Guided imagery exercise to connect to the elements

Shake your limbs to relax yourself. Settle down with your spine straight and take our time taking three breaths with your surroundings, then allow your mind to linger on the words: earth, air, fire, water.

Earth. You have imagined the earth beneath your feet. Now think of the many manifestations of earth on the planet. Feel your feet on the earth of your choice… marshland, desert, forest, mountains, hills and valleys, sandstone, granite, chalk. Feel, with the pressure of your feet against the earth, the pull of gravity, keeping you anchored. Feel the current of energy from the earth throbbing upwards. You are a creature of earth. Relax into this feeling, and then open your awareness out and find yourself in a high place…

Air. Feel the air as a tangible presence as you gaze out to the vast horizon, laid out below the huge arching dome of the azure sky. In this high place, your awareness expands: the great winds of the earth, swirling round, think and pure, sharpen your wits and blow the cobwebs away. You breathe in air that sparkles like wine and are intoxicated, feeling yourself light and buoyant, You extend your arms above you as if you could float on the thermals that support the birds in their flight, feeling at one with the wind that carries messages all over the world. Stand firm, as your awareness is pulled high into the sky…

Fire. High in the vast expanse of blue, feel the blaze of the sun, striking down, warming the thin grass and bursting the buds of the alpine flowers, drying up the atmosphere. With your eyes shut, stretch in an attitude of ecstasy, fed by the warmth that pours down in golden rays. The water is pulled up into the upper atmosphere and you open your eyes to see a large cloud on the horizon. Watch it travelling with speed, and whilst it is in the middle distance in that huge vista, you see it disgorging its rain as a hazy mist over the landscape…

Water. In your imagination, see the rain from that cloud sinking into the soil, percolating through the ground to a deep subterranean spring that makes its gradual way to the surface. There is a tiny trickle of crystal water emerging from the ground, and you see it in your mind’s eye gaining strength as it tumbles downhill, changing eventually from stream to river, and making its way to join the massive depth of the sea.

Allow the scene to fade as you come back to everyday reality. Stretch, yawn, and wriggle to feel fully back in the present here and now.

Source: The Path of Druidry by Penny Billington
Mermaid Tea
Legends of the Merfolk have been around from for centuries especially in the coastal areas of Britain and the Northern Isles of Scotland. Against the rocky shores and the shades of watercolor blues the mermaids have lived among the whispers of distant sightings and slurred tales from starry-eyed lovers. Their beauty and seduction allowed the goddesses of the sea to establish their reign. They were known as creatures of elegance allowing them to take advantage of the men, luring their victims into the billows of blue. Death clung to these stories like moss to bark, and yet some believe that the victims were taken to the mermaid’s home where they live immortal lives as lovers. Mermaids are creatures of power, manifestation, inner beauty, confidence, and magic. They are not only symbols of myth but life. They teach us to reflect- to look at ourselves and find strength. You can connect with mermaid energy but visiting a body of water during a full moon, taking a piece of willow bark making a wish with it and casting it into the water. Manifestation is symbolic during a full moon. Crystals: Aquamarine & Clear Quartz Tea Blend: Green Tea, Peppermint, and Lemongrass Art credit:Victor Nizovtsev

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Witch Tip 🐝

Want your room to have a more witchy look and vibe? Dry some flowers! Take a bouquet of flowers (store bought or wild), tie some wool (or: thread, twine, any string of a sort) around the base of the bouquet and hang it upside from your ceiling! They last about 2-3 weeks, and they shouldn’t be hung in front of a window as they don’t want sunlight!💐
Rose Quartz
This stone allows you to embrace self-love, by having acceptance towards yourself. Providing you with loving energy, blankets you in comfort and allows you to cultivate self empowerment. A divine energy that connects with goddess energy and Faeries. A gentle stone that heals a broken heart and mends the past of any emotional wounds. CELTIC Fae Fact: The seelie court worships heart energy and the unseelie court using the heart energy in their binding spells.

“Other parts of the natural world were worshipped too - for the early Celts, for instance, spirits were everywhere: within stones, trees, rivers, lakes, and wells. They watched mankind with curious, if not sometimes hostile eyes and were responsible for all the benefits and calamities that befell their human neighbors. In other cases, animals, with whom Men had once competed for resources and food, were often worshipped for qualities that their devotees admired - the bull for strength, the horse for swiftness, the wolf for cunning, and the bear for bravery. What was important, however, was that these forces were out there and were distinct from Humankind and the skills it had.

And yet, there was a memory of the time when Men had actually been an equal part of the Natural world. There was a “stream of consciousness”, which lay almost dormant in the human brain and connected our ancestors with the world outside themselves in a very fundamental way.” (Bob Curran, Walking with the Green Man)


Calming/Positivity bottle charm!

Ingredients: Rosemary, jasmine, bay leaf, rain water

1. Layer the rosemary (mental clarity), jasmine (peace and happiness), and bay leaf (protection against negativity) in your bottle charm while visualizing your intent.
2. Add a drop of rainwater (energy).
3. Seal the bottle (wax optional).
4. I wear the charm on a necklace to keep it close to my heart so I can best absorb its energy, but you can simply carry it or meditate with it - whatever works best for you!