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Chill Zone | Balbieriškio atodanga #205/365 by Andrius Aleksandravičius
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About the Fukushima red zone, it's not red at all lol. The photographer was exposed as an insensitive liar exploiting the disaster for his own fame. The pictures there are actually from the green zone.

Oh boy…

The pictures are pretty but to lie about the location and say “Upon arrival in the red zone, I could smell chemicals and felt a burning sensation in my eyes” is really insulting and exploitative. The photographer’s defense on facebook is weak, needlessly long (lots of yadda yadda no one asked or cares about) and frankly doesn’t counter Podniesinski’s accusations at all. Why didn’t he admit he went to the green zone? The pictures are good, no need for further shock value.


Warrior Culture : The Brotherhood of Nod

A sudo military, corporate, religion, that is loosely based on the three faiths of the Abrahamic Covinent Christianinity, Juidism, and Islam. It has used the discovery of an Alien substance know as Tyberum to fund its military-industrial complex throughout much of the third world. It is considered a Global military alliance, religious cult, and a transnational superpower by the year 2077.

The Brotherhood puts emphasis on the collective, rather than the individual, yet still praises the individual for high deads, and honors the sacrifice of those who fall for the cause. “…in remembrance of the dead. These brave souls sacrificed their lives to strengthen The Brotherhood, so we might live on and carry their names proudly with us. We remember also our ancestors, who came before us and gave us life. Blessed be these names, for they are our kin, our blood. May they stand proudly forever, and in time become ancestral themselves. Remember your mourning moment of silence, for the lost but not forgotten.

The Brotherhood’s military is centered around the concepts of stealth and speed, preferring outmaneuvering their enemies, hit-and-run attacks, guerrilla tactics and subterfuge rather than head on toe to toe combat.

The Best Party In Baghdad

Every Friday night the Italian embassy in Baghdad holds a party. It involves disco, a lot of booze and semi naked Italian Special Forces. It rocked. Sadly, I couldn’t go - the Italian Embassy is inside the mis-named Green Zone (i.e., the Big Target) … I was staying in the unfortunately named Red Zone. Sigh.

I love this woman’s face. It would mirror mine, had I been there. She’s a Colonel in the US Air Force, BTW

and sometimes they go really crazy….

PS: Party shuts down at 11;45 sharp so everyone can get to their barracks by midnight curfew.

Early concept art for Loose Ends by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi

A Loose Ends preview comes out on Free Comic Book Day at a comic shop near you! While you are at your local comic book store, ask them to order you a copy of issue #1. Loose Ends #1 is solicited in the latest issue of Previews and it is a “4 issue Southern Crime Romance” written by Jason Latour, drawn by Chris Brunner and colored by Rico Renzi.