green nikes

the idea of this “baddie” fashion trend in which popular white girls on instagram and tumblr wear what black girls in the hood have and were literally wearing since 1995 and getting paraded for it irks my fucking soul. being bowed down to for being “thick” and wearing skintight leggings (that only seem to be in khaki or olive green?) with Adidas or Nikes and our bomber jackets that the little hood fashion boutique store on the corner loved to sell and overlined lips and overfilled faux thick browns and the big hoop earrings and our cornrows (boxer braids??) jesus christ? black girls and latinx girls too have been getting called ghetto for all of this for YEARS and somehow it managed to turn into 2015-2016′s top fashion trend without us getting an ounce of credit for it


13 reasons why cast + random headers (part2)

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