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Money Bag Canna-spell

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Nothing wrong with wanting some extra cash to find it’s way to you, so many forms it can take. Someone donating to you, extra hours at work, a pay raise or even finding 5 bucks in your old jeans. Here is a spell for a money charm bag to help you! This requires to sprinkle a tiny bit of your cannabis in the bag itself, enough you wont even notice.

- Green sack, mesh bag will work but keep in mind loose herbs so a solid one would be better
- a Small pinch of Cannabis; Sativa if you can get it, but whatever you have will work
- One of each coin; Penny, Nickle, Dime, and Quarter
- Gold Glitter
- Basil and Rosemary dried (about 2 teaspoons each)
- Citrine crystal (chips of the crystal will work as well)
- Green Candle
- Anything extra you prefer; sigils, gold coins, notes with intentions, etc.

- Light your candle, you can do this at your altar or where ever you prefer spell work
- Add the herbs, Cannabis, Basil, and Rosemary to the bag
- Add your coins, penny first, then nickle, dime, and quarter. Here you can chant, say a phrase, I prefer to speak out ‘Increase of money in my life.’ after I drop each one in. 
- Add in the citrine, asking for the boost of energy
- Add the extra bits you wish, including the gold glitter. 
- Lay the bag in front of the candle and mentally imagine your wallets being filled, bank accounts not at zero, stress from money melting away. This is putting your intentions in this bag. 

Now you can keep this bag with you but I wouldn’t suggest it due to cannabis, unless you’re in a legal state then you’ll be fine. The small amount of cannabis wont be able to over power the smell of basil and rosemary. If you can’t keep it with you on your altar will be fine. This is your money bag now, it’s going to attach money to you! Be sure to offer it thanks as you see your money growing, it’s working hard for you ;)

-Your Friendly Canna-Witch-

Cannabis 101 - Dealer Tips

So you want to try cannabis? Great! Here is a guide into the world of cannabis for first timers.

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First, we all start somewhere. While some of you have it nice where you can go into a dispensary (no I’m not jealous…*cry*), the rest of us still have to rely on the black market for our cannabis. We call our dealers, hook ups, or whatever you call them and have to get it in secret, for some it can be intimidating getting used to dealing with dealers. 
- When finding a dealer I don’t suggest using ones who post online or on Instagram. While I get some are legit and that is their source of reaching out, I have never heard of a positive outcome from those encounters and if you’re starting out keep yourself out of situations that can end badly
- Ask around, you’d be amazed at who smokes or knows someone who smokes. They get their cannabis from someone or sell it themselves.
- When wanting to contact the dealer for the first time HAVE THE PERSON INTRODUCE YOU! Never, ever, ever, just go on your own or reach out on your own. You will either be questioned to death or ignored all together. You need an introduction so this person knows they can trust you. Go with them to pick up their sack, have them reach out on the phone and see if you can text them, etc. The reason behind this is simple, what they are doing is still illegal and they can go to jail for a long time, in some states for life. 
- When meeting for the first time, if it’s outside do the exchange as casual as possible, hand them the money discreetly and they will do the same. Immediately tuck it in your pocket and keep your hand there. Seems shady? Yeah cause it’s still illegal. Don’t just immediately leave if they don’t, stand and chat for a bit. Ask how their day is, what they got planned later, idle chit-chat. Talk about your day. Some dealers enjoy this. I had one during my teen years who was an older man and loved it when I would come over and just listen to his stories. Little I could do, this man is doing me a huge favor. 
- Also calm your nerves for the first time dealing with them. If you act nervous they can pick up on it, makes them nervous. Just breathe, again it helps if you go with the person who is your connect.
- Fun tip; once you start on your journey YOU’RE GOING TO BE AMAZED AT ALL THE PEOPLE YOU SUDDENLY MEET WHO SMOKE! I moved to Kentucky at 18, moved in with my ex’s family who smoked, then met friends who smoked through pagan groups, then met co-workers who all smoked, and I got to smoke with all of them. My life was so full of cannabis smokers and even being back here in Texas I’ve met so many who smoke. We are everywhere. 
- Once you have your first time down, after that its just you and your dealer. Beautiful relationship! You like their product, you feel comfortable interacting, etc. Now find out how they prefer you to contact them, some prefer text and some phone calls. Find out what lingo they want you to use and if they don’t care use blanket terms. I often use ‘sack’ or ‘green’ and they’d ask back how much or often times know exactly how much I want. ‘Half-half’ is a quarter of an ounce, ‘Half’ is half an ounce, ‘whole’ is an ounce. Also if they have their prices set for those sizes you can just say ‘50 sack’ and they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. 
- Do not rush the dealer. If you text them and it’s been 30 minutes/1 hour/3 hours, you better wait. They could be at work, they could be in the middle of something, they are people too. They don’t just sit in their homes waiting on you to text. Don’t text again till it’s been at least 12 hours of no response. When you text a second time don’t repeat your post, just ask ‘Hey whats up? You good?’ or ‘Hey hows it goin?’ But this ruins your night plans of smoking? You gotta plan in advance. Have a party on Saturday? Better speak to them on Friday. 
- DO NOT EVER GIVE OUT THEIR NUMBER WITHOUT AN INTRODUCTION. Just as someone introduced you, its now up to you to do the same. 

