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Do you have a collection or stash of Hera/Boba content that you've found around? Because damn it you got me hooked on this ship and I'm desperate Ps What's the actual ship name??

I’m so sorry nonny, you’ve stumbled upon the tiniest ship in the history of ships. I started it last year, and I’ve been the only person to write content for it. I tag it all #green cocktail, and there are in total 5 fanarts drawn.

On Ao3 I’ve got like 3 chapters of Mandalorian Honor, where I started to write about how they met to begin with (funny story, I went on hiatus until s3 could fill in more Sabine backstory to help me out. Still waiting).

Also on ao3 is a collection of the short green cocktail stories I’ve already posted on Tumblr first.

And again, sorry to welcome you to the smallest swr ship. We don’t even qualify for a kayak yet, it’s a paddleboard.

Sneaky pleasures (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Warnings: smut, sex, oral (female receiving), fingering

Summary: Draco takes you to a nice dinner at Malfoy Manor but when dinner gets a little boring he knows just the way to spice it up!

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t been able to write for this account, or my other one for that matter, very much at all recently. I am very sorry about that but hopefully with it being summer I will get many more writings in. And also, very sorry if my writing is a little rusty!

“Relax babe! It will al be fine! They’re going to love you,” Draco said in his most assuring voice as he began to fix his tie.

“I really hope your right. Here let me help you.” You set the book you were reading aside and stood up from your spot on the couch within the Slytherin common room. You walked up to your struggling boyfriend and helped him straighten his tie.

“Thanks. And may I say, that you look ravishing my darling! Mum is going to love you.”

You blushed slightly at his comment and smiled down at your dress. You had put on your best attire for this evening, which consisted of a sleek emerald green cocktail dress with a sheer fabric at the top, that led to a back filled with the same sheer material and sparkles. You twisted the front pieces of your hair and pinned them at the back of your head upon the flowing curls. Emerald earrings, the ring Draco had given you that Christmas which was silver with a large emerald in the middle, and black heels finished off your look. Draco had on a black suit with a green tie to match your dress.

“Shall we get going my love?” Draco asked with a smile as he outstretched his hand to grab yours.

“It’s now or never.” You smiled and took his hand. In a split second the two of you had apparated to Malfoy Manor.

Upon your arrival you were greeting by a beautiful woman with a mix of both dark hair and just the right amount of the same platinum blonde as Draco, which helped you to the presumption that this was his mother.

“Oh! Draco darling, how are you? Ah, and you must be (y/n). So nice to finally meet you! Please come in.” She greeted you kindly with a smile.

“It’s very nice to meet you as well. Draco had told me such great things about you. Thank you for inviting me this evening, Mrs. Malfoy.”

“Please, call me Narcissa.” After giving his mother a kiss on the cheek Draco took your hand and led you to their dining room.

As you walked in another tall figure stood staring out of a large window with a glass of red wine held firmly in his right hand. He took a sip as he turned around to see us. The figures long blonde hair flipped behind his shoulder. This could be none other than Lucius Malfoy himself.

“Draco, would you mind introducing me to our guest?” Draco’s father spoke in an oddly cold tone.

“Father, this is (y/n), my girlfriend. The one who I hope one day will be much more.”

“Ahh, so nice to meet you, Ms…,” he stopped and turned his statement into a question.

“Uh, (y/l/n), sir.” You replied nervously.

“Ah! So you must be Armand’s little girl. You know your father and I worked together for many years.” Lucius spoke again trying to taunt me.

My father and him had worked for the dark lord together for years. They were actually very close friends, or so we thought. One night a mission went terribly wrong on Lucius’ part, but he decided to blame it on my father. This nearly got him killed by the dark lord, but instead just got us on Voldemort’s lowest rank death eater list. It was a hell of a time working ourselves back up to the place that we hold today. In conclusion, your were not Lucius’ biggest fan.

“So I’ve heard.” You said through gritted teeth.

Narcissa had walked in during the middle of the tension and quickly broke it up. “Dinner is ready.”

Everyone took their places at the table. Lucius and Narcissa on one side, you and Draco on the other.

“So, (y/n). Tell us more about your family.” Narcissa was the first to break the ice.

“I’m from the (y/l/n) family. Pureblood as I’m sure you already know. Armand is my father and as you heard he and Lucius work together.”

“Oh yes dear. We know well of your family.” She said with a smile. “I’m very happy that Draco has fallen for such a wonderful girl who belongs to such a remarkable family.”

