green red hair

люди вдохновляют..хотя в моем случае, точнее будет сказать не люди, а девушки :) #яневиноват #оносамо.. портрет подписчицы в инстаграме

кстати, всегда рада новым лицам:

Notes about Dragon Age Brielle, because I’ve been thinking about the verse and it’s bothering me:

  • She’s gone from being a human to an elf. Her name is Nellas.
  • She still has red hair, green eyes, and too many freckles. Yes, she still spends too much time braiding her hair.
  • Technically, she’s Dalish, but left her clan at a young age with her “aunt.” The clan had no more room for mages. She doesn’t know if she should call herself Dalish or not.
  • She’s still a healer, and she still dislikes confrontation.
       - Has extensive knowledge on plants and how to use them.
       - The spells that she knows are geared towards healing, rather than causing damage.
       - To be honest, she’s more likely to hit you with the staff than hit you with a spell.
  • She still prefers dresses/robes over trousers and shirts.
  • She has a child. Her name is Ailis.
  • The only reason she and her odd, small family joined the Inquisition was for their own safety.