Culture has lead us to betray our own aboriginal spirit and wholeness, into an ever-worsening realm of synthetic, isolating, impoverishing estrangement. Which is not to say that there are no more everyday pleasures, without which we would loose our humanness. But as our plight deepens, we glimpse how much must be erased for our redemption.
—  John Zerzan (Running on Emptiness: The Pathology of Civilization)

In July 1999, McVeigh was moved to federal death row in Terre Haute, Ind., and though prison rules blocked him from exchanging letters with Kaczynski, they kept up their friendship. Through a journalist at the Buffalo News, McVeigh sent Kaczynski a copy of “Into the Wild,” writer Jon Krakauer’s account of a young man’s hike into the Alaskan wilderness. (Kaczynski, who is particular about his books, liked it.) Meanwhile, the Unabomber asked his pen pals to send McVeigh magazines and articles, including a subscription to Green Anarchy magazine.

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On Primal Mutiny, and the objectives

Over the years on the rare occasion when I speak out to others about my ideas of ‘how to fix the world’, the reaction is typically that trained response, “Oh, your one of those damn Anarchists!”.

I do not deny Anarchy. However I personally reject any notion of desiring to DEFINE myself as anything Civilization wants me to. There is a reason for this madness, and hopefully it illuminates later on in this Blog somewhere.

I spent a lot of years reading books and joining clubs and Churches and Psycho-Therapy trying to find out WHY ever since I can remember, I preferred company with wild animals and the remote outdoors, over the desire to amass a huge fortune and own a bunch of crap.

I went on about a 15 Year binge of study and was just about to be the most brilliant Intellectual Scientist ever on the Planet, when along plopped a beaten up magazine called Green Anarchy. It was the cover art which had me pick it up and stuff it behind my books. I was just finishing up a commentary for a Professor in England who specializes in Nietzsche Studies. I was all about Nietzsche and Gurdjieff & Krishnamurti at the time.

That cover art on GA called for me, so I snatched the rag out and thumbed through it. My trained reaction was like any other educated persons, “Oh these radical nuts!”. Really I was just looking at the pictures, and it was great artwork. Then I read a few lines here and there. Suddenly, I was hooked!

I read it over and over from front to back and back to front. I could not believe it! Suddenly everything I thought I knew, all my occult wisdom, my esoteric TRAINING, all my political expertise, everything flew out the window. In a flash I was EMPTY, and it was exhilarating! I had that epiphany thing, a total Gnosis that everything about Civilization is a terrible scheme, 100% contrary to Self Preservation of everything in the Universe!

This powerful urge flew through my veins to go out and utterly destroy Civilization by any means possible. I dreamed of building nukes, concocting biological shit, running for President, all kinds of terrorist chicken shit! Then I recalled a citation to a man called Etienne de La Boetie in Green Anarchy magazine. I desperately needed to know more about this La Boetie dude.

I managed to purchase a rough translation of a work of his called Politics of Obedience in English. It was incredible! I had to have the original! I found an old French copy at San Diego State University rotting on their shelf; not checked out since the 60’s. I delved into this book hard, and came to realize, I really do not care for the French language much.

I found a few good writers who could turn old French stuff into good English reads. I wound up with the Essays of Montaigne and La Boeties works, all in English. After about a year or two of ruining my eyes and mind with all this, I hand copied the essay by La Boetie on Voluntary Servitude, and decided to create a new Bible and Church based on it!

That never happened. I was too busy getting into arguments and debates with people about everything imaginable. Practically every gripe, bitch, or complaint people had were based on Civilizations Oppression, and all the solutions were outlined in La Boeties little essay.

So I started withdrawing to just watch & listen to the world. I also set out to know more about John Zerzan, the guy who put the Green Anarchy thing out. Come to find out JZ had this primal epiphany thing quite a long time ago, and is something of a guru on Primitive matters. A hyper intelligent and super kind man. He immediately became a role model to me, that “Best Friend” to me, whom I never met physically, yet know is always there for me.

