I saw this picture of one of my favorite humans, Hank Green, floating around and felt like I had to add these basic examples.

Yes, there are extremely harmful chemicals/molecules out there, but you can’t be afraid of all chemicals because literally everything is made of chemicals - from the air to your full body. Your body functions because it makes chemicals and reacts with other chemicals. Your senses are results of chemical reactions. Your emotions are chemicals, your food and nutrition are chemicals, your whole life is chemicals. Whether it’s a solid, liquid, or a gas. Chemicals.

There’s a big reason why you have to take a lot of chemistry when you study biology…

Life IS chemistry.


I’m finally halfway through all my exams! I’m reviewing some chem right now, and my sister bought me some hand cream recently and I just wanted to go an entire spread in my bujo inspired by it (and by @charlenestudies)! The colours are so nice :)

To everyone in IB, we’re getting closer to the end!!

Construction Going Green With Asphalt And Concrete

by Katharine Gammon, Inside Science

Construction and maintenance of roads and buildings use up lots of money and resources. Asphalt roads wear out over time, and acquiring concrete for buildings means digging deeper and deeper into quarries for material. But new recycling technologies may take some of the pressure off the world’s resources while keeping roads paved and buildings safe.

Asphalt is a paving material made of gravel and other materials bound together with a thick petroleum. Over time, exposure to the elements causes asphalt to age, become brittle and crack. This means that roads paved with asphalt must be repaved periodically. As the old asphalt is pulled up, only a tiny fraction can be reused: most of it heads to a landfill or gets stacked up for later use.

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18/09/16 | 12:07 It’s my birthday!! You’d think after going around the sun 19 times I’d have my life semi-figured out, but here I am on a Sunday studying chem with some peppermint tea before a 5 hour shift this afternoon, contemplating the meaning of life and where I fit in with the grand scheme of the universe.

Crash Course aka. our saviours. 
(other crash course masterposts coming soon!)




Anatomy & Physiology

Top Tips for Studying in College

So the time has come again where classes are back in session
and study habits need to begin now,
not a week before finals.
There are a few things I do that I think could be helpful to some others out there.
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I’m not kidding when I say my life is color coded.
In your planner,
I recommend that you use a different color pen for each activity in your life.
So as an example, for me…

Red: Chemistry
Pink: Chemistry Lab
Green: Biology
Light Green: Biology Lab
Blue: Math
Purple: Sorority

Of course you can do this however you want,
but when I look at my planner and I need to know what’s due or what’s going on Friday,
I know just by looking at colors.

I also color code my notebooks.
I use different colors to represent different types of information in my notes.
This makes studying a lot easier for me,
and I am more likely to want to have my notebook out,
because the colors break up the information instead of just pages of one color.
My system for these colors is…

Red: Vocab word
Purple: Vocab definition
Black: Major Topics
Green: Figures and examples
Pink: Review or questions
Blue: Other notes

By breaking this up,
when I look at my notebooks and I just want to study vocab,
I can just look for red.
This has been huge help for me over the years.


I have a 5 subject notebook that I bring to class with me.
This is where I take my notes in class.
In class I use shorthand
and write fast to keep up with my professor.
I can then after class look at the power points again and see where I need to fill in.
Some shorthand I find useful is as follows…

b/c: Because
&: And
Info: Information
Comtion: Communication
w/: With
W/o: Without
W/i: Within
fin: Finally
#: I use numbers whenever I can
elem: Elements
^: Increase
H, O, C, Cl: I use the periodic symbols in Chemistry notes a lot
ex: example

There are plenty more you probably use and I use,
but those are just the ones on the top of my head.


I bring the big notebook to class with me where I write in shorthand for 50 mins and most of the time my hand is just moving and my brain isn’t comprehending.
After class,
I pull up the powerpoint on my laptop and take my in class notes out.
First I go through and see if I need to fill anything else in,
then I highlight them with the colors I listed above based on definitions, figures, etc.

Then I rewrite my notes,
in full sentences and in english,
no shorthand.
I do so neatly and with all my colors in a new notebook to make the information make sense to me.
Sometimes I cut things out because I wrote it a few different times,
or a condense different parts into one to explain something.
This is where you revise your notes.
This is a huge part in helping you study.
Without this step,
your notes would still be jumbled up when you try to study.


All my professors tell me I need to be studying and working on the content everyday.
Science classes are usually recommended for 3 hours outside of class for every hour in class.
For me, that’s 9 hours a week,
and I’m in 2 sciences.

When I rewrite my notes,
that is studying.
Set a timer and just see how long it takes to highlight, revise and rewrite your notes.
That’s a good chunk.
Next is reading the chapter for next class,
how long does that take?
Then if you need to,
make notecards,
go over them.
The hours add up very quickly.
I like to write the time down on a post it and keep it for the week and see where I was.
Maybe I’m over and maybe I’m under.


This is the last thing I do,
after I write out my notes in colors in the separate notebook,
I go through and think of test questions that could be based on the information I wrote down.
I type these up on a word doc.
I personally just type the question,
not listing possible answers.
Maybe I’ll get 3 or 4 questions from one lecture,
maybe I’ll get 10-12.
It doesn’t matter.
But by doing this you are making a study guide for the test you’ll be taking later on.
This time typing out questions also counts for time for studying for each class.

*Each class and each school and each person are completely different in the way they are set up.
I know for me, some of my classes,
like math,
don’t have rewritten notes or color coded systems.
But some do.
I hope these few tips might help you study and review in a more efficient manner.
Let me know some of your study tips in the comments.
I’d love to hear them.
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day 2/100

Today I set up my Spring Term future log in my new bullet journal (the muji dotted book which only cost me £2.95). I also made notes on Periodicity in Chemistry and Alloys in Product Design.

The last thing I did was do a Core 1 and a Core 2 Maths past paper and I got 96% in C1 and 79% in C2 which I’m really happy with tbh


There’s a pairing I hadn’t considered before!  Ha, the ship name should totally be RGB /digital art jokes lol

Although I usually prefer Red and Green having a brotherly dynamic, I think it could be cute!  I think Green is one of the people most likely to be able to help Blue deal with his anger issues, which I’ve mentioned before I think are one of the main obstacles for Blue being in a healthy relationship.  Blue and Red definitely have chemistry, and Green could be something of a stabilizing force (even in the manga, he was shown to intercede when Blue was picking on Red).  And I’ve already mentioned how much I love Blue and Green’s camaraderie and think they work well together, and Red and Green get along great - it could work!

Hm… one thing I could see being an issue (and tbh this might happen even if their relationships are all platonic, but it would especially be a problem if there were any romantic involvements) would be the fact that even when they’re actually getting along fine, Blue and Green like to argue and even play-fight for fun, and if Red doesn’t realize they’re joking, he might get upset (Red is really sensitive to anything that could be perceived as in-fighting amongst his friends).  I could see that leading to some brief drama until someone (could be one of the three, could be intervention from an outside party) realizes what the problem is and makes them sit down and talk things out.