Hope this was helpful! If you have more questions feel free to send in an Ask! I’ve been dealing with dealers my entire life and was one for many years. 

-Your Friendly Canna-Witch-

Day 220: Charms and Amulets

The Ozark hillfolk inherited a whole host of charms, talismans, and amulets from Europe, the New World, and Africa alike. The principle purposes of these charms were to heal the bearer, prevent illness, or to attract love and/or luck. Most of these amulets were held in the utmost respect by hillfolk, especially by the bearer of the charm who often would keep the object hidden away for fear that it might lose its power by being seen.

Amulets and charms took on many shapes and sizes, and incorporated everything from metals to certain parts of plants or animals. Most charms were worn on strings or pinned to the inside of the wearer’s clothing. On rare occasions the charm would be wrapped in buckskin and carried in the pocket.

Here are some anecdotes on charms and amulets from Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

Healing Amulets

“Years ago, many an Ozark girl collected buttons from her friends and strung them together into a sort of necklace called a charm string. A charm string not only brought good fortune to the owner but also served as a sort of memory book for women who could not read one button recalled a beloved aunt, another a friend’s wedding, still another a dance or a quilting party or an apple-peelin’ or some other pleasant occasion.”

“A prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas, always wore two or three turns of fine wire around her leg; she said this was a protection against venereal disease. I observed, however, that she also used the conventional prophylactic measures favored by the girls who do not wear wires round their ankles.”

“A copper ring, or a piece of sheet copper carried next the skin, is believed to ward off attacks of rheumatism as well as venereal infection. I have seen old men in Arkansas with long pieces of copper wire wound round their ankles, under their socks. In the early days it is said that the telegraph companies had considerable difficulty with hillfolk who cut off pieces of telegraph wire for this purpose. Some young people now contend that an ordinary brass finger ring works just as well as pure copper, but the old-timers still cling to their wire anklets.”

“Nails taken from a gallows are supposed to protect a man against venereal disease and death by violence. Country blacksmiths used to secure these nails and hammer them out into finger rings. As recently as 1943 there were boys in the Army wearing rings of metal taken from a gallows at Galena, Missouri, where ‘Red’ Jackson was hanged for murder in 1936.”

“I have known hillmen to spend hours and even days searching the rivers for very large crawpappies in order to get the two circular lucky-bones found in their bodies. These are carried in the pockets to ward off syphilis. The bigger the bones the better, and really large lucky-bones are rare.”

“Some mountain men wear wide leather cartridge belts, not to carry cartridges in, but because they believe that the wearing of such belts prevents rheumatism and arthritis.”

“One school contends that a potato carried on the person keeps off rheumatism as well as anything.”

“Others think that a buzzard’s feather is best of all, a belief attributed to the Cherokees; an old woman near Southwest City, Missouri, painfully bent and twisted by rheumatism, assured me that the black feather she always wore in her hair ‘had done more good than twenty year o’ doctorin’!’”

“A man in Washington county, Arkansas, credited his freedom from rheumatiz and neuralgy to a nutmeg which he carried for many years; he had induced a jeweler to drill a hole through the thing and wore it on a black shoestring round his neck. ‘In central Missouri,’ says Fanny D. Bergen, ‘rheumatism is prevented by carrying in the pocket a nutmeg or a walnut, Juglans nigra.’ I have inquired about this, but have never found an Ozarker who used a black walnut as a pocket piece.”

