If you are from the UK and you have not yet decided who to vote for then for the love of the goddess please watch this video. It will make your day. 

if you don’t live in a swing state and live where it doesn’t really matter what you vote (ex new york, california, texas, kentucky) then you should consider voting green party (Jill Stein). I don’t think she has a chance but it’s important to get her ideas at least some recognition. I saw her press conference last week in Albany (in person) and her main issues are taxing wall street to make college cheaper and improve public education, police brutality and the amount of black people wrongly in jail due to the war on drugs, and the drought in California (among other environmental issues that I don’t really understand). if you’re only voting hillary because you want a female president, consider Jill Stein, who described her campaign to me as one for the people by the people, not corporations.

Meet Jill Stein, the latest candidate to enter the 2016 presidential race. This morning on Democracy Now! she announced her bid for the Green Party ticket. Host Amy Goodman asked Stein what distinguishes her from the Democratic candidates. “I am running with the only national party that does not take corporate funding,” Stein noted.

Watch Jill Stein discuss her candidacy on Democracy Now! today.

The Green Party recognises that asexuality and aromanticism are part of the diverse range of human experience. The Green Party rejects any stigmatising of these characteristics as bad for individuals, or bad for society. We understand that these characteristics are thoroughly misunderstood by society; we will aim to include details of them in general education so that asexual and aromantic people can flourish in society.

ok the green party made an election ad where actors impersonating david cameron, nick clegg, ed miliband and nigel farage sing in harmony like a coalition boyband.

edited to add: wait i think this is their official party political broadcast??

There is a 1000% chance I’m voting for Jill Stein (Green Party) in the 2016 presidential election

Jill Stein is the only currently declared candidate for the Green Party, and previously ran in 2012 with Cynthia McKinney. First, I strongly recommend you check out her OnTheIssues page (and that of every candidate) so you can see where she falls on a variety of issues.

Here’s a chart of her place on the “political spectrum,” along with a sampling of her quotes on different issues:

On Abortion

  • Healthcare is a right, including women’s reproductive rights. (Nov 2012)
  • Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. (May 2012)
  • Maintain abortion rights & provide free birth control. (May 2012)

On the Economy

  • It’s un-American that top 1% own 90% of wealth. (Jan 2012)
  • Reduce spending via military cuts & preventive health. (Dec 2011)

On Civil Rights

  • Black Lives Matter: fix the system of racism. (Mar 2015)
  • Pay equity for women remains critical, despite some programs. (Oct 2012)
  • Economy that is not fully inclusive is inherently unstable. (Dec 2011)
  • Legalize gay marriage. (Nov 2001)

On Crime

  • Black Lives Matter: end racism & police militarization. (Feb 2015)
  • Incarcerating poor & minorities has become big business. (Jan 2012)
  • Mandatory sentencing: ineffective & racially discriminatory. (Dec 2011)

On Drugs

  • End the racist war on drugs and school-to-prison pipeline. (Feb 2015)
  • Transform from criminal drug system to public health system. (Nov 2012)
  • Marijuana is dangerous because it’s illegal, not vice-versa. (Dec 2011)

On Education

  • Bail out the students instead of bailing out the banks. (Oct 2012)
  • Establish basic right to free college education. (Jan 2012)
  • College loans trap students in financial prison of debt. (Jan 2012)

On Energy

  • Make wars for oil obsolete: 100% renewables by 2030. (Feb 2015)
  • We can’t wait 4 more years to address climate change. (Jan 2012)

On Foreign Policy

  • End Israeli apartheid occupations and illegal settlements. (Oct 2012)
  • End trade embargo and travel ban on Cuba. (May 2012)
  • Start holding all parties accountable in Israel/Palestine. (Jan 2012)
  • US should behave as member of world community, not world cop. (Dec 2011)

On Gun Control

  • More local regulations; more background checks. (Oct 2012)
  • Reduce culture of violence via mental health & legal drugs. (Oct 2012)

On Health Care

  • Right to quality health care: Medicare for All. (Jan 2012)
  • Implement universal health care. (Nov 2001)

