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au where everything is the same except the lions are fun sized when they arent kicking purple alien butt >w>



Anti: I made him so hes MINE. Back off, Dark!
Dark: You absolute petulant child. He’s not some toy that you can just claim for your own and play with until you break, He is a real living being. He doesn’t belong in your custody just because you decide it.
Anti: Oh sure, youre only saying that because you want your little “boy toy” all to yourself. Well if you want him, EVEN BETTER, I get to take something from you, ya fuckin asshole! I’ve got him and you can’t have him!
Uh guys? Am I wanted now???? Do I get a say in this???
Both: Shut up, Crank.

(you can delete my extra story development from this point if you like!)

I don’t know if I mentioned it yet, but Anti was the one who did the botched spell to create him. He wanted some backup to help him kill Dark for getting him stuck with Jack. But very quickly after making CC, he realized that this frail little thing wasn’t going to help him do anything. But its also starting to piss him off that CC and Dark seem to get along so swimmingly. (”I MADE YOU TO HURT HIM NOT PLAY KISSIE KISSIE” ) and Anti is also a bit jealous like “Fuck you, Dark, Im stuck in Jack because of you and you’re a complete dickbag to me but you’re all pleasant and lovely with my junkpile” “thats because he is delightful and kind and you are nothing but a constant thorn in my side. Maybe If you weren’t such a “complete dickbag” yourself, I might consider my manners.” 
But Anti doesn’t HATE CC, just has a lot of negative feelings because of his relation to Dark. ouo I have a terrible comic planned to get a little further with CC’s and Anti’s relationship. 

That’s an Eye of a Different Color

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Originally, everyone had brown eyes, but Danish researchers say that somewhere between 6 and 10,000 years ago, a random genetic mutation tweaked a key molecular switch and the ability to produce brown eyes in some people.

Eye color is dictated, at least in part, by the OCA2 gene, which codes for the P protein involved in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to hair, eyes and skin. The actual mutation occurred in a gene next OCA2, which didn’t fully turn off OCA2, but did reduce its ability to promote melanin production.

Eye color — at least for the three most common colors: green, brown and blue — is governed by eight genes. The origins of other colors like gray and hazel are less well understood. Color variation is due to the amount of melanin in the stroma of the iris. Blue eyes have less.

Most babies are born with blue eyes that darken in the first three years as melanin, which isn’t usually present at birth, develops with age.

Heritability of eye color isn’t as simple as you might think. The color of your eyes is not a blend of your parents’ colors, but rather the plucking of chromosomal combinations. Parents with brown eyes are likely to have brown-eyed children, but not always. Darker colors dominate: Brown over green, green over blue.

soft and snowy evak drabble <3

Imagine Isak standing with Even outside in snowy weather, their noses running and slightly red. Even has a bit of snow on his hands and boops Isak’s nose softly with his index finger, making him giggle as a snowflake runs to the tip and continues its course downwards to Isak’s lips. Isak laughs and huffs quietly, his teeth clattering and his arms hugging his own stomach. “Are you cold, baby?” Even asks him. “Me? Nope!” Isak exclaims with a bright smile, his words betrayed by the trembling in his voice. Even laughs heartily. He removes his gloves, takes Isak’s hands and puts the gloves on them instead. Ignoring Isak’s feeble protestations (accompanied by a shy smile and cheeks too red even for this cold weather), Even then takes off the fluffy beanie sitting on his head and puts it on Isak’s, the soft wool engulfing Isak’s curls and falling over his ears. The red colour makes the gold of the stray locks stand out, and for a moment it almost looks to Even as though there’s a soft halo cradling Isak’s head. Isak is beaming at Even, his eyes a deeper blue than the sky behind him, and Even takes his boyfriend’s gloved hands in his own naked ones. “You’re an angel,” he murmurs, so softly Isak might just have missed it. But Isak’s smile reaches his eyes, making something dance and sparkle in their depth, and Even feels him squeeze his hands. “I love you too,” Even hears him say silently in the comfortable quiet settling over them.

I cannot be her. I cannot be better than her.
Maybe you prefer brown hair over blonde. Or green eyes over blue, but I cannot be that.
She has skin like silk and a body like an hourglass. She spends hours getting ready to make her appearance cover the fact there is nothing else to her.
I will not try to be that. I do not want to be that.
There are days that I don’t like myself and days that I doubt every piece of me. But I have love for who I am. I have love for my light blonde hair that reaches the arch of my back and I have love for the blue eyes that remind everyone of clear oceans and I have love for the contradiction that is my existence in the way I’m constantly changing how people perceive me the harder they look into who I am.
I may not be in love with myself yet, but I have enough love for myself to realize that trying to be anyone else would be a mistake.
—  v.m


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Our darling Stuart and s/o beating the heat together? Could go in any direction and it seems appropriate with summer rolling in soon.

  • Your AC? Busted. This world can be cruel but that’s how it goes sometimes so you two have to get creative.
  • You weren’t one to buy floor fans but they seemed to start adding up quickly. 
  • You could have sworn 2D was a god the day he brought home freeze pops. They were gone quickly and there were some fights over the green and blue. No one expects to find themselves hiding 20 cent flavored ice, but here you are. Finding one hidden behind a frozen pizza is like finding treasure.
  • The two of you love taking walks together on breezy days. 2D never puts on sunscreen and he’s fairly prone to getting sunburns, but what can you do. He’s always wanting to go to dog parks while you’re out on walks but sometimes it can get embarrassing to get there without your own canine.
  • When the heat really picks up 2D busts out tank tops and booty shorts. He gets some chicken leg comments from Murdoc here and and there but he generally says it’s for the weather. He likes how he looks in them and the heat gives him a good excuse to wear them anyways
  • Going to the pool can be overwhelming if there are too many people there but whenever it seems emptier or even at night you guys take every opportunity opportunity you can get.
  • Since 2D never wears sunscreen you find yourself rubbing aloe on his shoulders and back often. He’s almost always got a farmers tan by June but it’s endearing.