green patrol

DC Superhero Teams Summed Up

Justice Society of America: Superhero Retirement Home Serves As A School House For Youngsters

Justice League: Pillars of Society Form Superhero Team Too Big To Fail

Teen Titans: Local Teens Demand Respect, A Place To Angst, and Food

Outsiders: Batman Dragoons Nobodies To Fight Crime Due To Spite

Green Lantern Corps: Space Cops Stop Themselves From Becoming A Space Dictatorship

Secret Six: Shit People, Shit Work Effort, Shit Results, But Still A Good Family

Shadowpact: Magical Bar Flies

Justice League Dark: Kinky People Meet Up Each Friday To Fight Demons

Justice League International: Idiots Team Up To Solve International Incidents

Legion of Superheroes: Local Teens Demand Respect, A Place To Angst, and Food, IN THE FUTURE

Gotham Knights (Detective Comics Team): Leather Wearing Furries Obesse About A Hellhole

Justice League of America (Rebirth Team): Batman Dragoons A Bunch of Misfits For Reality TV Drama and To Combat International Affairs 

Suicide Squad: A Bunch Of Villains Are Held Hostage By A Psychopath That Makes Them Look Good In Comparison

Doom Patrol: Weirdos Gather To Ponder The Meaning Of The Universe

Young Justice: Pre-Teens Trade The Treehouse In Their Backward For A Cave

Earth 2 Justice Society: Hot Young People Fight Crime In The World Created By Both A Godlike Planet and A Magical Box

Infinity Inc: Local Teens Demand Respect, A Place To Angst, and Food, In A Parallel Universe

Super Sons: Two Kids Resist The Urge To Murder Each Other

New Gods: Everyone is an Asshole Except Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Bug The Forager

F A M O U S A L B U M S P L U S C O U P L E S 

The Script “No Sound Without Silence” | Snow Patrol “Eyes Open” | Blur “Think Tank” | My Chemical Romance “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” | Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo “Close” | 5 Seconds Of Summer “Vapor” | Muse “Invincible” | Suede “Suede” | Green Day “21st Century Breakdown” |


All five variants and the main cover for Doom Patrol #1, on sale September 15, the debut title of DC’s Young Animal.

The book is written by Gerard Way, drawn by Nick Derington, colored by Tamra Bonvillain, and lettered by Todd Klein.

The main cover with the peelable gyro–yes, that’s a removable sticker revealing something underneath!–is by Nick Derington and James Harvey.

The variants are by Sanford Greene, Babs Tarr, Brian Bolland, Jaime Hernandez & Laura Allred, and Brian Chippendale. 

Variants are open to order, so your comic book retailer can order any and all you want. So let them know!