Everyone continued to make small talk, asking each other questions. Draco had his free hand rested on your thigh. It felt that with each question his hand moving farther and farther up your leg. Soon he began to brush over your inner thigh gently with his finger tips. He fingers were getting dangerously close to your entrance, making you very nervous. You tried smacking his hand away but he just kept coming back.

His parents were right across the table from you, would he really do something like this? He is Draco, of course he would. You just prepared yourself to not freak out.

As Draco’s parents were in a small argument over a simple detail from a story Draco leaned over to you and whispered in your ear, as his other hand still roamed over your body,“ Take off your panties.”

You looked at him wide eyed and whispered back,“ Draco! No! Are you crazy?”

He smiled and winked. “Just a little bit. Do it now or you will regret it later.”

You sighed and nervously barely lifted off of the seat as you slid them off your hips, down your thighs, off your calves and around your heels. You took them in your hand and dropped them in Draco’s lap. He smiled and you could see a bulge starting to form in his pants.

His hand moved back to its original state and continued to move up until he made contact with your vagina. Two of his fingers spread your folds and one began to rub circles on your clit. You jumped a little which brought back Lucius and Narcissa’s attention.

“Is everything alright?” Narcissa spoke softly.

You glanced at Draco who was trying his best to not laugh. “Yes everything is perfectly fine thank you.” Right as you finished your sentence Draco inserted a finger into you. He moved slow and then fast. Alternating between the two speeds, and then circling hard in your clot you were getting close. You were getting ready to loose it right when Draco pulled away. You sighed and couldn’t think straight.

Only seconds later Narcissa spoke,“ Well now that everyone is finished, who is up for desert?”

“Actually, mum. I’m very full and I think that we are going to go talk for a while before we get any. Thank you though.” Draco smiled and stood up. You took his hand and he led you out of the dining room.

As soon as you were out of his parents sight he turned and pushed you against the nearest wall. He kissed you eagerly. “I really had to control myself in there.” He spoke before continuing your kiss and grabbing your ass. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you up the stairs, down the corridor and finally into his bedroom.

He threw you down on the large California king’s silk sheets. He unzipped your dress in the back and slid it above your head. You pulled him in by his tie and kissed him passionately. He then slid off his dress coat, followed by the tie and shirt. He smiled down at his tie for a second and you soon knew what he was thinking. He grabbed the tie in his hand and wrapped it around your head to where it was covering your eyes, then tied it in the back. You couldn’t see, but you knew he had gotten off the bed. You heard him walking and then finally he was back next to you.

“Put your arms up,” he spoke. You complied and he took your wrists and tied them together and then to the head of his bed. You were now completely under his control.

His cold hands roamed over your body. He squeezed your breasts and left hickeys on your throat.

His fingertips slid down your unclothed body and began to draw circles on your clit. You moaned as he increased the pressure. He was building you up and he suddenly moved away. You sighed, but couldn’t even complete your breathe before his mouth was attached to the place his fingers had just lingered. He sucked hard and kitten licked your clit. Meanwhile his fingers found their way back and to began to pump in and out of you at an accelerated pace. He wasn’t stopping, on the contrary, he began to sped up and add more pressure. You were sent of the edge as you moaned and came on his hand and mouth. He licked you lean and with on more kiss on your lips you heard the sounds of his belt hitting the ground.

Only moments later were you filled with him. His began to pump his dick in and out of you. He would change up his pace. Slow and steady then fast and vicious. Continuing with his second option was what brought you to a second climax.

He came back up and kissed your lips. He untied your hands first and then the one around your head. You leaned up to kiss him.

“That was incredible Draco.” You smiled.

“Same for me love. Now we ought to get dressed they may become a bit suspicious if we are gone too long.”

He smiled kissed your cheek and gave you your clothes back.

Once you were both presentable again he grabbed you by your waist and pulled your close. “I love you so much, (y/f/n),” Draco spoke softly.

“I love you too.”

A moment to imagine the joker in dresses

Headcanon that J completely ignores the gender binary and gets bruce to buy him ALL the pretty dresses and skirts and makeup and jewellery, as well as fancy suits and nerdy shirts and colourful waistcoats and expensive hair gel

- The joker in an acid green cocktail dress with matching stilettos

- J at a Wayne charity gala in a violet mermaid dress and diamond-smothered bracelets, not giving a fuck about the opinions of the rest of the guests

- J in a nurses costume oh wait that already happened in canon

- the clown hanging around Wayne Manor in a mint green tennis skirt that clashes horribly with his orange blouse, helping the batkids with homework and giving Stephanie make up advice

They’d worked with each other enough over recent years for Hera to know that twisting Fett’s helmet two centimeters to the left broke the seal. That notable hiss followed—sharp and quick—which never failed to pique her curiosity despite knowing full well a clone’s face hid underneath.