“Many Ozark hillmen carry buckeyes in their pockets, and this practice is not confined to the backwoods districts. The two most important bankers in Springfield, Missouri, are buckeye carriers; so is the head of one of the biggest corporations in St. Louis, and also a recent mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. At least one governor of Arkansas not only carried a buckeye but was also known to flourish it publicly on occasions of great emotional stress.”

There is an old saying that no man was ever found dead with a buckeye in his pocket, but this is not to be taken seriously. Most people who carry buckeyes regard them as a protection against rheumatism, or hemorrhoids. One of the most successful physicians in southwest Missouri always carries a buckeye; when it was mislaid once he was very much disturbed and let an officeful of patients wait until his pocket piece was recovered. It is very bad luck to lose a buckeye. I asked this doctor about it once. ‘No, I’m not superstitious,’ he said grinning, ‘I just don’t want to get the rheumatism!’”

“To some people the buckeye means more than mere protection from piles and rheumatism. I once saw a young fellow with a very old truck, about to attempt the crossing of Bear Creek, in Taney county, Missouri. The water was high, and the ford was very bad. The boy looked the situation over carefully, then set his jaw and climbed into the driver’s seat. ‘Well, I’ve got a buckeye in my pocket,’ he said quite seriously. ‘I believe I can make it!’”

“Wearing a green penny in a sack round the neck is supposed to prevent ‘lung trouble’ which usually means tuberculosis.”

“A large bullet hung at the throat wards off catarrh, but it must be an old-fashioned bullet of solid lead; the modern bullets with copper or steel jackets are worthless for this purpose.”

“A piece of rhubarb root, worn on a string round the neck, will protect the wearer against the bellyache. It is said that a pair of crawpappy pincers sewed into a man’s clothing has the same effect.”

“Dr. C. T. Ryland, of Lexington, Missouri, told me that he was called to see a sick infant in a family from south Missouri. The child had what was called ‘summer complaint,’ with a high temperature. Noticing a string of yellow wooden beads around the baby’s neck, Dr. Ryland was told that ‘them’s bodark, to keep fever away from the brain.’”

“Some Ozarkers believe that epileptic fits may be prevented, or at least made less violent, if the afflicted person carries a human tooth in his pocket, but the tooth must be that of a person not related to the patient by ties of blood. It is believed in some quarters that an epileptic may postpone his attacks by ‘packin’ a flintrock,’ especially if he can find a lucky flint with a hole in it.”

“Ozark children, in many isolated sections, still wear little packets of asafetida all winter to protect them from the common diseases of childhood. When spring comes, with sassafras tea and other internal prophylactics, the child is permitted to discard the asafetida. Small boys are sometimes forced to wear little bags of camphor sewed to their shirts, to prevent their catching meningitis or infantile paralysis. Others have flat leather bands or red woolen strings round their necks, or even dirty socks under their collars to ward off colds and influenza. A little iron wire worn as a necklace, according to some power doctors, will protect a child from whooping cough. A piece of black silk around the neck is regarded as ‘liable to keep off croup.’”

“Many backwoods women wear red yarn strings about their abdomens. Some say that this is in order to prevent cramps. I am not sure that this is the true explanation, but it is a fact that red woolen strings are worn, particularly by young unmarried women.”

“Some say that the dried skin of a mole, stuck fast to the chest with honey, will prevent or even cure asthma. I once persuaded one of my neighbors to try this, but it didn’t seem to do him any good. Women sometimes wear a mole skin, or the dried foot of a mole, between their breasts in the belief that it prevents cancer.”

Love Charms

“Many mountain damsels carry love charms consisting of some pinkish, soap like material, the composition of which I have been unable to discover; the thing is usually enclosed in a carved peach stone or cherry pit and worn on a string round the neck, or attached to an elastic garter. I recall a girl near Lanagan, Missouri, who wore a peach stone love-charm on one garter and a rabbit’s foot fastened to the other.”

“Ozark girls sometimes carry little wasp nests in the belief that they somehow attract men. These objects are usually pinned to the lady’s undergarments if she wears any undergarments.”

“It is said that if a girl steals the band from a man’s hat and makes a garter of it, the original owner will fall in love with her at once.”

“Mountain girls sometimes carry the beard of a wild turkey gobbler concealed about their clothing. Rose O'Neill, of Day, Missouri, asked a neighbor about this once and was told that ‘we use it to clean the comb with.’ Probably the gobbler’s beard does make a satisfactory comb cleaner, but there is no doubt whatever that some backwoods damsels regard it as a love charm.”

