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Stepping through one of his glowing green portals, Alto entered MiracleTale. He'd taken to exploring more since recent events, and strolled silently along, listening to the many new themes of this place. "Hello...?" ((@youlistentothevoid))

Miracle just came out of one of the many hidden paths in Snowdin’s forests when she heard the new voice, she peaks her head around to see the stranger. “H-Hello? A-Are you lost…? D-Do you need, a-any help?”

Wicked Love - Part 8 - Elliott

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Warnings: None really

Pairings: OUAT X Reader 



Regina’s POV

Regina takes a deep breath as she tosses the magic bean into the floor of her office and waits for the portal to open.

   “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Emma asks as her hand tightens around the compass.

   “I need to make sure she’s okay. I can’t help but feel that she’s not.”

   “Then let’s do this.” Emma replies as she reaches over to Regina who reluctantly takes her hand and jumps into the swirling green portal. When they emerge from the portal Regina looks around at the familiar scenery and lets out a heavy sigh. “Now, just to find my daughter.”

   Regina pulls out a locater spell and placing it on her daughters midnight blue scarf waits patiently for the magic to take effect. The scarf suddenly starts to glow as it floats through the air toward its owner. Regina and Emma quickly follow after.

   “So Regina, how does it feel to be back here?” Emma says trying to make small talk.

   “If I have to answer then I’ll say it feels a little weird.”

   “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

   “Bad, I don’t know; it just feels a little off.” Regina looks toward the direction the scarf was taking her and upon realizing where she was headed lets out a sigh of relief.

   “What? What is it?”

   “I know where she’s going.”

   “And that would be?”

   “She’s headed to my castle. Now if you just relax we’ll be there in a second.” Regina says and before Emma has a chance to object a purple smoke surrounds the two of them and once it dissipates Emma looks around to see a castle sitting off in a field just a short ways from them. “Wow this is your castle?”

   “Well in all honesty I got it in my marriage; but yes it is mine.” As she starts to walk toward it she is suddenly repelled away from it and tossed back landing hard on the ground. “WHAT THE HELL!” Regina yells out as she stumbles back to her feet.

   “What’s wrong?” Emma asks as she runs to Regina’s side.

   “Who the hell is in my castle?!” Regina growls as she stares daggers toward her home. Whoever was inside would pay for their trespassing.

Reader’s POV

   As you walked out of the woods you looked over to see your mother’s castle standing before you in all its glorious splendor and smile. “It’s beautiful.” You say as you stare at it in wonder.

   Before you are able to walk forward anymore you are pulled back by a strong hand and you turn to see Robin standing there his eyes warning you of trouble. “May I ask why you stopped me?”

   “The castle is warded remember?”

   You let out a sigh as you turn back toward the castle and toss a small fireball at the barrier causing it to ripple like a pebble being dropped into the water. You smile as you walk up to it and taking a deep breath reach up and touching the barrier start to feel it crumble beneath your fingertips.

   With a bright smile on your face your turn back to your companions and say, “As you were saying?” They all stared at you in shock and you just smile. Turning back toward the castle you see something appear from the glorious structure making you narrow your eyes at it as it flies toward you. “What the hell is that?”

   “Princess!” You hear Killian yell out and you turn to see fear filling his blue eyes. You look to the other men who were also staring at the creature in fear and you glance back just in time to see a giant black dragon flying toward you.

   Fear fills your lungs as you slowly step back away from the oncoming creature and creating a lightning ball in your hand wait for the creature to get a little closer. When he is a few feet away from you, you release the ball of lightning at him making him fall to the ground with a loud thump.

   You let out a sigh of relief as you fall to your knees. Who the hell was in the castle and why would they send a dragon? “____?” you hear a familiar female voice say and you turn to see your mother and Emma standing a few feet away from you.

   Tears fill your eyes as you slowly get to your feet and say, “Mom?” The dark haired woman smiles at you as she rushes over and wraps her arms around you. Smiling you wrap your arms around your mother and before you are able to enjoy the hug she pulls away from you and says, “Why the hell didn’t you contact me?”

   You bite your lip as you steal a glance at Jefferson before looking back at her and saying, “I accidentally broke my phone.”

   “You broke your phone?” She asks as she raises an eyebrow. She turns toward the group of men and once her eyes meet Jefferson’s they turn red with anger.

