green workplace

I’m out of the broom closet at work…ish

Co-worker: why’s the copy machine not working?

Me: Mercury is in retrograde…so there’s that.

Co-worker: how are your cookies so soft, it’s been like three days and my oatmeal cookies always dry out?

Me: brown sugar… and magic.

Coworker at my cubicle: I like your skeleton hand mug! And your skull planter…and your dead moth…and those are pretty rocks…anyway, you done with your caseload?

Me: thanks and yes!

*Coworker struggles to get white out tape to wind correctly*

Me *takes it, winds it, hands it back*

Coworker: “how’d you do that?!”

Me: “listen, the sooner you guys accept I’m a witch, the less questions you’ll have”

Coworkers: *nervous giggling*


Spilled some white stars in the malachite galaxy✨ This is the world for new astrogirl with a star name. Can’t stop painting them😄