She lifted the dented helmet slowly until the rim of it touched his nose, exposing a mouth that she’d become rather familiar with. Half of it slanted into a smirk as he realized she was keeping him blind.

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Fanfiction - Fairplay (College AU)


“And the teams are out on the field, looking decided - and pretty scary if you ask me! Jamie “King of Men” Fraser leading Oxford and Tom Christie commanding the Edinburgh fellows!” The speaker roared, as the stands applauded and cheered, a jungle of whistles and shouts of incentive. “You can tell the rivalry is strong in this one - the winning team today will definitely be the front runner heading to the Championships next month!”

“Jamie looks focused.” Ian commented next to Claire, clapping as the Oxford team players were announced by the speaker. “And Christie looks like gloom and doom – I bet he isna up to anything good.”

“I’m sure our team will handle it.” Claire replied, adjusting her sunglasses – the sun was out that morning, apparently eager to pay testimony to a much anticipated rugby game. As Jamie’s name was called and he briefly waved at the crowd, screams and chanting enhanced tenfold, as if the volume switch had been turned to maximum. “Is that the new player?” She asked curious, noticing the young man sitting on the bench, his blonde hair glowing like a marigold in the sunlight.

“Aye.” Ian smiled. “John Grey was the one drafted – too bad there wasna enough time for him to become better acquainted with the team. Our current scrum half is rubbish and John seems to be a great player.”

“What a shame!” Claire agreed. Jamie and Tom approached the centre of the field to shake hands, a duel of crushing grips, their eyes locking with unspoken promises of a ruthless game.

The Edinburgh team kicked off with brutal intensity, taking the lead with an early drop goal. Tom Christie was indeed a good player, Claire had to recognize – he seemed to make the rest of his colleagues better just by interacting with them, pushing them to their limits – a lot like Jamie did.

“It seems like Fraser was just warming up!” The speaker pointed with excitement in his voice. “He is leading the team to a try – the Edinburgh boys will need to catch a ride with a motorcycle to be able to get to him!” And soon enough Jamie grounded the ball over the opponent’s goal line, awakening huge clamours from the cheering crowd.

The next few minutes were hectic, with both teams achieving scoring points – they were fairly equated, both having some weaknesses and a couple of extraordinary players. The game became rougher, with a couple of ugly tackles taking place, the nastier one inflicted by Christie on Jamie. Claire’s heart tightened when she saw him projected in the air – echoes of the game with Northumbria and his head injury racing through her mind – but he promptly got up and raised a thumb to ease the mind of the howling crowd. They reached the halftime with Edinburgh on the lead, having been awarded a penalty point after an infringement from Oxford’s scrum half.

“I canna believe we might lose this!” Ian clenched his teeth, looking thoroughly annoyed. “I canna stand the idea of Tom Christie prancing about our campus, gloating after their victory!”

“It’s not over yet.” She said in a cheerful tone, looking as Jamie talked and gesticulated with the coach. He seemed irritated with something and kept throwing evaluating looks at their scrum half and then at John Grey. “I think we might be in for a surprise.”

When the halftime was over, the substitution was made – clearly a joint decision from Jamie and the coach - and John Grey entered the field for the first time wearing Oxford’s colours, looking pale but decided.

As soon as they made the formation, Grey threw the ball into it and moved as lightening to the hindmost foot of the scrum, neatly picking up the ball and passing it - like a guided missile - to the hands of Oxford’s fly half, the captain himself, Jamie Fraser. With the proceeding game, it became quite clear that Grey was not only an outstanding player – with a knack for impossible passes and agile as a gazelle in avoiding Christie’s tackles -, but also that he and Jamie were meant to play together. They seemed to predict each other’s moves with easiness and stormed the field like dancers in a physical duet, battering the Edinburgh team’s lines and inspiring the rest of Oxford’s players. A short stretch of time was enough for them to recover from the disadvantage at the score board, sealed with a mind-blowing drop goal that made the fans go crazy.

Chanting propagated like a tribal calling in the stands, encouraging both Jamie and John, which by then had already earned the right of a nom de guerre – John “The Lord” Grey.

