Please be aware that the Limited Edition Summer Collection is only available for a few more days! All of the LE scents will be gone until next year, so hurry if you haven’t snagged them or are just hoping to get some more!  July 31st is the last day they’ll be listed!

  • Glow Bug: (yellow-green colour) Delicious dragon fruit meets crisp pear and juicy melon with a dash of apple blossom.
  • Jellyfish Punch: (blue-purple colour) A sweet and juicy blend of delicious cherry, peach, pineapple, and orange with a hint of vanilla.
  • Mermaid Princess: (blue/purple/green colour, order may vary) A sweet and tropical blend of fresh honeydew, watermelon, and juicy pineapple-mango.
  • Pink Bikini: (pink colour) Yummy, sweet strawberry, juicy raspberries with light citrus peel, and sparkling pink moscato.
  • Shark Pup: (blue-gray colour) Salty sea spray meets sugary cotton candy from the boardwalk in addition to vanilla and creamy coconut.
  • Siren Song: (blue colour) A warm, sandy beach, salty sea spray, and just a dab of sweet mandarin and floral jasmine.
  • Summer Crush: (purple-blue colour) Delicate sweet violet, hibiscus, and mellow vanilla wrap around a gentle blueberry tea.
  • Water Sprite: (green-blue colour) Juicy ripe mango and papaya with bursts of watermelon. 

And remember, I’m always happy to put these scents into any item, not just Milk Baths.  Contact me on Etsy if interested!  Happy shopping :)