   “Mom, wait!” You say as you notice the look of evil on your moms face.

   “You!” Regina says raising her hand making Jefferson lift off the ground grasping his throat. When Emma and Robin rush to his side Regina flicks her wrist making them fly backwards.

   “Do you realize what you put my daughter through?” She cries out rage filling her eyes.

   “MOM!” you yell out breaking her from her trance. She turns to you and then back to Jefferson before dropping her hand making him fall to the ground gasping for air. As his hat hits the ground you grasp your chest the feeling of being stabbed coursed through it. “Jesus Christ!” you yell out as you rubs your chest.

   “Are you okay?” Hook asks as he leans down next to you.

   You take a deep breath before nodding and saying, “Yeah, I’m okay.” You look up at your mom to see worry filling her eyes and give her an apologetic smile before pulling away from Killian and wrapping your arms around her. “I’m okay.” You instantly feel her arms wrap around you tightly and you let out a sigh of relief. You manage a quick glance over to Jefferson to see that he was staring at you with worry in his icy eyes.

   “I was worried sick about you, so much so that I left Henry with the Charmings.” Regina says causing a smirk to cover your lips. “And you know how much that irritates me.”

   “I said I’m okay mom, and I mean it.” You say as you pull away and stare up into her chocolate eyes giving her a reassuring smile. Suddenly the dragon that had landed a few feet away starts to move and Regina instantly puts you behind her. The mighty dragon pushes itself up off the ground and gives a loud roar before it slowly turns toward you his emerald eyes finding your (E/C) eyes. Something about its eyes made you slowly move toward it as a feeling of complete trust washes over you.

“Do I know you?” You hear a deep male voice ask and you glance back at your company who are all staring at you in confusion before you hear it again. “Up here young one.” You instantly turn back to the dragon and say, “Did you say that?”

“I did,” He replies as he raises his head high into the air and shakes it. “Now, will you answer my question?”

“I have never seen you before, let alone any dragon, what so ever.” You reply as you stare up at him in awe as the sun glistens off his shimmering Onyx scales. He was magnificently tall with wings as wide as semi-trailer combo.

“That is a shame,” He replies as his eyes turn sad.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why did you attack us?”

“Attack you?” He says before he lets out a loud laugh making you smile. “My dear if I had attacked you, you’d be dead.”

“And what would you call flying at us like a raging demon?” You hear Regina ask and gulp down a breath of air before your eyes find his again.

“I felt someone break the enchantment, only a blood relative of my master could have accomplished that.” He says as he slowly looks between us all. “Which one of you broke the enchantment?” You roll your lips before you walk closer to him and say, “I did,”

“Then my dear, you are to come with me.”

“The hell she will!” Regina yells out as she steps in between you and the dragon. His ears instantly pin themselves back as a loud growl escapes his lips.

“Wait!” I yell out as I once again place myself between them my back to the dragon. “Mom, calm down. He’s not going to hurt me.”

“You don’t know that (Name),” Emma says as she moves closer to us.

“I do know,” You say as you slowly look back and forth between the confused looks of your companions.

“How do you know lass?” Killian asks his blue eyes searching yours for some sort of answer.

“I don’t, I can’t explain it,” I pause as I slowly look back up into the dragon’s Emerald eyes, “I feel like I can trust him, like he’d never hurt me, like he’s family.”

“Family?” All the rest of your companions say in unison as confusion fills their faces.

“Can I ask you a question sir?” You ask the dragon as you slowly turn back to him.

“You may ask me whatever you like young one,”

“What is your name?”

“They call me by many names here in the enchanted kingdom but the name you may know me by is Elliott.”

Your heart lifts in your chest as you and Emma say in unison, “Like in Pete’s dragon?” You glance over at her a smile covering your lips before Elliot says, “You know Pete?”

“No, it’s a movie I used to watch as a child.”

“What is a movie?” Elliot asks as he tilts his head.

“Um it’s kinda like a bunch of pictures moving really fast at once.”

“I still do not understand, but I will take your word for it.”

“I am confused though,”


“In the movie you’re green, and you can’t speak English, and to be honest you’re a bit of a goof.”

“I beg your pardon; I am in no way a goof.” He replies as he stomps his foot onto the ground.

