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What celebrities are Fans of Green Day?

honestly i love hearing about other artists/famous people who are fans of green day it just makes my day. here are all the ones i can think off of the top of my head!!

- lady gaga, the first album she ever bought was dookie and she loved it so much that she would lick the pages of the booklet

- bruce springsteen considers green day to be one of his all time favourite bands. “green day, they make great records and they’re always thoughtful and intense and they have a band that plays great together.”

- mark zuckerberg, he even hired billie joe armstrong to play at his wedding

- brad pitt, tom felton, sean penn, shakira, alicia keys, snoop dogg, seth green, steve jobs, serena williams, matt skiba, pink, the members of muse, dave grohl, daniel radcliffe, david letterman, lars ulrich, conan o'brien, stephen colbert, etc. have all either mentioned in interview that they love green day or have been spotted at their concerts in the past

- weezer, against me!, blink-182, my chemical romance, all time low, fall out boy, simple plan, the 1975, yellowcard, paramore, new found glory and other artists have all cited green day as being a major influence to their music

- more on weezer. they’ve done a few covers of green day including worry rock and brain stew. they also have a lyrics mentioning green day in one of their songs called el scorcho, “i asked you to go to the green day concert/you said you never heard of them.”

- lil wayne is a fan as well, he even made a reference to them in one of his songs, “she’s askin’ do you have the time to listen to me whine”

- ed sheeran, he saw green day when he was 10 at wembley stadium and was the very back of the stadium and i think he talked about how disappointed he was that green day didn’t (and couldn’t) pick him to go onstage

- matt healy from the 1975 was picked to go onstage with green day and play bass when he was 13 and it actually inspired him to be in a band

- other punk bands such as bad religion, dead kennedys, nofx, anti-flag, rancid etc. are all supportive of green day, have gone to their shows, played together, and many are good friends with the band despite green day’s controversial reputation in the punk community

there are definitely more but i tried covering all the ones that i could think of or could find through 2 minutes of googling!! hope this answers your question. feel free to add any that i forgot ✨


Good Riddance, Heathens

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) by Green Day vs. Heathens by twenty one pilots.

Huge thanks to @hopeless-meme for coming up with the title!