green ridge state forest


I went camping this weekend!

The plan was to go to Cunningham Falls but about halfway there I called to double check they weren’t booked and about 30 minutes later we realized every state park within 50 miles was booked for the night.

So instead we went to Green Ridge State Forest which was beautiful, more remote and ended up working out for the best since there weren’t mandatory quiet hours, you could bring your own firewood, alcohol wasn’t prohibited and you could check yourself in without a ranger. Plus all the campsites were spread out far enough that you didn’t see or hear other campers. It rained a lot of the time we were there but we did get some sun late on Sunday and it stayed dry Sunday night– just enough time to take a few photos.

I got home this afternoon and finally showered but after two rounds of conditioner the campfire smoke isn’t quite ready to leave my hair.