On Homeland Security

  • Bush & Obama criminalized the right to protest. (Oct 2012)
  • Patriot Act ends the right to judicial review. (Jan 2012)
  • Bloated military budget enables knee-jerk military solutions. (Jan 2012)
  • Cut military 50%; spend that $500B on economy. (Dec 2011)

On Immigration

  • Extend DREAM Act beyond age 30. (Oct 2012)
  • Provide a legal path to citizenship for immigrant residents. (Feb 2012)
  • Undocumented immigrants are critical component of economy. (Dec 2011)

On Jobs

  • Directly create jobs, not via tax breaks. (Oct 2012)
  • Economic Bill of Rights: unionize; fair taxation; fair trade. (Jan 2012)
  • Require living wage. (Nov 2001)

On Technology

  • 4 million people wrote to FCC to preserve net neutrality. (Feb 2015)
  • No government policing of the internet. (May 2012)

I recommend you do your own research as well. I usually vote Green Party because I’ve found the Democrats don’t often represent my interests. Go with what you think is best; just know that there are alternatives to “the lesser of two evils.”

I feel like the UK doesn’t really know much about the green party so I’ve made a guide for you

I keep seeing people hate on the green party, as if all the green party stands for are environmental issues. So yeah, here are some of the other things they stand for. 

You probably already know this but Natalie Bennett is the leader of the green party, she’s australian born, previously a journalist, and was elected leader of the green party in september 2012. 

Some of the main things the party stands for are: 

  • Taking back the NHS from privatisation - obviously this is a big issue in the current election, and along with making mental health a much higher priority, will mean everyone in the UK will have access to healthcare.
  • They are for a fair economy that works for all - which means, ending austerity (you may have seen this word and are unsure what it means, I didn’t know either at the start of the election, it just means that they are ending being frugal with the budget), and they are going to introduce a ‘robin hood’ tax on the top 1%.
  • Increasing the minimum wage to £10 - this, I believe, is one of the green parties most important issues. A £10 minimum wage is more than double what the minimum wage in america is. A £10 minimum wage would mean that everyone working a Mon-Fri 9-5 job would be earning more than £20,000 per annum.
  • They are going to make more, secure, affordable homes - by abolishing the bedroom tax, building 500,000 more homes and bringing empty homes back. 
  • Scrapping tuition fees for university - I don’t believe this needs a comment.
  • Marijuana legalisation - as well as decriminalising possession of drugs for personal use.

There we go, a short guide to the things the green party stands for apart from looking after the environment. But that’s here to read about if you want to. 

Congratulations Britain!

99% of us are completely fucked, as is the NHS, the education system and my entire generation.
You’ve voted for food banks instead of freedom, for the rich instead of the poor and worst of all for profit over people.
You’ve successfully been conned into thinking that things are better than they were 5 years ago. Despite the soaring number of homeless people, children being raised in poverty, families relying on food banks and the empty shell of what was once an incredible national health service run for the benefit of the public not private sector profit.
You have voted for the party that tricked this nation into bailing the banks out of a crisis that the bankers themselves caused!
You have voted for a party that allowed the wealthiest 1000 people in this country to double their wealth in just 5 years. In the meantime working class people’s pay packages have been hit their hardest for 40 years.
You voted for the party that allows the richest 1% to pay on average a real terms tax on their wealth of only 35% percent while the bottom 50% pay an average real terms tax of 45%.
You’ve voted for the party whose MPs almost all voted “NO” on a law that should have been passed to allow investigations into alleged historic paedophilia on a mass scale to be carried out more thoroughly and honestly. Do you know why? Because some of the alleged persecutors were ex Tory MPs and Conservative party funders!
You’ve voted for the party who have sided with Rupert Murdoch to create and unfair and at times racist smear campaign against Ed Miliband and his party.
You’ve voted for more privatisation, austerity and social warfare.
You’ve voted for a party whose main purpose is to generate wealth for their business owning, bank running, rich, shareholder friends. At the expense of everybody else. You’ve also voted to make HUNTING yes hunting for fun legal. The British wildlife is now going to be deteriorating and the foxes and badger lives will be harder to save.

So I say once again Britain, well done. A real standing fucking ovation for you.