Witchy Aesthetics

green witch: freshly pressed flowers, walking through a field of wildflowers, talking to the trees, terrariums, plants sitting on the windowsill, forest sounds

kitchen witch: cookbooks, stirring tea with intent, lots and lots of jars, herbs and more herbs, the smells of baking, tea blends swirling in jars 

storm witch: lightning crackling, calling up a storm, dancing in the rain, getting excited when you feel a storm coming, checking the weather activity

dream witch: sleepy eyes, soft blankets, meditating in the mornings to remember your dreams, reality checks, sleeping with crystals under your pillow

divination witch: wearing your pendulum as a necklace, sleeping with your tarot deck, shaky hands, too many tarot decks, meditating with your tools

sea witch: jars of seawater, walking barefooted on the sand, sitting on the beach at night, missing the seashore, balmy sea breeze, seashell collection

lunar witch: setting alarms for moon phases, talking to the moon, making moon water, getting ready for the next lunar eclipse, quiet moonlit nights

spirit witch: bonding with spirit companions, feeling the presences in a room, setting out offerings, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eyes, amethyst

fire witch: a whole bunch of scented candles, the smell of incense, cosy warmth, dancing flames, jars of ashes, almost burning the whole house down

crystal witch: keeping crystals in your pockets, crystals sitting on your windowsill under the moonlight, crystalline light reflections

water witch: way too many jars, running out in the middle of a storm to collect water, carrying a jar everywhere, shower cleansing and grounding rituals

tech witch: embedding sigils in code, stereoscopic light of a phone screen, ambient soundtracks, witchy phone apps, emoji spells, digital grimoires

music witch: jamming to your tracks over a spell, shufflemancy, headphones on earbuds in, charging tools with your speakers, playlist for every occasion

urban witch: dollar stores, carrying around their magickal tools, sigils for not missing the bus or train, finding that one witch book in local bookstores

glamour witch: sigils on the mirror, rose quartz in random places, makeup bags, looking fly, youtube channels on makeup, on-the-spot glamours

closeted witch: hiding grimoires in drawers, sigils for invisibility, waiting for everyone else to go out, performing spells behind locked doors at night

art witches: moon water in your paint cup, paint-stained fingers, charmed drawing tablet, colour corresponding your art supplies, local bookshops

trees dont get enough love

they’re strong mighty beings who shield you from danger

they’re delicate ethereal beings enveloped in flower blossom, emitting the sense of love

their leaves crinkle under your footsteps, their leaves brush past you as you wander through the forest

trees arent scary, they’re wise and beautiful

whisper kind words to them as you walk past

they will protect you if you protect them

grimoire ideas:

this can be used in a book of shadows, book of knowledge, path journal, etc.

✧ table of contents: so you don’t have to flip through to find whatever you’re looking for

✧ a page all about you : helps to make it more personalized. you can add your favorite herbs, crystals, plants, incense, tarot cards and just about anything that’s important to your craft. you can write what your path is and what interested you about it. you can add your natal chart.

✧ goals: goals in your path (can be included on the page about you)

✧ calendar: you can write down the lunar phases on it, holidays important to your craft such as Esbats or Sabbats

✧ elements: what they stand for. their importance. correspondence.

✧ herbs/plants/flowers: I wouldn’t put every herb but write down the ones that you most commonly use and their correspondence

✧ crystals: exact same as the herb page.

✧ runes: exact same as herb page.

✧ candles: you can write down what each color represents.

✧ witch tools: write down the tools you use. maybe their importance or what you use them for.

✧ lunar phases: draw them out or print them out and write down their symbolism

✧ astral plane: information about the astral plane and astral projection. your experience with astral projection.

✧ deities: info about your deity/deities (their history, picture, correspondence). offerings ideas. invocations.

✧ rituals/rites/songs: any sort of rituals you do for cleansing, daily rituals etc. anything that’s important to your craft.

✧ spells: you can separate them by their use such as love spells, luck spells, etc.

✧ recipes: for kitchen witchcraft or how to make moon/sun water, elixirs, potions, oils, or just witchy diys!

