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so like I rarely use my postal pigeon but yesterday I decided to sent a message to a big larrie blog with a week old Receipt™. I met Louis in gay bar and he was wearing green t shirt and blue pants (haha get it? 💙💚) and he was holding RBB in right hand and big plush bee in a left hand and then with the third hand he showed middle finger in Beardeanor’s face. I swear this happened. like dis if u cry evry time.


earth c

this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it

Red Fire (Crowley x Reader x Lucifer) - One Shot Smut

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Summary: You’re Crowley’s personal, little pet and you enjoy every second of it. But when you hear that a more powerful creature is held prison by Crowley, you decide it’s time to move up on the ladder.

A/N: This is just 4000 words of pure, filthy porn but I regret nothing. Set in S12 E15

Tags: @socktrollqueen @tori-supernatural @karlamoriarty

Warnings: SMUT, So much smut everywhere, Explicit Language, Pet Play, Blow Job, Facial, Threesome, Double Penetration, Anal.

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I dreamt of you last night. Plain green t-shirt in a secluded cafe is the only thing i can remember about it. People say if you didn’t make a mental effort to remember about your dream in the first five minutes, you won’t be able to remember it at all throughout the day. Instead, I made a mental effort not to remember the dream because it will suffocate me when I’m in the kitchen making tea four hours after i leave the bed and leave me feeling sad for the entire day. But from how morose i was upon waking up, i know that it’s a good dream.

I hate it, though, how my conscience betrayed me by inviting you in during my sleep when i started wars with my mind trying to keep you out during my awake.

She told me that vulnerability scares her so much. She tried to let people in but a small sign of being let down can make her shut the door tight again. I told her i will be the most vulnerable person she knows by the way i begged him to forgive me for misconstructing my words when i told him about how I’ve been talking to the girl he liked. Even though vulnerability used to scare me too but I’m way past that. Even though Sarah told me she can’t let him in because it felt like giving the bullets for his gun, ready to shoot her dead.

Do you remember that day in the car? you asked me for my playlist so that you can download it on your phone. You already know that it’s not exactly my most favourite song but if Make You Feel My Love is playing i’m not allowed to skip it to the next song, and you know that I am capable of rapping to Nicki Minaj’s verses in Monster and that i know word by word of Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna from DDLJ.

But what i didn’t tell you is that i went home that day and listened to the whole album from Jadal and Akheer Zapheers just so i can take a peek inside your mind because people said the closest you can get to know someone is to listen to the songs they gave you.

—  aweglemoo 
Make You Feel Good

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Brett x Reader

Warnings: sex, 18+ gif under cut

“Talbot where’s your shirt?” Coach called as Brett pulled on a plain green T-shirt and sighed when he looked for you on the bleachers but found you still hadn’t arrived.

“Sorry Coach.” He mumbled back.

You’d never missed one of his games before and he thought you’d been joking when you told him you weren’t coming. He couldn’t even remember what the fight was about just that it had gone on for hours and ended up with you shoving him out of your house and slamming the door on him.

“We’ve got this game.” Someone muttered to Brett who simply shrugged.

“I guess.” Was all he said back as he finished kitting up and headed out onto the field.

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