green stands for envy!

Happy Inktober!

Yeah, kinda late for the Inktober party (just like last year), so I apologize for this. I also apologize for the hiatus I’ve been on since the summer. Just got back to school, works been piling on and my Green With Envy fic is at a bit of a stand still. Thankfully, this week starts fall break for me so I’ll be free for a five days to work on both my art and my writing. Wish me luck with that!

And to start off Inktober, I drew a highschool aged Marinette in her webisode style (I love that style, especially the eyes) and a bloody version of my fav gender bender character, Morticia, the female Morty from Rick and Morty/Pocket Morty (god I love her!).

Imperfect Cadence

Pairing: NozoMaki, NicoEli, Rinpana + years ot3 feels

FF Link ! Happy birthday @mackinmacki! I hope you like your present.

The last two chords ended in a progression from the first to the fifth, the imperfect cadence was left echoing around the empty music room, the unfinished tone lingered, leaving her oddly satisfied and empty. It left her yearning for more, craving for a conclusion.

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