green tea starbucks latte

- Oikawa has a serious cereal addiction problem.

- They share a lot of clothes.

- Iwaizumi often walks around the apartment only in his shirt and boxers.

- Oikawa sticks stickers on everything he always makes sure they are as high as possible so the raven can’t reach them.

- They don’t have sex.

- Iwaizumi and Oikawa both wear glasses.

- They enjoy cuddles and kissing more than the idea of sex.

- Iwaizumi’s favourite drink is the green tea latte from Starbucks while Oikawa’s is pretty much anything catering to his sweet tooth.

- Both Iwaizumi and Oikawa want a cat but it’s against their apartment agreement.

- Oikawa falls sick a lot because of all the junk he eats, however they only ever last a few days. When Iwaizumi falls sick on the other hand, it’s the worst and most heartbreaking thing and Oikawa had to skip his lectures just to take care of him.

- Subtle jokes or praises about each other’s ass.

- Friendly banter.

- Oikawa is consumed by Tumblr.

- They fought really badly once and even thought during this period they refuse to talk to each other, Iwaizumi would still do stuff like cook him dinner or make him breakfast. After this Oikawa tends to apologize because that particular fight was his fault.

- They attend different universities.

- Makki attends the same university as Iwaizumi while Mattsun attends the same one as Oikawa.

- Friday nights are dedicated to just cuddles in bed eating popcorn or having the most intense Mario Kart races.

- Though they don’t have sex, they still like leaving physical marks on the other’s body. Especially Oikawa who gives such dark hicks the raven often has to wear hoodies or button ups.

- They are obsessed with Undertale and Pokémon. Every team they own has are Pokémon with the other’s name.

- Oikawa’s favourites Pokémon is actually Sylveon and Shiny Weavile. Iwaizumi’s favourite Poémon is Turtwig and Oshawott because he thinks they need more love.

- Oikawa thinks Iwa-chan is like Undyne and he’s more like Mettaton.

- They couldn’t play genocide route because pacifist already made them cry. (manly tears of course.)

- Though they don’t read the Harry Potter books Oikawa is a Slytherin anD Iwaizumi is a Hufflepuff.

| 10.10.2016 | 19/100 Days of Productivity

I have two free hours between lessons every Wednesday and I spend it in Starbucks near my school studying. It’s so cold and rainy recently, ew

Green Tea Latte - the worst thing I have ever drank in Starbucks

Cinnamon Roll - the best thing I have ever ate in Starbucks

Hope you have calm and beautiful autumn!

My new obsession - homemade and healthy (and totally guilt-free.. like only 12 calories for the whole thing) iced green tea latte. I totally reused this starbucks cup.. I do that way more often than I’d care to admit 🙈🍵

12 oz water
2 tsp matcha green tea powder
1 tbsp stevia
4 oz unsweetened cashew milk
lots of ice

  • starbucks orders of the inquisition
  • cassandra: flat white or raspberry mocha, depends on if she is with anyone
  • blackwall: black coffee bold roast
  • the iron bull: java chip frappuccino with 4 pumps peppermint, at least 3 shots and extra mocha drizzle
  • varric: salted caramel mocha with an extra shot
  • sera: white lightning (6 shots espresso, 6 pumps white mocha, shaken with ice) with extra caramel, extra mocha drizzle and whipped cream. sometimes she gets extra shots
  • cole: gets confused, orders just plain espresso, refuses to step foot in starbucks ever again
  • solas: green tea latte or iced green tea
  • vivienne: latte macchiatto with 2 pumps hazlenut or vanilla sweet cream cold brew
  • dorian: skinny cinnamon dolce latte with coconut milk and whipped cream
  • leliana: french vanilla soy latte with 2 extra shots
  • josephine: coconut milk mocha macchiatto
  • cullen: decaf americano (decaf caramel macchiatto if he's alone)

I like to analyze people by their drink orders at Starbucks. Tall iced green tea latte? You’re so kind and reserved. Venti skinny hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free syrup, extra shot, light ice, no whip? You need to fucking chill.

David Sylvian

David Sylvian enters Starbucks, he orders a green tea latte – but not too hot it may hurt his tongue, also not too sweet this rememberes him of the bitterness of life. As he sat down he got a new idea for a song and slowly opened hi moleskin notebook. “Teas Of China” he wrote as the song title as he noticed people looking at him, an eyebrow raised in disgust he left his table and went out into the rain. Meanwhile his tea is cold; David sees this as a metaphor and writes a song about cold tea later.