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warnings: implied smut.

“You’ve been through a lot, Y/N.” Detective Do breathed out and you had to refrain from chuckling. 

“I’ve only talked about one year of my 103-year-old life, my first lover out of eight, Detective. Close your gaping mouth, remember to blink and let me continue;

The name of my second lover was Zhang Yixing. Fleeing Siheung after the car accident, I sneaked onto a train without knowing it’s destination. I ended up in Beijing, and from there I was lucky enough to be employed as a maid in a large mansion half an hour from the capital.

After a few years working for my master, Mr. Zhang, he succumbed to a lung disease, leaving the house for his nephew and grandnephew. His grandnephew, Zhang Yixing, fell in love with me at first sight and I ultimately fell in love with his pursuing. Our love was sweet yet rough around the edges, but threatening it, was his father’s plan of marrying him off to someone else.”

The Zhang Mansion in the outskirts of Beijing, China, Late 1947

The sun was blinding when you leisurely stepped out of the mansion. The warm air was almost uncomfortable as you tugged on the thick layer of your skirt and apron. The collar of your dress was low on your collarbones due to your constant fiddling with it, and the arms of the dress were pulled up to level with your breasts due to the heat. Your eyes scanned the vast and well kept front yard, quickly finding the very man you were looking for - Yixing, waiting on you just as planned. 

However, he was not alone. By his side, was a young Chinese woman with long, straight onyx hair and a wonderful, long, cream colored dress. They were both standing opposite to your master, Yixing’s father, and after a few seconds, realization dawned upon you and a stinging feeling of worry and jealousy summoned inside your chest. The sweat on your back was suddenly caused by other reasons than the striking heat, and your chest tightened with nervousness. 

Was that the woman his father wanted him to marry? He didn’t seem too uncomfortable with her clinginess. Did he enjoy it? Had he noticed you? 

Then, so suddenly-

why was he kissing her?

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If ever you tell me that you went to Japan yet haven’t had yourself some sushi, I might pop a vein. As I mentioned in one of my past posts, I was very lucky to have Issa show me around the Dotonbori area in Osaka and drag me to this wonderful conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

It was absolutely glorious. We mostly got the cheapest plates but we were still able to have our fill of assorted types of fatty tuna, tamago, salmon, and so on. I splurged on a plate of uni which was as amazing as it looks in the photo.

What I found to be the coolest part of the restaurant, however (minus the fact that there were also high quality salmon sushi being displayed on a tiny bamboo boat along the conveyor belt) was the hot water on tap and the small jar of matcha ready for our endless consumption. So cool– so, so, so cool.

Matcha green tea powder isn’t especially cheap but i love green tea lattes and shakes and buying the powder and making them yourself is definitely cheaper than buying the finished product readymade. You don’t need a lot (i use about ¾ tsp for a latte) and you can add it to vanilla yoghurt, ice cream, milk (or their dairy-free equivalents) or even white cake mix/sugar cookie mix/pancake mix, a bag of it can last me months! 


I have been losing weight the past few months due to my braces and ever since my weight loss, I’ve been told by my parents to eat twice my big appetite. I have no choice but to give in to their will.

Yesterday, me and my sister went to SM to buy stuffs and chuck out the very hot temperature outside. Man, I can’t believe the heat has gone worst. After a few hours of never ending going in and out of stores, I unexpectedly smelled the freshly baked Belgian waffle that is sure to whet anyone’s appetite. It had a very delightful and heavenly smell and I could hear my taste buds screaming and dying for its taste. I went near the counter and ordered blueberry with hazelnut waffle but they said they weren’t allowed to mix blueberry with hazelnut (I remembered some stall allowed me to mix the two. Sigh) so I went for choco hazelnut instead.

To get things straight, the Belgian waffle didn’t dissatisfy me and it tasted really really good and right now all I could think all day is to order another Belgian waffle with a different combination. :( Then, I paired my waffle with a healthy dessert and its called mooshi green tea shake.  It’s made with Japanese matcha (finely milled powder green tea) and milk. It also has chewy bits which I literally don’t know the names and a strawberry (my favorite) on top to make the dessert really presentable and striking. I never liked green teas but this surely tasted different than I thought. Two thumbs up :)

Since it was a sister date, we decided to spend our 3rd stop at Chat time because not only did they have a very delicious and not your ordinary tea but the place surely have a very conducive environment for chilling and relaxing. But because there are a number of tea places sprouting around Cebu City right now, we ended up trying at Serenitea for a change. Yes, We tried their Chaffe and Minty choco which tasted good and minty. Hihi.

