green tea lover

Holy heaven above ! ! ! This tea is called the “medicine ball” aka a creation on the “secret” Starbucks menu! If you have a sore throat/cold I HIGHLY recommend; this was exactly what Josh & I needed after feeling crappy all week 🙌🏻☕️

The “medicine ball” contains:
1 jade citrus mint tea bag
1 peach tranquility tea bag
½ water ½ steamed lemonade
+ honey!

Out of spite

I was sitting in the backyard a leaf fell right in front of my face so i was sarcastic to the tree saying “excuse you” my mother said the leaf was an offering and that the tree loves me, so me being the sarcastic fuck i am have placed the leaf in-between some parchment paper, in side of my edgar allan poe book and have stacked multiple books on top to press this leaf. This tree is my lover and this leaf is a token of its love, he is my boyfriend and he is dieing so fuck off.

anonymous asked:

i wanna follow some more fitblrs, can you recommend any? :)

Here are some of my favourites: fitbe-i, fitness-and-selflove, fuckyeahworkout, sexercise, amillionbillionmiles, green-tea-smiles, kaylaitsines, workout-lovers, jenselter, fitties97, fitness-is-pink, annes-fitblr, movingisbetter, jessisgettingfit, gymaaholic, eat-well-and-go-to-the-gym, girl-in-nike, fitsportgirl, gym-over-bitches, notwithoutsports, happyhealthblr, girlsmotivation, leanspo, tokigetsfit, mydailyfitspiration, fuck-skinny-get-healthy, sexcersize and getting-fit-staying-fab :)xx