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Britnee Rachele

hopefully this is going to be a tumblr famous pic, it got almost 800 notes in 24 hours after i posted it which is nothing compared to others but we’ll see how much it gets passed around :)


Mermaid “Glequin” Fish-scale Manicure: Ciate Apples and Custard polish with Blue Acrylic Paint and Aqua Hexagon Glitter

I love, love, love the look of hexagonal glitter on the nails, and the dramatic “sequin nails” look.

But I especially like the honey-combed look where instead of dunking your entire finger in glitter, you carefully dot each piece of glitter on with a pointed object so it looks like fish scales.

Key to the look is a translucent larger sized glitter. If you choose an opaque glitter the ombre colors beneath won’t show through. If they are too small, you can’t place them on properly. You can find hex glitters from most art stores, but they don’t always stock larger sizes, so you can also search for sets like these on ($6.99 with free international shipping!) or ebay.

WARNING: this nail look takes a LONG time to do…

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Nail Tutorial: Summer Garden at Midnight

This is a nail look featuring both powder pigments, and stamping. Feel free to swop colors and stamp designs according to your taste!

  • Black nail polish (I made an error above and named the brand “Essence” when it’s “Catrice”… but any black creme polish will work.)
  • Repositionable craft glue (I used Plaid)
  • A sparkly green pigment or eyeshadow (I used Seawitch Green fromTKB Trading)
  • Pale green stamping polish
  • Stamping tools and plate with butterfly and floral designs

I got my stamping plates from a local beauty supply store and it has no brand so I’m afraid I can’t exactly tell you where to get the exact same thing.

However, any butterfly and floral design will work, so just use what you can find, or use a tiny art brush to draw free hand flowers and swirls on if you have a steady hand!

Getting the Look: Following the sequence of the pics above!

1. Paint on 2 coats of black polish (or until opaque)

2.  Paint repositionable glue (or nail foil glue) onto half the nail, from the tip upwards. Then once it dries from a milky color to a clear tacky finish, use a dry brush to dust and pat on a shimmery pale green pigment, fading from the tip halfway inwards.

3.  Top coat and let dry, before you start stamping. Just about any design will look nice, as long as you pick a coordinated color for stamping. I used Konad’s Pastel Green Special Polish. Just pick random designs you like and place them on your nails. You don’t need to follow my order or placement! (If you’re getting Konad, the m21 has very similar designs.)

4.  Let set for awhile before sealing with one more layer of top coat to protect your design.

For stamping supplies, you can visit,,,,, Amazon, and eBay!