When the referee blew the whistle to signal the end of the game, a joyful wave of blue crashed on the grass, as Oxford’s players ran and jumped on top of Jamie and John – the solid foundation of a victorious human pyramid. Claire looked around, grinning as Ian fist bumped the air – her heart overflowing with pride, noticing the gigantic smiles all around her. Jamie was hugging an incredulous John, complimenting him on his achievements – the promise of a legendary friendship being born on a cloudless day.


“You’re late.” Claire announced, as Jamie arrived half running, his hair flaming on the light of dusk - as if the sun was setting inside him.

“I’m sorry, mo nighean donn.” He kissed her forehead in apology, as she pursued her lips and began the task of fixing the collar of his shirt. “I went for a run with John and lost track of time discussing some tactics.”

“That’s alright.” She sighed, bumping his nose. “Ian called to say he’ll be meeting us there. Is John coming too?”

“Aye.” Jamie caught her hand and entwined their fingers, as they began to walk together. It was the college’s anniversary – a big milestone, even for such an ancient institution – and a fancy party was taking place in the Main Hall, where lots of prominent students and alumnae would be gathered to celebrate. “He went to his dorm to shower and will meet us there.”

“You quite like him, don’t you?” Claire asked, caressing the back of his hand with her thumb. “You two became quite close in this last month – always training together and talking.”

“John is a kind, good-hearted, man.” Jamie agreed. “Talking to him always seems easy and uncomplicated – a lot like talking to you, actually.” He smiled, the corner of his mouth twitching. “And we’re much stronger as a team since he came on board. We might actually have a chance at the Championships.”

“Should I be jealous?” She elbowed him, playfully, in a mock pretence of grievance. “You have been spending more time with him than me, that’s for sure.”

“John Grey might be an interesting lad and a good friend.” He let go of her hand and held her by the waist, the tip of his fingers brushing the curve of her buttock, hidden under the emerald green fabric of her cocktail dress. “But he doesna have an arse like yers, Sassenach. You will always be number one in my book, especially when ye wear such a nice dress – A Dhia, I can feel ye underneath it. Do we really have to go anywhere at all?”

“Always making me feel special.” Claire replied dramatically, offering him a light peck on the lips – careful not to smudge her discrete lipstick – and then a possessive squeeze of his own hardened and well-shaped derrière. “Enough time for me to wear your shirt later.”

The vast room was already filled with people, wearing unusually elegant garments – girls with dresses of vivid colours, forming a spontaneous bouquet against the blooming light of chandeliers and sparkling glasses – luring men in their suits with promises of hidden secrets. Jazz music played in the background, setting the rhythm to conversations and filling the gaps of silence in some awkward exchanges.

Claire and Jamie smiled to a couple of acquaintances and waved to some colleagues, as they made their way into the heart of the party. They were standing close together, talking about Claire’s classes, when a male voice imposed over their conversation.

“Claire?” Frank Randall smiled at her, his brows furrowing when he glanced at Jamie from the corner of his eye. “It’s good to see you.”

“Hello, Frank.” She greeted him, turning around. “It’s nice to see you too.”

“Fraser.” Frank acknowledge Jamie with a small nod of his head, his thin lips forming a weak attempt at a pleasant smile. “Congratulations on that fantastic game with Edinburgh last month. Very well played.”

“Thank ye, Professor Randall.” Jamie gave him a relaxed smile and turned to Claire. “Mo nighean donn, I think I’ll go and say hello to Ian and John. I’ll see ye in a bit.” He kissed her cheek and squeezed her fingers in goodbye, offering her strength – reassuring her of his trust and love – and walked away, towering over the crowd.

“I was wondering…” Frank hawked, his fingers fidgeting with the glass of champagne he was holding. “If we could talk.”

“We are already talking, I daresay.” Claire pointed, accepting a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, offered by a passing waiter. “What is it, Frank?”

“Ah – yes.” He licked his lips, quickly looking around them, scanning for anyone within earshot. ““It has become my understanding that you and James Fraser are dating.” He said in a hurry, as if he was running away from his own words. “Is it serious?”

“I don’t see how that would be any of your business.” Claire replied in a dry tone, raising a brow. “We haven’t been together in a long time, Frank. But yes - everybody knows Jamie is my – very serious - boyfriend. It’s not exactly a secret.”

“I see.” He swallowed hard, avoiding her piercing amber eyes, and glancing at her silver ring. “I thought maybe it was a fleeting dalliance. I believed you fancied someone more refined – more polished.”

“Is that what you are?” Claire asked gently, anger and resentment completely absent from her words. “Because I was under the impression things didn’t work out between us – and not by any fault of mine, Frank. If only you had been happy sleeping with one student at a time, perhaps we would be together until this day.”

