A Flame Quartz I made, using @deer-head-xiris‘s head-cannons ^^

Nicks: Lusty, Flama



Agender (She)








Pale green


Purple with Lavender Pupils


Tangerine with Yellow freckles on her cheeks and upper back


Blue laced poncho? on customized Quartz Uniform from Blue diamonds Court, with the exposed torso and under boob.


  • Flama has Solipsism for that she is extremely apathetic and manipulative, she also have a impressive intellect, even thought her kind of Quartz is always found in large groups Flama insists to work alone, sometimes she sabotages others work to prove her point, other Flame Quartzes are quite uncountable around her.
  • Flama constantly implies she is from a higher raking then she actually is, and will manipulate anyone to get what she desires.
  • Flama has a fascination for Blue Diamond she will always try to do most works Blue ask her and ignore or task others to do work of other diamonds for her, she has a handful number of gems held by constant treats and blackmails.
  • Flama has also a fascination for Ice Quartz, however not a healthy one, she enjoys to physically torture them and has a wide collection of bubbled Ice Quartz on her station, she seams to have some kind of fetish in to see them suffer.


anonymous asked:

So for the dating meme: I'm 5'1" with chubby cheeks, big ol green eyes and short black and purple hair. I'm really cuddly and cry a lot about cartoons. I am literally always singing and need confidence boosters a lot but I always give nice smooches and warm hugs also I'm super good at making food. I may need a lot of confidence boosters but I'm also a compliment dispenser and always notice the small things I love about people. I'm the biggest softie around honestly.

oh you sound so niicee!!! omg so short so soft you sound like such a super cutie~ though i personally don’t have the energy to give as many complements and i imagine u need (´・_・`) I don’t think i could date such a pure cutie!! maybe i could adopt you as my precious child


short-lived hair colors

neon orange mingyu / blue jun / mint wonwoo / copper dino / red-streaked s.coups / teal-blonde hoshi


A few weeks ago I started working on this sweater. It should have been a weekend project, but you know how I’m never able to get the right amount of yarn lol

So yesterday I finished this alpaca sweater and I’m hella proud of it.
I used the pattern “Oversized knitted Sweater” by ALEKSANDRA