“I see this,” You say as you offer him a soft smile.

“You mentioned the name Pete,”

“Yes, in the movie you help a boy named Pete find a loving and caring family.”

“I remember Pete, he was a good boy.” Elliot says as a forlorn look fills his eyes.

“I take it that you miss him.” You say as your smile softens.

“Very much, as I do all the children I help.” He says before instantly glancing back at the castle. “I must return. My master is calling me.”

“Wait!” You call out as you instantly run up to him making Regina reach out to grab your arm and hold you back.

“Yes young one,” He says as he slowly turns back to you.

“Who’s in my mother’s castle? Who is your master?” You ask and you can tell by the look in his eyes that you had taken him by surprise.

“My master’s name is Gothel, Mother Gothel.” Suddenly he opens his massive wings and launches himself into the air.

“Wait Elliot! Come back!” You cry out as you start to run after him until someone wraps their arms around your waist and says, “Come on Princess, let him go.” You pull against Killian until Regina steps in front of you and grabbing both sides of your face says, “(Name) you need to snap out of it!”

“But he,”

“Now (Name),” She yells out her mother voice coming out thick and you instantly stop. “Now, we need to figure out what to do next.” You ignore the rest of your companions as your attention is focused on Elliot as he flies back to the castle. He seemed less than thrilled to be going back, he almost seemed sad. Why did he feel so familiar to you? Suddenly his words replay in your mind and you freeze. You instantly find yourself moving unconsciously toward the castle when someone grabs your arm.

You slowly look from the hand to its owner and feel your heart clench. “Don’t go over there.” Jefferson says as his blue eyes fill with worry.

“I have too,”

“No you don’t; you can just turn around and walk away.”

“Like you did,” You say as you furrow your brow.

“Look (Name) I know what I did was wrong but I can’t change the past.”

“I don’t want to talk about this,” You say as you pull your arm from his grasp and instantly start to walk away.

“(Name), wait please.” He says as he quickly follows after you. You feel his hand once again grab your arm but this time he spins you around to face him. “You don’t know what Mother Gothel is capable of (Name). I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Jefferson, I am capable of taking care of myself.”

“I know, I’m not saying you can’t I’m just trying to protect you.”

“Protect me?” You scoff as push him away from you. “You want to protect me, then leave me alone!” You glare at him and he looks away before rolling his lips and saying, “You know I can’t do that.”

“God,” You groan out as rub your forehead, “I seriously cannot do this right now.” You start to walk past him back to the rest of your companions rolling your eyes.

“Gothel killed Grace’s mother,” He says making you stop dead in your tracks.

“What?” You say as you slowly turn back to him a wide eyed expression filling your face.

“It was right after Grace was born,” He says as his eyes avoid yours. You glance back at your mother to see them still deep in conversation and you instantly feel your heart clench as you say, “What happened?”

“As you know before I met Grace’s mother I was pretty reckless, I loved portal jumping, always moving never staying in the same place; that was until I met Fiona. She was like an angel in my dark world.” Your heart clenches as you see the fondness fill his eyes. “Fiona was a nice girl, sweet, and kind; it’s no wonder I fell for her. The only problem was that she belonged to Mother Gothel.”


“Mother Gothel loves to collect rare things, which includes people. Apparently Fiona was her prize possession. Of course to this day I still don’t know why. Any who, Fiona and I fell in love and ran away, got married, and right before she had Grace, Mother Gothel finally found us. I came home from work one day to see Fiona and Gothel on our front porch in a very heated argument. Words were exchanged and from which Gothel cursed Fiona.”

“Cursed her how?” You ask as you slowly walk closer to him.

“That she would never live to see the birth of her child.” He says as his eyes grow dark. “You can guess the rest.”

“Jefferson, I’m so sorry.” You say as you unconsciously reach up and gently place your hand on his cheek. You smile softly as his stubble scratches your hand.

“(Name),” He says as he slowly reaches up and pulling your hand from his face holds it in his own. “I know there’s nothing I can do that will ever make up for what I did, but couldn’t you at least give me another shot?” You open your mouth to answer him when Elliot’s words pierce your mind.

‘Only a blood relative,’

“Only a blood relative.” You say barely above a whisper.

“What?” Jefferson asks as he tilts his head.