“I deserve that.” Frank pinched his nose with his skinny fingers. “I was terribly foolish to hurt you, Claire. You are, by far, the most singular woman I ever met.”

“I’m happy you did.” She said softly, looking intently at him. “I only met Jamie because of it – and everything that led me to him has my deepest gratitude.”

“I was under the impression you still had some…feelings for me.” He whispered in a strained voice. “You are always so charming and pleasant every time we meet and have a conversation.”

“I’m over you, Frank.” Claire affirmed, trying to infuse some kindness into the situation, but getting increasingly more uncomfortable. “That’s why I’m nice when we talk. I don’t have any repressed feelings – no secret expectations of you wanting me back. You were important to me, once – I offer you the respect that position deserves. Nothing less – nothing more.”

“I have seen how you look at him. The pride and joy in your eyes.” Frank bit his words. “Did you ever love me?”

“I did.” She whispered, softly. “But not like that – not how I love him.”

“He knows about us, doesn’t he?” He brushed his short dark hair. “And yet he left you with me. Maybe he doesn’t care all that much.”

“What we have has no room for mistrust or lies.” She smiled, distracted, her eyes already searching for Jamie amongst the crowd. “He left because he respects me. Because he trusts me – us - with all his heart.”

“I wish you happiness, Claire.” Frank finally turned away, hiding the pain in his eyes.

“Be happy too, Frank.” She tilted her head. “As I am.”


Claire searched for Jamie inside the room – spending quite some time in pushing through the animated crowd and stopping to exchange pleasantries with teachers from the medical department, some already quite inebriated. He was nowhere within sight, so Claire decided to search for him outside.

When the big oak doors caved under the pressure of her hands, she was saluted by the night’s cold breeze, the taste of oranges and jasmine on the back of her throat. It seemed like the party had extended beyond the premises of the Hall - students were scattered in the lawn in front of the building, laughing and talking in small groups.

She spotted Jamie – looking magnificent in his grey suit pants and light blue shirt - talking to John – clad in black and grey - under the shadows of a cypress. They were tall and beautiful, like legends of days long forgotten, best friends in times of peace and warriors when the occasion called for such actions. John was talking rapidly to Jamie, who seemed to be entirely amused by whatever was being said. Eventually he whispered back to John and they both laughed together.

Claire could tell the moment Jamie had spotted her – even at distance his eyes seemed to soften and the corners of his mouth were pushed on an eager smile. He patted John’s back in farewell and started to walk towards her.

For an instant she could see John Grey, left behind as Jamie made his way to her, and a shiver shot through her spine. It was like looking into a strange mirror - his eyes betrayed exactly the same desire and adoration that could be found within her own.

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I don't know if you're doing the requests or what, or if you've done this one before, but could you do sentence prompt 4 with Drarry please?? Thanks xx

My writing

Prompt list

SENTENCE 4 - “You’re drunk”

Celebrating New Year’s eve with Draco Malfoy had seemed like a splendid idea.

(Three pints, four vodka shots and one Lesbian Mermaid Cocktail later, however, it seemed less so.)

“Potter,” Draco mumbled under his breath, one of his hands on the table - probably to keep himself from falling over face-first into his fluorescent green cocktail - and the other was pointed straight at Harry’s face. “You, I am on to you, don’t think you can -” he hiccuped, grimaced, and continued as if nothing had happened, “- fool me.”

“Oh, can’t I?” Harry grinned. “What am I doing, then?”

“Getting me drunk,” Draco waved his hand around, almost smacking Harry in the face. Some people in the pub were screaming along to something, but neither of them was paying any attention, too preoccupied with each other. 

“I think, Draco,” Harry said, nodding to the twenty - or fifty, it was hard to count when the world was spinning - empty glasses on the table, “you did an awesome job of that yourself.”

Draco sneered at him. “You were the one who asked me here.”

“And you said yes, so you can just -”

Cheering suddenly erupted around them, and they both jumped.

The people in the bar had started to count down from sixty - even the bartender, who was almost standing up on a stool to get his voice to carry across the entire pub, had joined in on the frenzy.

“Oh,” Harry said numbly, and blinked. “It’s almost midnight.”

“So it seems.” Draco slowly grinned, and cocked his head. 

Harry opened his mouth to answer what was wrong, when Draco suddenly said, “Let’s kiss.”

Harry blinked again. 

Draco, normally so composed, blushed, and he wiggled on his seat awkwardly. “C’mon, Potter, we have only like thirty seconds left and despite the fact that I abhor your company -” he hiccuped again, “- I am not going to go into the New Year without kissing someone -”

You’re drunk,”Harry argued - very reasonably, in his defense. “And you hate me.”