This is Halloween

“I could make a sweater big enough for all of us to wear,” Mable suggested.

“What would that be a costume of?” Dipper flipped through the channels on the television. While Gravity Falls public access tv had improved since the influx of nonhuman individuals with traits and stories they were willing to share, Dipper was thankful for making a deal that ended in them getting free cable.

“We’d be a close-knit family!” Mabel punctuated her sentence by playing a rimshot on air drums with her knitting needles.

“As fun as that idea sounds,” Henry started, “I don’t think the kids want to spend all Halloween at the McGuket-Northwest mansion and I doubt Stan will want to stick around the whole night.”

“Besides, what happens if I have a really strong summoning? You guys will either be dragged with me or will slip out of the costume when there’s one less person occupying the space.”

“Next suggestion, then, Twin-”

“No!” Both Henry and Dipper voiced their objection, but Dipper’s was more terse and Henry’s more firm.

Dipper shifted his focus to the television. On screen was a stop-motion movie with a skeleton singing about how different his surroundings were. Dipper quickly changed the channels, recognizing that it was claymation. Mabel’s phobia had improved over the years, but he didn’t want to risk a relapse.

“Wait, go back.” Mabel was looking at the television.

“Are you sure?” Dipper asked

Mabel nodded. Dipper returned to the channel, but his eyes were on Mabel. Her eyes widened. She gasped. Then a smile spread across her face.

“That’s it! Henry can go as Jaques Skullington. I can go as Ragdoll Sarah. Dipper can go as Woogie Boogie. The triplets can go as Lock, Stock, and Barrel. I guess we’ll flip the characters’ genders so we have two girls and one boy instead of one boy and two girls. That should be fun to design. And triplet costumes get even more candy than twin costumes! Grunkle stan can be Sandy Clause or the two-faced mayor, I could see it going either way.”

Henry nodded along while Dipper stared in shock. “How do you know so much about this movie?”

“Henry and I watched it a few years ago.”

“Wendy recommended I watch it with Mabel. I had never seen it but Mabel insisted that if I was willing to stick around for this long, she should tackle one of her fears.”

“Have you seen it, Bro-bro.”

“Yeah.” Dipper had seen it. With Wendy, in fact. She had summoned him on his second Summerween and offered a bowl of candycorn in exchange for watching The Nightscare of Christmas Eve with her. “It’s a shame claymation creeps Mabel out,” Dipper had said in the middle of the Woogie Song, “She would love this.”

“Well the triplets haven’t,” Mabel walked over and rested her head on top of Dipper’s, “When is it playing again. We can all watch it together, and if the kids like it, we’ll go with my idea.”

At least one viewing and an intense sewing project later, the group made their way to the McGucket-Northwest estate on foot, letting the triplets stop at a house or ten on the way. Acacia was wearing a red onesie with a pointy-eared headband. Hank was wearing a black cloak and pointy hat. Willow was wearing a black jacket and black pants with white felt bones sewn over. All three had masks for a devil, witch, and skeleton, respectively. They also had face paint nearly identical to the masks, so they wore the masks sparingly or traded masks every few houses.

“Onward to the next door, kids! Shall we give our next victims a trick or ask for a treat?” Dipper’s costume looked mostly like a brownish-green sack. To Henry’s surprise, Dipper’s face would sometimes be visible and other times only darkness could be seen beyond the mouth and eye holes. However, by some collaborative means that the twins refused to reveal, the mouth and eyes contorted with Dipper’s expression and the mouth was perfectly synced with his brother’s words.

“Don’t listen to that no-good Boogeyman. He’s a bad influence.” Henry called to his kids

“I think you’re a bit too in-character, Henry.” Dipper protested

“Who says I’m acting, brother?”

“Do I really bug you that much?”

“Oh, no.” Henry groaned.

“What? Was that some sort of word play?” Stan spun the helmet he was wearing to the smiling side. “It’s a good thing you’re not a gambling man, because the odds are not in your favor.”

