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Oliver Queen in every episode  —  The Recruits  [5x02]

»  Why, Anatoly? Why kill them? You rang the bell, they did not. I only rang the bell because of them, I couldn’t have done it alone. But using the team was your idea, you used them to win, uh? Intelligent! Bratva wants that, Bratva needs that. I never would have done it, if I had known it was gonna cost them their lives. First part of the initiation, only person you can trust: yourself.

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HC on Oliver Queen dating a baker?

-You don’t live in the city
-it’s too busy
-too filled with crime
-and well, you’re a small town girl at heart
-some how you and Ollie make it work
-he usually visits on the weekends
-he drives into town parks the car at your house and walks to the bakery
-every knows him as Ollie
-not Oliver
-never Oliver
-you find it funny because small town Ollie is the complete opposite of city Ollie
-he wears jeans and sneakers and a baseball hat
-he runs the counter at the bakery when he’s in town
-he wears an apron and everything
-the old ladies like to lean over and pinch his cheeks
-he’s also your official taste tester on anything new
-he likes to look at the stars at night
-the two of you just lay in the hammock in the back yard and dream of what will come

I Don’t Trust Billy the Boy Friend (BtBF). Nope. Nuh-Uh.

As Oliver is heading out Felicity’s computer beeps.  She gives him the information and he heads out.

I love how the camera focuses on Felicity watching him leave. They are so pretty. I Can stare at them all day. 

*Ahem* Sorry got a bit distracted. Back to BtBF.  SO, Oliver shows up at the warehouse ready to find a bad guy. 

But instead he finds BtBF ! Who immediately shouts, “Please don’t shoot me.” (Oliver, just shoot him and get it over with!)  Anyway…

BtBF continues to tell Oliver how he is sorry about the fake radio call, but he didn’t have his e-mail address, and thought they should meet. He also tells him that word on the street is that this guy wants the GA himself. 

Really Billy?!  Sorry, but sounds sketchy to me.  

Oliver was expecting to find a bad guy and I think he did. I believe Billy is not what he seems and is trying to get in good graces with the Green Arrow. As time goes on I can see him giving GA more information so GA eventually trusts him. Once he does trust him, BtBF can proceed with his evil plan, whatever it is. 

There just has to be more to this guy OR he really is just a boring plot point like @aimingforolicity and I were talking about on twitter.  I guess I have to wait and see.

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Barry: “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” Barry asked spinning around.

(Y/N): “Helping, what does it look like” you say pushing the meta-human away.

Barry: “(Y/N), I know you want to help but please leave. I don’t want you to get hurt!” Barry said before Flashing you back to S.T.A.R Labs.

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shoutout to @ariverofstone​ who was sad wasn’t wearing kimono anymore ;)

Personal collection : striped olive and green tsumugi kimono/ deer, mums and maple leaves fukuro obi / orange chirimen obiage / red and gold obijime

I’ve not been able to dress in kimono lately (I can’t even remember when I truly did tbh ^^;). But I am slowly getting back to kitsuke: I’ve rearranged my tansu/drawers, the new order truly helps picking my outfits

1st drawer : juban, obiage and komono

2nd drawer : silk kimono

3rd drawer : obi

4th drawer : synthetic kimono, yukata and haori (+my furisode)

And the boxes, one for obijime, the other one for haneri :)