“I am not disagreeing to either of those statements,” Draco grinned, “but I’m not hearing a no on your end, either.”


“Ten seconds. I better make up your mind if I were you.”

Harry dragged his gaze to their empty glasses, to the table next to them - muggles were really very enthusiastic in their counting - and back to Draco again. 

“Nine,” the people shouted, “eight, seven -”

Draco looked pathetic, his hair was a mess, his cheeks were as red as Ron’s hair and his smile was almost desperate to lure Harry in.

“Six, five -”

They were drunk. They shouldn’t do this.

“Four -”

They were going to regret this.

“Three,” came around them, “two, one -”

Harry’s lips met with Draco’s.

Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Decision to withdraw from the #ParisAgreement Will Impacts Each and Every One of Us.

With his withdrawal decision, the U.S. joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries outside the agreement to combat climate change.

Shame on you Trump!

Lightening In Their Eyes

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Could you please do a smutty fic where Thor and the reader are in an established relationship but haven’t had sex yet? And at one of Tony’s parties she shows up in a short, backless dress and is being really touchy feely all night and she leaves a bit early but when he goes back to his room she’s waiting for him. Thanks!

I’m so sorry this took me so long and I’m sorry if you don’t like it but I did my best. 

Word Count: 1863

Originally posted by thordaily


    You sighed for the fifteenth time as you wiped away another black line, of all the nights your eyeliner could have a mind of its own tonight was not the night. Growling you threw the tube behind you and waited for it to hit the wall behind you, only to see a slender hand catch it in mid air.    

       You scowled but it gave way to a chuckle as Natasha stepped in the room dressed to the nines with a smirk on her face. God she looks perfect. Her red hair was curled elegantly and pinned back, her makeup was basic yet striking. And to top it off she wore a sexy emerald green cocktail dress that made you even regret looking at chocolate cake.

     “For godsake Nat I’m an assassin. I can kill a man with my bare hands and de-arm a bomb. I should be able to draw a fucking line.” Natasha smiled and sat beside you, pulling you closer she opened the devil tube and in less than a minute you had perfect winged eyes. 

     “You know I still beat your highscore in the new training simulator.” Yet your subtle jab at humor went unnoticed as Natasha’s eyes hardened and serious.     

 “Okay hotshot what’s going on? It’s just eyeliner, what’s got you so worked up?” You sighed and tousled your straightened hair. Tonight needed to be perfect.

       “Oh my god tonight’s the night isn’t it, you and the god of thunder are finally gonna…?” She wiggled her eyebrows at you, growling you dropped your head into your hands. You felt like a complete idiot as you played with the fringe on the hem of your dress. You had seen it the window of a shop in manhattan and you had to have it. The dress looked like something out of the great gatsby with the fringe and swarovski crystals. You didn’t normally spend a lot of money on such trivial things but you figured what the hell.

     “I know it’s been a long time but you haven’t forgotten how-”

     “Dammit Natasha that’s not the point he’s a god! And I’m me and I’m human and I’m gonna disappoint him!” Sighing you fell back onto your unmade bed and stared up at the ceiling as the silence roared in your ears. Looking up you couldn’t believe your eyes Natasha was fuming you nearly jumped out of your skin when she pulled you off your bed.

      “When the hell did you turn into a fucking teenage girl? You are the Blue Lotus you’ve helped take down hydra, an egomaniacal god, and you work with Tony Stark on a daily basis, a feat might I add that I can’t even manage. You cannot disappointed it’s not in you.” With that she pushed you out the door.

      “Now go down there and get some asgardian tail.” You laughed but she was right. You are a goddess in your own right and you needed to start acting like it.  Standing a little straighter you walked down the stairs and were surprised by the lack of people. Tony was known for his lavish parties yet the living room held only the team, Nick Fury, and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

      Some soft swing music was playing over the surround sound as everyone chatted. You headed over to the bar where Bruce was serving drinks. He had popped back up on the radar a couple months back, nobody really knew what had happened while he was gone. He refused to talk about but he seemed happier.

       “Have I stepped into an alternate dimension?” You asked while Bruce just smiled and set your usual Jack and Coke in front of you.