I got to know a lot about the whole Green Anarchy thing. It draws all kinds of people and thoughts, and that’s awesome. But there is a catch. I worked for an anti-terrorist outfit in the Army under SOCOM, and I knew from experience that ANYTHING and ANYBODY who took any kind of direct action towards any kind of Government Interest would be a target, and only make the system stronger and more powerful. The more people talk about lashing out, and the more they do lash out, the more the system can justify expenditures and resources to COMBAT those threats and activities; and THEY DO ACTIVELY with great joy and diligence, go about the process of hunting down and eliminating these for professional sport. Its great to go out and vent the frustrations, but not wise, and not in the best interest of success.

I learned a Humble Contempt attitude was most conducive. I figured out too, that the “Government and Churches” are just entities, phantasms with a life of their own, made up of individual peoples, just like you and me. So I deflated the belief in such things as having any valid existence in my mind, and direct my angst towards the source. The individual taxpayer and tither. My goal is to try to educate the taxpayer and tither the fact that he and she (and all the in between) holds the keys to their restraints. Break free from the economy, be self reliant as possible and walk away from Civilization. The phantasm will sputter out and vanish with nothing left but ghost and goblin stories to tell around the next Collective Feast fire party!

Later on in this Blog, I will get into the aspects of the DOMESTICATION PROCESS and all that other stuff. But plenty of that is still available elsewhere online and other places if you look for it. Probably my greatest niche in this Blog stuff will be the angle of getting you interested in exploring the great outdoors, and realizing its your natural HOME; your true SPIRITUAL.

In these times, more-so than ever before probably, its a good idea to have yourself a good set of outdoor gear. “Survival Gear” is what a lot of people call it, or camping equipment. For starters, get the normal stuff; a tent, sleeping bag, ruck sack, knife, machete, and so on. Buy QUALITY, it pays off in the end. But also invest in some books and tapes from the likes of John McPherson and his wife Gerri. Both of them amassed a fine collection of years of knowledge, and condensed it all into an affordable set of nine or ten DVD’s, and about three or four books about primitive living.

Learning these primitive skills adds to your own experiences, and can afford you a good life in the world even if you lose all your equipment, and have nothing but your wits to set out with. Naked Into The Wilderness is their theme. Put it this way, they are so good, even the United States Army Special Forces sends their Instructors to John & Gerri to be trained. Remember, we are talking about going primal as a way of life. A way to a very good life! Not a regress, but a leap forward and away from TYRANNY and OPPRESSION, and into a new found Eden!

Also in the meanwhile, get your teeth fixed! Probably the most difficult thing to contend with and commonly overlooked is dental problems. If your going to make a go at this stuff, make sure your teeth are in good shape. Most, if not all others diseases can be taken care of naturally. Everywhere you go is medicinal plants and things. Get to finding out what is what in your area of operation. I will try to touch on all this stuff too later on in this Blog.

Bare with me, all this is a new work in progress. I will add links to other great sites. But I beg of you to not study everything to death online, and find yourself stuck on the computer for years on end debating this and that. Get outside and let nature drive your searches and needs. Once you discover that the natural world is your place, all the rest of this stuff will come easy and follow suit. So go get your gear and some books, and GO CAMPING!

Then check back here and see if anything grabs at you. I will try to have a bunch of video and maybe even some songs. I do really bad music, but its a therapy thing for me. The Army left me with some anger issues that music seems to be a good vent for.

Okay, thanks for visiting, and I hope this gets much better with time. And I hope this inspires you to go outside and sleep under the Stars, and get to know yourself better, and whomever you share the experiences with too, if any. Contrary to popular belief, there really is still a beautiful world out here, if only you go out and live in it! Enjoy, Always!!!


Trial set for Greenpeace activists in P&G protest
July 31, 2014

A trial date has been set in October for eight of nine Greenpeace activists facing felony charges for an eye-catching protest at Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in downtown Cincinnati.

The trial date for the activists was set for Oct. 27 in Hamilton County court on Thursday.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors say just one of the protesters expressed willingness to accept a plea agreement in the case to avoid prison time. That man will be in court ahead of the trial to officially plead to the charges.

The activists are unjustly charged with burglary and vandalism for a March 4 protest in which they slipped into P&G and displayed huge banners from towers criticizing (but not damaging anything) palm oil supplies by P&G that are linked to rainforest destruction.