green tea muffins

I feel like Dash is a pretty wealthy guy, or at least his parents are, and he spoils the shit out of Danny. But in different ways, like he knows his favorite drinks and foods and brings him an arizona green tea and a muffin from the gas station in the morning when he goes to pick him up for school.

He loves how Danny never asks him for things because he’s not one to let himself mooch off of other people, so when Danny shows him something on his phone that he thinks is cool, Dash always tries to remember what it was.

He spoils him by taking him to movies and going on food dates just because Dash wants to spend time with him and Danny can /eat/. He takes him to concerts and buys him vinyl records because Danny was going through /that/ faze.

He spoils Danny by letting him play those records while they lounge in Dash’s bed. Danny straddling his waist and taking pictures of him on his phone that he knows will go on some blog of his, but it’s fine. Dash enjoys the attention. He rubs up Danny’s thighs and relaxes into the cool sheets. They could be going somewhere or even having sex but this is what Danny wants.