✧ dream work: accounts of any dreams you’ve had. meaning of dreams. (if applicable)

✧ sigils: how to draw them. how to charge. list of other sigils. (if applicable)

✧ astrology: natal chart. info on the zodiac. what each element/planet/house/aspects mean. celestial events. (if applicable)

✧ tarot/oracle: what each card means. tarot/oracle spreads. results. (if applicable)

✧ pendulum: a pendulum board.

✧ spirit work: info on spirits you have been in contact with. offerings. (if applicable)

✧ energy points: how you use them. their meaning. what stones you can use for each. (if applicable)

✧ auras: different auras. what each color aura means. (if applicable)

✧ familiar: info about them. (if applicable)

✧ alter: traveling alter page. how it’s setup. pictures/drawings of it. (this is also helpful if you’re not open about your craft)

✧ knots: knot magick (if applicable)

✧ reflections: personal reflections.

✧ ancestors: your ancestor line.

✧ resources: info from books you’ve read.

you can decorate your book with dried up leaves/flowers, illustrations, collages, colored pen/markers. I would recommend adding a protection sigil. by no means do you have to make your book aesthetically pleasing, do whatever works for you! In my case, the nicer it is the more I’ll use it. add whatever is important to your craft, don’t add stuff you’re not going to need or use. make it your own!

Kitchen Witch Tips

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Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up along my kitchen-witchery journey:

• When frying meat, use tongs and always add the meat to the pan by laying it away from you. This prevents the oil from splashing and burning you.

• Do not prep and cook at the same time. Finish your prep before adding anything to a frying pan or sticking anything in the oven.

• 4 tbsps is equal to ¼ cup. So when something calls for 1/8 of a cup, it means 2 tbsps. No one has 1/8th cups.

• If a recipe calls for buttermilk but you’re all out, add 1 tbsp of lemon juice or white vinegar to a cup of milk and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Boom, you have buttermilk.

• Burned the bottom of your pan? No worries, I do it all the time too! To get those stubborn bits off, add water to the pan and boil it once more on the stovetop. This loosens up the grime so you can scrape it off!

• Keep brownies, cookies, and cakes moist by storing them with a slice of bread. The treat will remain decadent while the bread will harden and crust up.

• Speaking of crusty/stale bread, if you want the best french toast, leave your bread out overnight. Stale bread soaks up more egg/custard and will result in richer, Fuller pieces of french toast.

• Before frosting your goodies, stick your frosting spoon/utensil in the fridge. Colder utensils make for better frosting-spreaders.

• To prevent your cakes from cracking or rising unevenly in the oven, place a dish of water on the rack below. The extra moisture helps cakes cook evenly.

• Eat and use veggies and fruits that are in-season!

• Buy local produce when you can.

• Always work with sharp knives and always slice away from yourself. Dull knives and cuts are no good.

• Lean cuts of meat like pork tenderloin and chicken breasts toughen up when cooked in the oven, on the stovetop, or on the grill. To keep some of the moisture, wrap them in foil or add a sauce to the pan.

• Your measurements don’t have to be perfect! It’s okay to spill a little flour here and there!

• If you screw up a recipe don’t get discouraged! Cooking and baking are trial and error. Both skills come with time and part of the fun is making a few mistakes along the way!

• Intent is important. It doesn’t always matter what magical ingredients you’ve added to the dishes, sometimes intent and reason for making are the strongest most powerful forces you can garner during the process.

• Everyone has different tastes! Some people may not like what you make, others may enjoy it whole-heartedly. Don’t get discouraged if a few people shy away from your food!

That’s it for now! I’m sure I have many more to share, but until then, keep cooking!


Please rb this if you’re a witch?

Especially if you:

🌻 are not Wiccan

🌻 are a green witch

🌻 are a kitchen witch

🌻 are a lunar/solar witch

🌻 are a pop culture witch

🌻 are LGBTQ+

🌻 do divination

🌻 do tarot

🌻 are looking for more witchy pals

🌻 like musicals