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“Being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.”

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Lightning Treant

When treants go bad, they go bad, the rot sinks in deep, and the tree best burned down and the embers doused with holy water for good measure. It’s been a while since I covered the gnarlwood, treants sprouded in cursed earth, but lightning treants touch on the same theme with a very different approach. One might even call them… electricfying. Despite their charred, dead exterior, with moss hanging down and no leaves to be seen, lightning treants are very much alive, and possibly a spark flickers in the hollow pits that were once eyes, gazing out at the world with a violent hate. In addition to the devastating blows all treants can deal out, lightning treants wield the electric power that gives them their name like angry thunder gods, limning opponents in flickering flames like St. Elmo’s fire and hurling bursts of lightning at clusters of opponents, thundering and raging until their opponents are dead and their blood waters the new growth.

As the Godswar swept across the world of Yerflun, terrible storms erupted, especially in those places where Orarae the Storm-Singer joined the fray. These storms left behind devastation with no concern for race, creed, or piety, and the wracking lightning Orarae hurled at the world warped and burned the trees of the evergreen forests at Zodione. In their wake, the burned out husks of trees were twisted into something akin to stone, with the battered, barely alive forms of treants hulking through, trickles of electricity dancing through their branches. Even today, with new growth cloaking the stony titans around them, several of these lightning-obsessed horrors remain, and their vengeance upon anyone daring to raise a sign or song to the Storm-Singer within their woods is grisly.

Unlike most of his kind, the treant Relmorund always had a love for the sky, often spending clear nights gazing up at the stars or standing out in the rain, arms stretched wide to glory in the feeling of the wind kissing his bark. Relmorund still gazes up at the stars, but those few who see him do it say the hateful horror seems more to be listening to them, crooning a strange song. Anyone he manages to capture alive is chained up and tormented with the electrical energies he wields, and his strange song unnerves any of Wruznik witchwyrds who hear of it. If pressed, they mention only of the Broken Star, and the normally inscrutably merchants have posted a bounty to cut the corrupted treant down and burn his ashes with holy fire.

A horrific mockery of nature, the siabrae known as the Rejection of Mortality is an abhorrent monstrosity compared to her former existence and has little concern at creating more of the same. Having clawed out a place in the blighted scar of the Great Woods. To assist her in her war against the forest dwarves and rougarou attempting to reclaim the Great Blight, she has awakened a mighty oak, scarred with lightning and fire. Rather than needing to enslave the newly awakened treant’s will as she feared, the siabrae found to her delight that the creature possessed a keen hunger to slay the mortal intruders and its own terrible power drawn from the warped and twisted woodland around them (green blighter template, Advanced Bestiary 166-167). Now known as simply as Blightscar, the dark treant has taken to wearing a belt of skulls collecting from its kills as a grisly trophy.

- Tome of Horrors Complete 607


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tikishades  asked:

What's with the templating on Nissa's Defeat? Couldn't it have been written as "Destroy target non-creature green permanent or forest" or something? Was the fringe case of hitting green artifacts worth the templating confusion?

We wanted to say the word “planeswalker” for flavor reasons.