green tea plantation

Kolukkumalai - Munnar, India 

The small village of Kolukkumalai is famous for being home to one of the highest tea plantations in the world. The tea grown here has a special flavour and particular freshness, that is due to the high altitude it is grown in (8,000 feet above sea level). The factory at the centre of the plantation is a small building, that has remained unchanged since it was built by the british in the 1930′s. The plantation continues to use traditional a method of manufacturing tea, that ivolves withering, rolling, sieving, fermenting, drying, fiber extraction, and grading the tea leaves. 

In addition to the tea plantations, Kolukkumalai is a great place to hike and enjoy the amazing views on offer, particularly at sunrise and sunset. 

Green Tea/Bamboo

This weekend was spent down south with some smashing people. We went to the Green Tea Plantation on Saturday where it rained and it was foggy but warm. It made for some rubbish walking around and up 264 (I counted) steps to the top, but fog and rain do wonders for atmospheric photos. The tea fields were beautiful. The rain was pretty intense by the time we left and set off to find a motel in Gwangju, but we went for a steak dinner once we arrived and that made up for it. A ninety minute journey in crashing rain in the dark isn’t any kind of fun and apparently the Kia we had hired wasn’t really built for rain. But the motel we chose was cheap and our rooms were gloriously lurid. And we had baths! The boys weren’t that fussed about them, but Michelle and I insisted. I had a bath Saturday night and Sunday morning. Bliss.

Sunday we set off for the Bamboo Forest in Damyang, which was about a half an hour or so drive from Gwangju and the weather was perfect. A bit windy, but not a cloud in the sky and bright, beautiful sunshine the whole day. The forest was lovely to walk around and after we were done, we decided to set off for home. It took us about six hours to get back - twice as long as it should have done. The traffic was intense - not seen anything like it in Korea before. I guess it’s because there’s only the one motorway down south and EVERYONE in Korea was on it yesterday.

Still, that’s two things off my Korean bucket list, both were gorgeous, and as ever the company was perfect.