fa La La La La 


Just Breathe

Darling You’ll Be Okay


Naughty Girl 


Backseat Fun 









You Die And He/She Isn’t Handling It Well

They Find Out You Aren’t Human

You Get Into A Car Crash And Lose Your Memory


You Are Dead And They Are The Only Ones That Can See You

How You’s Have Sex {GIF PREFERENCE}


Dating Jackson Would Include

Dating Stiles Would Include

Dating Liam Would Include

Isaac Having A Crush On Scott’s Girlfriend Who Is Lydia’s Sister 

Isaac Liking His Tutor

Isaac Dating A Winchester And Finding Out She’s A Hunter  

A To Z Headcanon: Y 


You’re So Jealous ➤D.O



➤ Come Home

➤ Secret Mission

➤ Touch

➤ It’s Always You

➤ No One Hurts My Girl


➤ Witch Girl

Peter Parker

➤ Love Isn’t What It Seems

Steve Rogers

➤ Holding On And Letting Go


Dating Steve Rogers Would Include

Dating Bucky Would Include