“Only a blood relative!” You cry out as you instantly push away from him and stare at all of your companions in fear as the sudden realization hits you. You were related to Mother Gothel.

“What’s wrong (Name)?” Regina calls out as she starts to move over to you.

“Stop!” You cry out as you use your magic to freeze them all in their footsteps.

“Come on Princess, we can’t help you if you don’t talk to us.”

“You didn’t hear him? ‘Only a blood relative’ could bring down that barrier.” You say and your heart clenches as you see the sudden realization fill their eyes.

“How is that possible, I thought you said she came from New York, Regina?” Emma says as she slowly turns her attention from you to Regina.

“She did,” Regina says as she furrows her brows in an attempt to decipher how it was possible.

“Wait I thought she was your daughter?” Killian says and you feel your heart clench even tighter.

“She is, even though we aren’t blood related she is now and will always be my daughter.” Regina says as she slowly turns her attention from the Pirate to you. “You hear me (name)? No matter what happens or what we find out, you are my daughter.” Tears fill your eyes and your body trembles as you slowly place your hands at your side letting them free of your magical bonds.

“I don’t understand?” You say as you fall to your knees and bury your face in your hands. You feel arms wrap around you and you instantly cling to the person holding you as tears fall from your eyes. “It’s gonna be fine,” Jefferson says and you instantly feel the urge to push him away but you don’t. Instead you bury your face in his neck and clutch white knuckled to his jacket.

“I’m sorry,” You say as you bite your lip.

“For what?” Jefferson chuckles as he gently places a kiss on your forehead making your heart clench.

“This,” You say as you lift your hand and freeze them all. You pull out of his arms and standing up look from him to Regina and say, “I love you momma, but I have to know.” You quickly bring your hands up making yourself disappear as you teleport to the castle doors and stare wide eyed. There was no idea what was waiting for you inside but your needed the truth. Who were you exactly and how were you related to the very person who killed your first loves wife?

Will Continue in - Mother Gothel

My contribution to the Starco Week (Day 1: First Kiss).
This is actually a scene from the 17th Chapter of my FanFic Star Vs. The Finale.
It is supposed to be a “now or never” kiss, as the two dorks are slowly being sucked in a dark, green-ish portal. It is also their first kiss in-story, so I guess it makes sense. Hope you enjoy!

rick and morty rainbow: the pilot

We’re gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Morty. Just you and me, Morty. The outside world is our enemy, Morty. We’re the only friends we’ve got, Morty. 

Wolf Hunt DLC

The Inquisitor chases the man they now know as Fen’harel into yet another memory in the fade. Each revelation only raises more questions that he doesn’t seem keen on answering. But they have come too far and searched too long to just let him escape now.

They emerge from the smokey green portal only a heartbeat behind him. They see him a few paces ahead, slowing his pace as he looks around, trying to place which memory of his they arrived in. He looks down a particular corridor and stops dead.

“Sol-Fen’harel!” The Inquisitor shouts as they catch up to him, roughly grabbing his robes. To their surprise, he spins easily to face them and grasps both their shoulders in his hands; stopping them before they round the corner. Muffled, tense voices echo from down the hall.

“Inquisitor, Lethalan,” He tries but fails to keep his voice level, panic leaks through his calm exterior, “You have every right to be angry. I… I will answer what I can. but we have to leave this memory immediately.”

The Inquisitor opens their mouth to respond but the angry voices are drawing closer. they recognize one of them. “Is… Is that you coming down the hall right now-”

No.Fen’Harel answers too quickly, his eyes dart sideways before he walks forward, pushing The Inquisitor back the way they came. but it’s too late. A slow, delighted smile, born of pure schadenfreude, blooms across the inquisitor’s face as they see the owner of the familiar voice round the corner and angrily shout over his shoulder, “THIS IS WHO I AM, MYTHAL!” 

This has been the natural progression from this silliness.

Green Portal Opening

{ @fullyphantom }

It was another dark, gloomy night on top of the Spiral Hill in the Graveyard of Halloween town. Their king, Jack Skellington was resting on top, looking up at the bleak sky above him. Things were quite boring, and was hoping for some change as of now.

Though by the looks of it, there was a mysterious green portal opening up below in the graveyard. Now that was new. Quickly, the skeleton rose up and briskly makes his way down of where this portal was opening up for.