     “It’s crazy right but Tony said it was just family tonight, said he had some big news.” Big news with Tony had a fifty-fifty chance of being disastrous. Before you could ask anything else Bruce’s face lit up and you knew that you had just lost him to Natasha for the rest of the night. Shaking your head you sipped your drink and leaned you back against the bar so you could watch your family, a family you never thought you would have. Bruce, Tony, Natasha and Pepper were talking while Sam and Scott were making fun of Steve and Bucky’s taste in music. You could see the way everyone tensed when Tony caught sight of Bucky but it quickly turned into an unsettling feeling.  Everyone was still trying to figure out how to handle Bucky’s history with the Starks.  

    “You look beautiful tonight my elska.” Goosebumps covered your skin at the sound of Thor’s deep voice and his hot breath on your cool skin. Taking a breath to try and calm your rapid heart you moved so your back was pressed against his chest while his arms formed a vice around your waist. 

    “Well it’s a special occasion.” You purred seductively, you could feel the confusion emanating from him.

      “And what is today drottningin min?” He pressed a gentle kiss to your bare shoulder as his hands slid to your hips. You had no idea what he was saying but anytime Thor spoke asgardian it turned you on, yet you fought through the lust driven haze, you were in the mood to play tonight. Freeing yourself from him you took a few steps away to fully clear your brain, you looked over your shoulder at him and smiled.   

  “You’ll just have to wait and see after Tony’s announcement.” You gave a sly wink before taking a seat next to Natasha who was drinking with Clint, both were grinning ear to ear after witnessing the encounter . You smiled and squeezed her hand a silent promise that you would tell all later.

     The next few hours passed by agonizingly slow with heated looks and feather light touches that left trails of fire on each others skin. Not a word was said but his eyes never seemed to leave you. His intense stare was starting to break your resolve, you sent up a silent prayer when Tony and Pepper finally took their place at the makeshift stage.

      “Thank you all for coming tonight, I know you’re all very busy, but I pay for all the cool toys so you owe me.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as Steve glared at Tony.

     “But I wanted my family here tonight and no matter how screwed up we all are I consider every person in this room family…” Smiling at Pepper Tony took her hand and placed a kiss on her palm.

    “So I am very proud to announce a new addition to our crazy family.” As the words left his mouth a huge picture of an ultrasound blew up behind the too. The room erupted with cheers and applause as they crowded to get a better look at the tiny stark. Taking this opportunity you sent a very unsubtle wink at Thor and made an escape to Thor’s room knowing he was hot on your heels. 

    When you finally reached the room you kicked off your heels, then stripped off the little black dress. You did this until you had a nice little trail from the door to the massive bed in the middle of the room. As soon as you had settled yourself under the silk sheets you could feel electricity sizzle in the air. Your heart started to race as Thor’s bronze chest was illuminated by the moonlight from the floor to ceiling windows. Biting your lip you let the sheet fall from your hands and your nipples hardened when your hot skin was exposed to the air. Within a second Thor was on the bed with his lips against yours. You moaned when you got a taste of him, he didn’t really like human alcohol so he kept a flask of asgardian liquor with him, the taste was a mixture of mint and something sweet yet you could never figure out what it was.

     Lacking oxygen Thor broke the kiss and tangled his hand in your hair until he had a good grip then he pulled back exposing your neck. He trailed kisses from your jawline to your collarbone. Untangling his hand from your hair he trailed his kisses lower settling at your breasts. Now it was your turn to pull hair as his lip latched onto your nipple. With a loud pop he released your breast and smiled up at you before moving to your other breast. You ground your hips into the bed to try and alleviate the pressure building within you.

     “God Thor please I nee-.” Replacing his mouth with his hand his lips silenced you while his other hand moved to the inside of your thigh. Your body trembled as his fingers traced patterns in your thigh and his tongue explored your mouth. When his fingers moved up and grazed your clit your body jerked against him. Sensing your need he went back to tracing patterns but you were to your limit with games. Snaking your arms around his waist you used his weight against himself and flipped him onto his back. You could feel his erection against your thigh and you couldn’t help but groan you needed this man and you needed him now. With one hand tangled in his hair you used the other to grip his cock his body tensed and he pulled back his blue eyes burning holes into your Y/C/E eyes. 

   “Are you sure you want this my elska?” You smiled wickedly as you lifted yourself up and took all of his cock. You both moaned as you adjusted to each other after a few minutes you began to wiggle a little letting him know you were ready. His hands settled on your hips for leverage as he began pumping into you. You met him stroke for stroke but his stamina was far greater than yours. Within minutes you were screaming Thor’s name you didn’t care if all of New York heard you. Taking charge Thor flipped you onto your stomach and continued to thrust into you only increasing your pleasure when his hands tightened on your hips you knew he was close. 

