green over blue


au where everything is the same except the lions are fun sized when they arent kicking purple alien butt >w>

Anti: I made him so hes MINE. Back off, Dark!
Dark: You absolute petulant child. He’s not some toy that you can just claim for your own and play with until you break, He is a real living being. He doesn’t belong in your custody just because you decide it.
Anti: Oh sure, youre only saying that because you want your little “boy toy” all to yourself. Well if you want him, EVEN BETTER, I get to take something from you, ya fuckin asshole! I’ve got him and you can’t have him!
Uh guys? Am I wanted now???? Do I get a say in this???
Both: Shut up, Crank.

(you can delete my extra story development from this point if you like!)

I don’t know if I mentioned it yet, but Anti was the one who did the botched spell to create him. He wanted some backup to help him kill Dark for getting him stuck with Jack. But very quickly after making CC, he realized that this frail little thing wasn’t going to help him do anything. But its also starting to piss him off that CC and Dark seem to get along so swimmingly. (”I MADE YOU TO HURT HIM NOT PLAY KISSIE KISSIE” ) and Anti is also a bit jealous like “Fuck you, Dark, Im stuck in Jack because of you and you’re a complete dickbag to me but you’re all pleasant and lovely with my junkpile” “thats because he is delightful and kind and you are nothing but a constant thorn in my side. Maybe If you weren’t such a “complete dickbag” yourself, I might consider my manners.” 
But Anti doesn’t HATE CC, just has a lot of negative feelings because of his relation to Dark. ouo I have a terrible comic planned to get a little further with CC’s and Anti’s relationship. 

I cannot be her. I cannot be better than her.
Maybe you prefer brown hair over blonde. Or green eyes over blue, but I cannot be that.
She has skin like silk and a body like an hourglass. She spends hours getting ready to make her appearance cover the fact there is nothing else to her.
I will not try to be that. I do not want to be that.
There are days that I don’t like myself and days that I doubt every piece of me. But I have love for who I am. I have love for my light blonde hair that reaches the arch of my back and I have love for the blue eyes that remind everyone of clear oceans and I have love for the contradiction that is my existence in the way I’m constantly changing how people perceive me the harder they look into who I am.
I may not be in love with myself yet, but I have enough love for myself to realize that trying to be anyone else would be a mistake.
—  v.m




Woah! Can you believe it’s 2017 already?! Time flies, yoshi! We Yoshis never thought we’d have people interested in our adventures, but woah! It’s been over a year and here we are now, celebrating 2017 with you guys!


So whether it’s been 2017 for a few where you live or you’re still waiting for it to arrive, happy new year, yoshi! Our big Yoshi family wishes you all good luck! Lets have lots more adventures together in 2017, karakakoo!!

Red: Um, Blue, why are you pretending I’m Professor Oak’s nephew?

Blue: We need money.

Red: You’re scamming him?

Blue: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from him.

Red: What? No way!

Blue: Why not? We already stole his grandson.

Green: Hey guys.

Red: No we didn’t. Green’s a person. He can do whatever he wants.

Green: I wanna steal.

People say blue eyes and green eyes are prettiest. No one really ever mentions brown eyes. I never paid attention to that. But, eyes are the first thing I notice on a person. His were brown. And I remember thinking to myself: ‘How could anyone say they prefer green or blue eyes over these?’ It was in that moment… It was then that I decided brown eyes would be my favorite.
—  l (dearmydearokso)