“I guess he doesn’t find these very a-moose-ing.” Mabel added

Henry sighed, “You know I love you oh sew much, so let’s stop before someone laughs themselves into stitches.”

tyler: says penis

mark: what the frickly frack frack-a-lackin wingle-wangling bumbledoodlie snick snack tic-tac patty wack cracker barrel frick-a-frack one-hop-this-time frungle crungle cringle crangle hackie sack green-haired-jack bibbly bap bop-bop-bop-to-the-top friggle-fraggle snap crackle pop caddie-wack paddie-wack miniature snack badger snap biddybab bippity boppity boo iggy rap pancake stack dO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING


Beginning . Accusation . Restless . Snowflake . Haze . Flame . Formal . Companion

“Move, Harry.” In which Niall has been avoiding Harry since he returned to London and Harry sort of corners him.


Move,” Niall says, lifting his hands to clutch the straps of his green nap sack over his shoulders. 

Harry stands in front of him, his height making him almost tower over the Irish boy as he stands his ground. “No.”

“Move, Harry,” Niall growls, stepping forward in a vain attempt to slip past the larger lad. Harry steps in front him, preventing him yet again from leaving. “I’m not in the mood, Harry.”

“Well I am,” Harry drawls, folding his arms over his chest. “And I’m not moving.”

The studio is empty, the other lads having left a few minutes ago and their crew having gone ahead to the exit. It’s just the two of them, alone, something Niall has been strictly avoiding for the past week and a half. Longer, if he counts the multiple unanswered voicemails and text messages Harry has left on his phone over the last month. 

Niall groans, pressing the heels of his hands to his eyes. He really doesn’t want to do this now, really doesn’t about to talk about this now and the sooner he leaves the sooner he can go back to ignoring the annoyingly gorgeous brunette with the soft, pleading green eyes. “I can’t do this right now,” he murmurs, turning away from Harry as he takes a few steps back into the studio. 

“You can’t avoid me forever either, Ni,” Harry says softly, coming into the room towards him. “We’re in the same band, you can’t-”

“I can’t avoid you forever but I can avoid you for right now,” Niall says harshly, whirling around on his bandmate. Which turns out to be a bad idea because Harry’s eyes are wet with tears and he’s chewing gently at his bottom lip – God, his lips – and he looks entirely too upset, even if Niall is mad at him. 

“Please don’t,” Harry whimpers, reaching out for Niall, who still shrugs him off despite the clenching in his own chest. “Please just – just stop avoiding me. We have to talk about this-”

“We don’t have to talk about anything, actually.” Niall knows he’s being stubborn and maybe a little bit unfair but he can’t help it. Harry makes him stubborn whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. 


“Just – what do you want me to say, Harry? What do you want me to do?”

Harry blinks, falling back a couple steps at the harshness in Niall’s voice. “I just…fuck, Ni, I just want to talk to you, okay? You haven’t talked to me in weeks, you’ve been ignoring my calls and you won’t answer my text messages and I – I just want us to talk about it.”

Niall sighs. “What’s there to talk about? You spent the last couple months in another country-”

“We agreed, Niall,” Harry says incredulously, interrupting the blond boy quickly. “We agreed to take a break – to take the heat off of us. You agreed-”

“I agreed to taking a break, Harry – I didn’t agree to you running off to LA and shacking up with Kendall freaking Jenner,” Niall snaps, jabbing a finger into Harry’s chest. 

“You know that’s not what happened,” Harry argues. “I stayed with Cal the whole time, those rumors about me staying with Kendall are just rumors. You know that.”

Niall stares at the boy in front of him, takes in Harry’s wide, desperate green eyes and pouty lips and wild, stupid hair held back by a stupid bandana. “You went skiing with her family,” he murmurs, feeling that familiar pang of jealousy in his chest. 

“It was just a PR thing – c'mon, you know that,” Harry stresses.

The thing is Niall does know that. He knows the whole Hendall fiasco was cooked up by management to take the prying eyes of their fans off themselves, because as time has gone on they’ve become more and more obvious. And when they’d both agreed to take a break, to spend some time apart over their long holiday from tour and band things, Niall had known all about the impending Kendall Jenner thing but it didn’t make seeing the pictures and rumors all over twitter hurt any less. Nor did it make him any less jealous of the fact that someone else was spending time with his Harry. That’s why when Barbara freaking Palvin asked him to hang out a few times he went, because he knew it would get back to Harry. The only difference is that Harry hanging out with Kendall wasn’t meant to hurt Niall, but his hanging out with Barbara was definitely meant to hurt Harry which is even worse – and he knows that too. 

“Why else have you been avoiding me, Niall?”

The Irish boy blinks. 

“I know you,” Harry says, smiling softly. “And I know there’s something else.”

