green tea & mandarin


茶  tea

green tea  绿茶   (lǜ chá)

black tea  红茶    (hóng chá)

tea leaves  茶叶    (chá yè)

teapot  茶壶     (chá hú)

teacup  茶杯   (chá bēi)

tea bag 茶包      (chá bāo)

Pu’er tea  普洱茶    (pǔ ěr chá)

oolong tea  乌龙茶    (wū lóng chá)

tea with milk   奶茶   (nǎi chá)

strong tea   浓茶      (nóng chá)

weak tea  淡茶      (dàn chá)

brick tea   砖茶     (zhuān chá)


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i've been following for quite some time now...just curious... whats your favourite tea? i know its a random question...

Radnom questions are the best questions!!! 

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In general I am a big fan of all types of tea. Hmm… I guess the green tea is my absolute favorite and number one, especially if it’s flavored. I love citrus flavors, now I bought green tea with mandarine and it tastes so good… I recommend it ^^

004, Niall

Somedays it’s bad. You lay in the bed well past waking, the covers pulled up around your neck and your face pushed into the pillow. You wonder if you could suffocate yourself this way and try to dismiss the thought as soon as it surfaces. You wonder why he’s still in the bed next to you, breathing harsh and mouth agape in his sleep. How does he stay every night, knowing what he’s going to wake up next to? How does his body curl into yours so innocently, his own so warm and pliant, the skin smooth over lean muscle and bone? How can he bear his fingers sinking into you, dimpling skin scarred with stretch marks and plush enough underneath that not a single person has never compared you to a pillow?

How often do you want to rip off that outer layer, like a bulky, ugly, hot winter jacket and beg the answer- why? Why does he think it so lovely when you can barely look at yourself some days?

Sometimes Niall wakes with you, and he lays there in the bed quietly. He doesn’t always know what to say, or what you need to hear. His hands work their way under your cocoon of covers, under your nightshirt, to thumb at the little rolls in your back. It’s an absent gesture. You always think it’s more to comfort himself than you. He doesn’t stop even when you cringe like he’s plunged his fingertips into an open wound instead. His fingers are callused from playing guitar and they catch in your soft skin; you will never not shiver when he touches you long enough.

Sometimes, he nuzzles his head into the space between your cheek and the pillow, says, “Mornin’, babe,” and he rolls out of bed after kissing your temple.

You tell yourself on these mornings, maybe he won’t come back.

That’s stupid, though, isn’t it? This is his house, anyway.

But he does come back. When it’s warm, he brings you iced green tea with whole mandarin pieces dropped in and a tiny tea spoon to fish them out. When it’s cold, there’s steaming hot chocolate, mixed with hazelnut creamer and two huge marshmallows on top. He plays around on his phone and forces his feet under the covers to rub them against your legs until you’re brave enough to wriggle up out of your nest and fit yourself under the arm suddenly waiting stretched out for you.

This morning, it’s cold; through the parted curtains the sky is mottled white and gray and snow falls, collecting in a glittering blanket along the ground.  You press into Niall’s side, cold from something other than the weather, and he cups your hand around the mug of hot chocolate he’d made you.  His toes are chilly against your bare legs and he absently scratches at your skin with the biggest one.  

“Mum says she’s sending you a sweater,” he comments, the words briefly muffled when his lips touch your hair.  Niall ignores the way you shrink down, hiding your face with the mug.

“She doesn’t have to do that.”  It warms you up a little on the inside anyway and you force out the idle thought she might not know what size you wear, might guess too small, or worse, too big.  Niall will have told her, you remind yourself.

“Nah, she wants to,” he shrugs, hand rubbing idly on your shoulder where his arm’s still curled around you.  His eyes are still on his phone, as he texts one handed.  "Says she loves you.“

You press your eyes shut.  Maura is ridiculously lovely and the ease with which she’d taken to you that first time you met her… You were terrified for many reasons, but she’d hugged you like a long missed friend and sat you down at a dinner of something traditionally Irish and that was that.  "Tell her I love her too.”

Presumably Niall does just that before setting his phone aside on the nightstand.  Then he’s curling into you, warm in his tee and sweatpants now, feet no longer icy on your skin.  His lips touch the corner of your mouth before you can hide it in your hot chocolate and when you don’t pull away his lips cover yours.  You indulge yourself this time, thinking of his mouth as he kisses you, his lips thin and pink, skin softened by the sips he’d taken of the cocoa he made you and they press so perfectly to yours.  You clutch the mug between your hands, your eyes shut, eventually sighing softly into the gesture.

“We gettin’ out of bed today?” he wonders quietly, when he finally pulls away, his eyes firmly on yours.

You chew your bottom lip, eyes slipping away.  There’ve been other days spent in bed, where Niall lay quietly beside you, leaving only for little things he needed to do; other times where he kissed and touched and made love to you until you were both dizzy and giddy and boneless in each others arms.  Outside the snow is still falling in lazy, fat white flakes and Niall is waiting patiently beside you, though not without picking idly at his pants.

“Yeah… yeah, we’re getting out of bed today,” you finally say and you don’t feel brave or accomplished, still worry he’ll get tired of asking that on the bad days, still worry he’ll get tired of you in general.

The smile that breaks out across his face is enough sunshine you’re sure it could melt the glimmering whiteness outside, and he’s no longer patient, almost wiggling in place as he swings his legs over the side of the bed.  He stops though, leans back in to wrap his huge hand around the side of your face so he can pull you to him for a chaste kiss to the opposite cheek.  "Proud of ya, babe, always.  Fer everyt'ing.“

You can’t say a word, your throat tight.

He grins then, carefully letting you go so he doesn’t make you spill your drink in the bed.

"Now, s'it too early fer fajitas?”

Mandarin green tea and some wonderful reads to wake me up this beautiful Sunday. 😊

I finished reading Wuthering Heights yesterday and am still trying to cope with my feelings/reeling from the dark/gothic themes, especially since today is so sunny.
It was definitely hard to get through at times and I wish I took longer to read this, then again I feel like I’ll need to read it at least eight more times before I can even begin to appreciate it in its full glory.

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What did u eat today babe? Need some food ideas. Btw u are so gorgeous...


Coffee. 2 slices of Ezekiel toast with Honey and Chia seeds and Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries.


Apple and peanut butter


Quinoa, green mix (spinach, arugula, etc.) Mahi, Balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper and a few Mandarin Oranges 


Jasmine Green Tea

Peanut butter cookie Lara Bar


Aloha Goddess Green Juice from Mothers + some Whole wheat + super seed crackers and hummus and a Gingerade Kombucha:)


and lots of water!


It’s finally done oh my god…I worked on this all week??? I drew Shae last and u can probably tell how tired I was…

A series of portraits for hwupocam!! My fave gals of color in the game <3 Hopefully I can make one w/ Zoe (love her too!!) and the rest some day. I drew Holly first, I picked up some of that Arizona from the 7-11 and got inspired and it spiraled out of control, lol…

Please click on them to full-view + see the drinks/race headcanons (rly only for Shae, who I imagine is Filipina!) This was a lot of work so please let me know what you all think.