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The theme for Earth Day 2014 is ‘green cities’. As more and more people move to cities in search of jobs – and the reality of climate change becomes increasingly clear – the need to create sustainable communities is more important than ever. Recognised this year as the European Green Capital, Copenhagen has set a prime example with investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy and an educated and active public. The Danish city is a good model in terms of urban planning and design, and is working towards becoming carbon-neutral by the year 2025.

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Look at me. Look me in the eyes. People who insist on voting for Clinton so as to not divide the democrat base aren’t looking at the whole picture. You think the republican base isn’t divided over Trump too? That there AREN’T going to be super comparable numbers of otherwise-republicans flocking to Gary Johnson as there are otherwise-democrats flocking to Jill Stein? Hell, Johnson is polling higher than Stein as far as I’ve seen, and the people who aim to vote for him are overwhelmingly right-wing. Votes are going to be drawn away from both of the major candidates not because the voting population is a wayward mob of spoiled brats; they’re going to be drawn away because a sizable portion of each candidate’s base sees them both as incredibly shitty options. Both are corporate cronies who weave bullshit rhetoric like artists paint pictures.

There are millions of people recognizing how corrupt the two-party system is and how it specifically caters to the interests of the capitalist class. Stop snagging those people and compelling them to conform back into democrat hegemony; or, if you’re gonna do that, /actively oppose the two-party system and Clinton starting in January/ then. If we see the same people “reluctantly” pushing progressives and leftists back into the democrat establishment doing jack shit to oppose Clinton and the two-party system starting in January, we’ll then know that you were all talk and full of shit. I’m not necessarily suggesting that you were in cahoots with the Clinton campaign the whole time, but I am suggesting that you are part of the historic pattern of democrats and establishment liberals absorbing the left-wing and defanging it of all its revolutionary power.

This system isn’t going to improve for the vast majority of people until we recognize how hollowed-out and unhelpful capitalist electoral politics really are.

everythingsmellsofrum  asked:

Re your most recent reblog (diagram explaining (a view on) communism, socialism, mutualism, etc) do you subscribe to the marxist view of there being an inevitable slide towards the right of said diagram (I.e of an inexorable trajectory of history, leading towards simpler and simpler class systems)?

Shorter answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Technology pushes us in that direction by virtue of increased productivity. As automation continues to replace menial labor, a person’s access to wealth in the capitalist economy will be even more dependent on their access to capital, since working class jobs will disappear and machines will be the things producing all our stuff. From here, capitalism will try two main solutions to keep itself alive despite the increased revolutionary tensions: 1) it will make more bullshit jobs for people to work, and 2) it will institute a universal basic income (everyone just gets a minimum living floor through redistributive taxation from the machine-owners to the dispossessed populace). These will keep petit-bourgeois liberals satisfied, but people will continue to push for a world where the superfluous job creation and the convoluted constant wealth redistribution don’t exist; we’ll still see people pushing for democratic control of the automation and for actual production for human need over profit. Classlessness is most possible in a post-scarcity society where the majority of labor is performed by machines and where people can divvy up the actually necessary jobs to the level of 3-hour shifts. We currently have the abundance needed for that scenario. In other words, the conditions are ripe for a transition out of capitalism and into socialism, continuing a dialectical advance from no democracy (feudalism) to spectacled democracy (capitalism) to actual democracy (socialism).

There’s no guarantee here, but the economic conditions described above, the increase of social justice/class conscious movements over the years, and the necessity for an alternative to environmental catastrophe are huge factors that will each play their part in pushing us towards democratic classlessness. Capitalism has only been here for several hundred years, compared to the 200,000 years we’ve existed on this blue rock – it’s certainly possible to live in other types of systems (even classless formations, which existed/exist in hunter-gatherer societies), it’s just that we have a really intricate propaganda network constantly telling us “There Is No Alternative”. But sooner of later, those above factors – the march of history – will unravel the ideological fog capitalism utilizes to keep itself alive and properly concealed. In this hour, there is only socialism or barbarism.


I have to love my job.

Dr Jill Stein Speaks On Alton Sterling Murder And Prosecute Clinton.

Dr Jill Stein Speaks On Alton Sterling Murder And Prosecute Clinton.

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Justice for Alton Sterling Hearing of the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, our hearts are breaking once again with this latest apparent case of unprovoked police assault and murder. Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and on and on. We need Police Review Boards so communities control their police, not the other way around. Investigate all deaths at the…

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