Reasonable prices, great taste and quality, plus a wide variety of teas to choose from. Do check it out if you’re in the area. :D

anonymous asked:

Do you have any particular diet/workout or do you kinda just not care or like make sure you fit your costumes at least?

I’ve channeled my fujoshi powers into healthy lifestyle choices. I stream anime on my phone/tablet while working out. 

It probably isn’t the best idea when something new is out; I ran for two hours while marathoning Love Stage…

The diet is a big one, though: a member of the household has Celiac, so we’re all gluten free. That aside, I’m still a notorious bored snacker, so someone either accidentally or purposefully stuck this on the fridge at exactly my eye level:

His judging eyebrows majestic gaze has curbed bored snacking, ngl. CAN’T LET THOSE EYEBROWS COMMANDER DOWN.

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Piano Recital

A Pietro Maximoff Imagine


Pietro Maximoff always looked at one girl. She was the most beautiful person he ever met, inside and out. She was soft-spoken and would often prefer to be quiet but her presence was more than enough to keep him happy.

He had always wanted to get closer to her but she would often disappear despite his attempts.

Today was her piano recital and for some reason all of the jets were out and all of the Avengers were stuck in traffic, cramped up in Tony’s limousine.  Pietro thought about how she was a very shy person but she agreed on showcasing her talent because of Tony’s insistence.

The recital would be on in 20 minutes, Pietro looked out the window with impatience. He knew that she was expecting everyone to be there and knowing her gentle personality, she would feel betrayed, she would cry. He didn’t want that.

“Pietro, I know you love her.”

He turned his head, looking at his sister Wanda, knowing that she was right.

He nodded.

“Go, run for it.” Wanda said smiling.

Pietro smiled for now he had permission to do just what he wanted to do.

“Okay, I’ll meet you guys later.” He said, slamming the door.

His feet started moving and soon he was on fire, leaving a streak of silver wherever he went.

He arrived in front of the venue 2 minutes before her recital.

“This is it.” He thought as he moved pretty fast and into the studio.

You scanned the crowd; none of the Avengers were there. Tears started to form in your eyes as you scanned the crowd once more, fingers holding onto your dress tightly. It was your first time to do this upon their insistence and they didn’t come.

Just as you were on the verge of crying someone from the audience called out your name.


You knew that voice well; it was a voice you came to love.

Emerging from the shadows and into the light was none other than Pietro Maximoff, your long-time crush.

He smiled up at you, giving you a thumbs-up.

“You can do it!” he yelled out.

You smiled despite the tears that want to come out. That’s all you needed. Pietro was there to see you play. He gave you all the courage you needed.

You bit your lip and nodded at him. Mustering up all the courage you had, you walked gracefully towards the piano while Pietro watched you eagerly.

You sat down and placed your fingers on the piano keys. You began playing the sweetest tune Pietro has ever heard. You didn’t notice but he was watching you get lost in the music, just enjoying yourself. You looked up with your eyes twinkling and closed them, your body moving gracefully to the music. He never saw anybody as graceful as you were and soon the piece came to an end with all the people standing. It was a standing ovation with all the people clapping their hands because of your excellent performance.

You stood up and took a bow. You scanned the crowd happily; all of the Avengers were there except for Pietro. You felt a pang of sadness as you tried to smile back at the other Avengers.

“Where could Pietro be? Did he really watch me play or did he leave even before I was finished?” you thought.

But that wasn’t the case; even though Pietro could get really impatient at times he could never get impatient with you. He loved watching you, how your eyes would light up whenever you talked about something you liked, how your eyelids would flutter as you read your favourite books and how you would bite your lip when you were nervous. He noticed everything about you, even the little things.

You opened the door to your dressing room as you wiped away the tears from your eyes.

A flash of silver greeted you and soon you were engulfed in a hug.

Pietro broke the hug.

“Why are you crying?” he asked, drying away your tears.

“It’s nothing. I just thought that you left before I even started playing.” You said, looking down.

Pietro smiled.

“Why would I do that when the girl I love is playing?” he asked innocently looking at you.

You looked up at him in shock. You didn’t have time to think when his lips found yours.

Pietro liked the way you tasted like honey and green tea. Your hands were shaking as you held onto his shirt and his hand found your lower back pulling you closer, deeper into the kiss.

He broke the kiss and looked at you straight.

“I love you.” He smiled, cupping up your face and pulling your foreheads together.

“I love you too Pietro.” You said as you closed your eyes enjoying the moment when the door burst open.


It was Steve Rogers who came in with a bouquet of flowers but closed the door quickly upon seeing the scene before him.

You both chuckled, engulfing each other in another tight hug.

- End-