Niall sighs and shrugs his shoulders as he stuffs his hands into the pockets of his new skinny jeans. “I think maybe we should consider taking a permanent break…”

Harry’s Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as he swallows hard. “T-that’s not a break, that’s a break-up.”

“I know.”


Niall shakes his head. “Look, I have to go – we have to get going otherwise they will come looking for us-”

“Why, Niall?” Harry presses, folding his arms once more over his chest.

“Because it shouldn’t be this fucking hard, Harry!” Niall shouts – and thank goodness for them being in a sound proof room because the way his voice breaks is fucking embarrassing. He pulls his hands out of his pockets to wipe them over his wet eyes as he tries once more to slip past Harry. But Harry steps in front of him. “Move.”

Harry only moves in front of him. Again.

“Move, Harry." 

And again. "No." 

Niall shoves at his chest this time but as clumsy and lanky as Harry is, he’s also pretty solid. "Move." 

And again. "No,” Harry says firmly. “You want me to fight for you; this is me fighting for you.”

Niall freezes, staring up at the beautiful, perfect, little-shit of a boy in front of him.

“I don’t care how hard it is to be with you because it’s a helluva lot harder to be without you,” the brunette murmurs, bringing both hands up to curl around the back of Niall’s neck. His fingers play with the short, dark hair on his nape as he dips his head to rest his forehead against Niall’s.

Niall surges forward – he can’t deny it anymore, can’t pretend it’s not something he’s wanted to hear for months now, molding his lips against Harry’s and clutching the front of Harry’s stupid, soft lavender sweater to pull him impossibly closer. It’s an urgent kiss, breathy and hot and desperate – and it’s foreign in the way that it’s been far too long since they’ve been this close, tasted one another’s lips. He pulls back, breathing hard and heavy and Harry lets out a beautiful, breathless moan. 

There’s movement in the distance, outside the door that has them tucked away from the rest of their crew, and Niall presses harder against the length of Harry’s body. “Don’t move.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

Home Coming || Elijah/Violet

With four months of boot camp finally over, Elijah was happy to be finally returning home to his girlfriend and family even though he knew he was going to get some kind of lecture about lying to his family about joining the army. Stepping up to he and Violet’s apartment door and turning the key in the lock he took a deep breath in before pushing the door open. He hadn’t even gotten one foot over the threshold when he was attacked by their 2 dogs. Chuckling he pushed his way inside with the dogs excitedly jumping all over him. Soon as the door shut behind him he dropped his green sack on the floor next to the couch and tossed his keys into the bowl on the table by the door and began petting the excited pups happily. After a couple of minutes of loving on the dogs, Elijah made his way into he and Violet’s bedroom and glanced around the empty room. He could tell that he had beat her home so he took those few moments alone taking in his home that he had left 4 long months ago. Hearing the front door creak open he glanced over his shoulder as his left hand moved to his pocket and toyed with the box inside. Nervous was an understatement for how he was feeling but it was mixed with relief and happiness of being able to see and hold his girlfriend once again. Stepping into the doorway of the bedroom to look out into the living room he couldn’t stop the smile spreading onto his lips. Still in his army uniform Elijah stayed quiet for a moment before finally clearing his throat. “Hey,” he greeted happily.”


If you noticed an unusual drift of sparkle on the air tonight, it’s probably because a Xev alt now exists on Balmung. ( Feel free to add me. Full name is Xev Bellwyn and I’d love to friend you all! ) Faerie will always be my main server but I’m a sucker for RP and story-telling.

Anywho, in my epic tales of noobdom, I couldn’t get over how ungodly hideous the first set of quest gear is. Pretty sure my mind was traumatized  from the last time I leveled through it. You start out in shapely leather and replace it with a green potato sack. It truly feels like a step backwards. If I could get away with it, I’d wear my starter set all the way to 50 and smother your world in Elezen gorgeousness. The worst part of all this is that the quest to unlock glamours can’t be done till level 50. That’s 50 levels of atrocious garbage bag fashion! My theory is this is Squeenix’s fail safe to insure against an overload of glitz and glamour bringing the server down.

Costume Conundrum

As in what should I make next?

This gorgeous cloak, which completes an outfit, as obviously I’ve already made the yellow dress for Sindy Claire

Or should I tackle the Green Sack Back Dress that Claire wears for her audience with the King?

Because that back is definitely a challenge! 

This is the fabric I have lined up for this costume

So what’s the verdict, lovely followers? Let me know….