green parachutes

girls-a mix of the best songs referencing a girl in their titles;

1. Girls-Mayday Parade 2. She’s Not Afraid-One Direction 3. Extraordinary Girl- Green Day 4. She Is-The Fray 5. Women-The 1975 6. She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5 7. Girls/Girls/Boys-Panic! at the Disco 8. She(For Liz)-Parachute 9. Girls-The 1975 10. She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty-Pierce The Veil 11. Good Girls-5 Seconds of Summer 12. She’s a Rebel-Green Day 13. The Girl’s A Straight Up Hustler-All Time Low 14. She-Ed Sheeran 

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Right There With You - A Kannao Playlist

Like or Like Like-Miniature Tigers // Fine by Me-Andy Grammer // Treasure- Bruno Mars // Hold it In- Jukebox the Ghost // Carried Away-Passion Pit // She’s a Rebel- Green Day // Parachute- Ingrid Michaelson // Girls and Boys-Blur // Little Love- Frankmusik // Home- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros // Sun- Two Door Cinema Club

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svt as dumb sh!t my dad has texted me
  • coups: some broad got flown out cause her vape pen exploded in her face
  • jeonghan: dude looks like a shark
  • jisoo: Jesus is not your homeboy
  • junhui: *about jun* he's the best looking one yet
  • hoshi: *sends all the lyrics to super junior's rokkugo without context*
  • wonwoo: winwin is the cutest
  • jihoon: I am ashamed to admit I like a twenty one pilots song
  • seokmin: I already received a few phone calls from the west coast asking me to produce some action films
  • mingyu: I'm jamming to some straight up Latin love songs
  • minghao: draw him a picture of an American green beret parachuting down and smashing him in the chest
  • seungkwan: well maybe she finally got medicated
  • vernon: some rando lady said "the firework tripped over, shot back at me and hit me in the chest. then it raised up lit my neck on fire. my daughter was laughing at me and i said it ain't funny you son of a bitch. then the meat fell off my neck"
  • chan: log into Canadian wifi and bully mom to pay for it
At the office I had received part of my equipment. My papers: a ration card, a clothing card and an identity card, all made in England to the exact image of French ones. I was given money: 99,000 francs and 1,000 in small cash, and a little gun, a Czech .32. I was the only woman in a group of twenty-two men briefed to leave the same night.
We were led to a small hut where we received our last bits of equipment: a green-and-brown camouflaged parachute suit with long trouser-legs and dozens of zip-fasteners and pockets, a flashlight and spare batteries, a knife and a compass, a small flask filled with rum; even a sharp spade, tucked into a leg pocket, in case we had to bury our parachute ourselves.

Anne-Marie Walters, SOE agent, on the equipment given to her before parachuting into occupied France in 1944.

Excerpt from Moondrop to Gascony, p. 33.

More Observations about Ghost Stories
  1. Nine tracks, not including the three bonus tracks, is the shortest Coldplay album to date. Parachutes and VLV both have 10. AROBTTH has 11, X&Y has 13, and MX has 14.
  2. Ghost Stories does not currently have a track titled after the album’s name. This is the only Coldplay album to do so, as each of the other 5 have a track by the same name of its album.
  3. Ghost Stories also does not currently have a track with a color included in the title. The previous 5 have all had a color song (Yellow - Parachutes, Green Eyes - AROBTTH, White Shadows - X&Y, Violet Hill - VLV, Charlie Brown - MX).
  4. Coldplay has hinted at having a “magic” letter for each album since VLV, in which three or more tracks start with this letter. For VLV, the letter was “L” with Life in Technicolor, Lost!, and Lovers in Japan. For MX, the letter was “U” for Up in Flames, UFO, and Up With the Birds. It looks like Ghost Stories’s letter is “A” for Always In My Head, A Sky Full of Stars, and Another’s Arms

When I first saw the new Transformers 4 trailer I honestly thought the green dude parachuting was the Mountain Dew bot. XD; Like, he’s just been hiding this whole time. And he got hotter!

(Obviously this isn’t the case but just look at their colour schemes and tell me they aren’t similar. )

Anyway, my brain couldn’t let go of the idea of how funny it would be if it really was him and he could now rain soda-y death from above with canon propelled bottles of Mountain Dew. 

Pew pew, muthafraggas!!