      “Thor please fuck me please!” Dirty talk was one of Thor’s favorite things and with one final thrust he screamed your name and lightning crashed outside the windows. And from what you could tell it had blacked out most of the upper east side. Falling onto the bed you were both panting as the sweat dried on your bodies. Thor’s arms had loosened some so you were able to turn and face him. His blue eyes were soft as he pushed a piece of hair away from your face.   

   “I love you.” You almost whispered he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead before mutter something in asgardian. Settling into his arms you yawned.    

    “What does that mean?” Your eyes were heavy and his scent was so calming. You couldn’t stay awake anymore.Thor looked down at the woman in his arms and smiled. Placing another kiss on her head he pulled her closer.    

 “It means will you marry me?”    


elska= love

drottningin min= my queen

What Are The Chances (Pt 4)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Fluffy, maybe a touch of angst

Summary: After dating for over a year, you and Chris run into a road block of sorts. Will you be able to come back from it?

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write this. Life decided to kick me while I was already down. But, here it is, and I hope you like it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Word Count: 2,236 (Oops..)

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VLD Rare Pair Week: Day Three (Kidge)

(Skipped days 1 and 2; might do those later)

Day Three: Staying In

Katie Holt, former childhood prodigy, graduate student at MIT, and lover of robots, squeezed her eyebrows together as she inched the tweezers ever closer to her nostril.

“Breath.” She instructed herself quietly. “Breeeeeeath.”

The door creaked, and she pinched her nose. “ARE YOU FU-,”

A head peeked it’s way around the door. “You good?” Keith asked her, his violet eyes adorably (and quite frankly, a-dorkably) wide.

Pidge sighed, and turned around, her nose red. “Peachy keen. Why do you ask?”

He snorted the tiniest bit. “Ready? Lance texted that he and Hunk were on their way. Where are we eating again?”

Shrugging, Pidge put down the tweezers. “Some fancy Italian place. Allura blogged about it a couple weeks ago. Or-wait, Shiro might have said that’s where they were going for their anniversary.”

Keith nodded, and then stopped, gazing at her. “Damn.” He said, smirking a bit, eyes lingering on her figure, clothed as it was in a forest-green cocktail dress (probably stolen from her mother’s closet the last time she was at her house).

“You pig.” She said shortly, and turned back towards the mirror, reaching for the mascara. “Would’ve expected that from Lance.”

Keith mock-gasped. “Am I not the perfect gentleman?” He said, putting his hand on his heart.

Snickering, Pidge looked over her shoulder. “My knight.” She swooned, and then suddenly tripped over one of the floorboards, landing in his arms. “Ouch!”

Laughing, Keith steadied her. “Probably not the best idea to wear heels when you can’t even walk normally.”

Pidge scowled. “Ugh. Do we have to go to dinner?” She whined. “I already probably burst a blood vessel in my nostril. Hunk will have a heart attack if I start bleeding all over the fettuccini alfredo.”

“We’ve been planning this dinner for months, Pidge. I want to go as much as you do, but-,” Keith trailed off.

“We have no legitimate excuse.” Pidge finished, and rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she draped herself in his arms. “Oh! Oh! My ankle! It’s-oh my-SPRAINED!” She gasped in pain. “Oh dear!”

Trying not to laugh, Keith gathered her up in his arms. “Fine, Miss Prima Donna.”

Pidge snorted as he dumped her in the kitchen. “Here, I’ll turn on Stranger Things and grab the popcorn, and you text Hunk, ‘kay?”

“Done.” He said proudly, tucking his phone in his dress shirt pocket, and vaulted over the sofa. “What episode we on?”

“Um…Barb went missing. I think.” Pidge said as she curled up beside him with a bowl of popcorn. “Here, I put some of that chili seasoning.”

“Thanks.” He said, looking at the screen.

As the opening sequence begun, Keith’s phone lit up, but they didn’t notice, as Pidge cuddled closer, and his arm tightened around her.


Lance and Hunk sat on their bed, Lance’s laptop nestled between them.

“You think they’ll be mad we didn’t show?” Hunk murmured into Lance’s shoulder.

“Nah.” Lance said, as he chewed on a cookie. “Wait, so what just happened to Jack Sparrow? I wasn’t watching.”


Hope you enjoyed! (Not beta-read, because I’m technically not “in civilization” right now👍🏽)


If I was a time traveler I would absolutely go back in time and terrorize lovecraft untill he cried by like, drinking green cocktails and using strobe lights while playing oingo boingo songs or something.