(ESA)  Earth from Space - Copenhagen, Denmark

The theme for Earth Day 2014 is ‘green cities’. As more and more people move to cities in search of jobs – and the reality of climate change becomes increasingly clear – the need to create sustainable communities is more important than ever. Recognised this year as the European Green Capital, Copenhagen has set a prime example with investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy and an educated and active public. The Danish city is a good model in terms of urban planning and design, and is working towards becoming carbon-neutral by the year 2025.

This SPOT-5 image was acquired 21 April 2011, with a resolution of 2.5 m.

Eventually, though, the mics turned back on Green and Backstrom, and they were forced to answer questions. Like, here was Backstrom, on his choice of a Sean Taylor jersey.

“Actually, I got Ovie’s,” Backstrom said. “I was sleeping over at Ovie’s house [Saturday] night, so I just got his jersey. I usually wear Santana Moss. He’s a catcher, right?”

Throwback Thursday picture to remind you that Ovechkin and Backstrom and Green used to have sleepovers, borrow each other’s clothes, wear doofy hats/helmets, and giggle their way through sporting events.

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Conoce el Anillo Verde de Vitoria-Gasteiz

El Anillo Verde es un conjunto de parques periurbanos de alto valor ecológico y paisajístico enlazados estratégicamente mediante corredores eco-recreativos.Es el resultado de un ambicioso proyecto que se inició a comienzos de los 90 del siglo pasado con el objetivo principal de restaurar y recuperar la periferia de Vitoria-Gasteiz, tanto desde el punto de vista ambiental como social, para crear una gran área verde de uso recreativo en torno a la ciudad.