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So I have a “Facebook friend” who was celebrating and having a good old day chatting on Facebook about how the Muslim ban was a good idea. Today, she’s upset that her tires got slashed and she was stranded hours from her house because she had a Trump poster in her backseat. Now she’s upset that she’s been left stranded somewhere because of her views. I’m just like, gee isn’t that just terrible to be left stranded in an area because your views don’t mesh with others?
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban
She appears to have been confused about arrests of two Iraqi men in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2013 for plotting to ship money and weapons for terrorism in Iraq.

The bigger the lie, or pack of lies, the more people will believe it!

Two quick and important pieces of advice from a lawyer friend for Muslim Green card holders traveling to U.S.:
- If you are able, change your flight to fly to land at Boston Logan International Airport. The Massachusetts order from the judge is stronger and requires entry.
- You may be pressured to sign a form I-407. Signing this form means you are voluntarily abandoning your lawful permanent resident status. *Do not sign this form.*
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—  This was recently shared with me
Tips and Tricks from A Green Witch

1) If you’re collecting plants for a specific purpose, harness that energy whilst collecting them. 

I wanted some stuff for a love potion so I went out collecting with my girlfriend who I love which gave it just that extra “oomph”

2) Keep track of where you got your plants, they might carry some energies with them

3) If you know someone is going through something and you want to give them so magick, give them a bouquet of flowers/plants with specific magical intent and meaning. If they just got married give them laurel, magnolias, ivy, etc. If they are depressed/grieving give them sunflowers, orange flowers, geranium, lavender, marigold, etc. 

4) If you have plants that are growing, spend time with them, give them energies and love and they will work even better at stuff!

7 represents the number of Chakras. 

7 Circles represent the Kundalini movement of Body

6 Merkaba have 7 side Tips. These are your Mind 

I did not use Green in the Merkaba line. Therefore it exist by combining Spirit and Life. 

High Vibration Violet to Magenta

Low Vibration Magenta to Red. 

Balanced Vibration is Green

Earth is Green