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Update: US citizen who said Trump’s Muslim ban killed his mom lied, imam confirms

  • Feb. 1, 2017, 4:00 p.m.: Following the publishing of this article, Fox 2 posted a followup story saying Mike Hager, who said his mother passed away of a medical condition after being denied entry to the U.S. despite holding a green card, lied to their reporters.
  • Hager’s mother died five days before the ban went into effect, with Trump’s de facto Muslim ban playing no role, Imam Husham Al-Hussainy told Fox 2. Read more

51% of Trump voters think the “Bowling Green massacre” justifies Trump’s Muslim ban

  • A new poll suggests that more than half of Trump voters believe the fake Bowling Green massacre is why Trump’s travel ban is so necessary.
  • The new national poll, released on Friday by Public Policy Polling, surveyed 712 registered voters. 
  • When asked if they either disagreed or agreed with the statement, “The Bowling Green massacre shows why we need Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration,” a full 51% of Trump voters said they agreed
  • Just 23% said they disagreed (for comparison, 90% of Hillary Clinton voters said they disagreed with the statement).
  • Of course, the “Bowling Green massacre” is a lie, a made-up terrorist attack from Kellyanne Conway, who mentioned it in a Feb. 2 interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Read more (2/10/17 11;57 AM)

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Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban
She appears to have been confused about arrests of two Iraqi men in Bowling Green, Ky., in 2013 for plotting to ship money and weapons for terrorism in Iraq.

The bigger the lie, or pack of lies, the more people will believe it!

So I have a “Facebook friend” who was celebrating and having a good old day chatting on Facebook about how the Muslim ban was a good idea. Today, she’s upset that her tires got slashed and she was stranded hours from her house because she had a Trump poster in her backseat. Now she’s upset that she’s been left stranded somewhere because of her views. I’m just like, gee isn’t that just terrible to be left stranded in an area because your views don’t mesh with others?

Two quick and important pieces of advice from a lawyer friend for Muslim Green card holders traveling to U.S.:
- If you are able, change your flight to fly to land at Boston Logan International Airport. The Massachusetts order from the judge is stronger and requires entry.
- You may be pressured to sign a form I-407. Signing this form means you are voluntarily abandoning your lawful permanent resident status. *Do not sign this form.*
Please copy & paste. And translations are helpful.
—  This was recently shared with me
I feel like I’m in a state of shock… the executive orders Trump is signing feel like a vendetta. Trump is not only taking out his revenge on the people who protested him, but also the average American that just didn’t vote for him. These reckless decisions on healthcare, Muslim-Americans, immigration, environmental protection, freedom of speech, freedom of press, women’s rights to chose what to do with their bodies, suggesting sending in the feds to Chicago… are signs of a man that is trying to redefine what it is that keeps our common union as Americans. This is not just his “conservative agenda.” It’s an all out assault on our civil liberties, His intention is to divide us as Americans.
Maybe we don’t agree on all of these issues… but can’t we see eye to eye on some? I have conservative/republican friends and family… I understand their point of view even if I don’t agree with it. It’s their right. It’s their beliefs. However the progressive side is just as “American” as the other side. At what point do we all come together as “Americans”? Isn’t this about freedom and unity? I don’t think this president has a grasp on the concept of the American dream… the dream that we come from different backgrounds to come together.
Please respect each other. Please show compassion. Please don’t allow this madman to take out his revenge on us.
Respect, BJ.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong on Trump’s recent actions as President of the United States of America
The calls, emails, and protests are working!

The jackass that proposed that “sell off 3.3 million acres of public land” bill is withdrawing it!

  • Also, at UC Berkley protesters forced them to cancel a previously scheduled speech by that Milo nazi
  • The Dems are finally starting to show some backbone. They successfully delayed 3 confirmations by a day by boycotting the hearing entirely. The Republicans had to change the parliamentary rules so they could approve the nominees without them being present, but it’s a sign that Dems just might finally be listening to their constituents
  • As of this moment, all Dems are voting against Betsy Devos AND two GOP Senators. Only one more GOP Senate vote is needed, and Betsy DeVos will not be confirmed!
  • Jeff Sessions confirmation is delayed again–because GOP thinks they might need him on the Senate to vote for DeVos
  • Trump walked back a planned executive order on LGBTQ rights, announcing that Obama’s protections for federal LGBTQ employees would stand (for now) after massive pushback
  • Trump also walked back a portion of his Muslim ban. Green card holders are now exempt. And we all already know about the states, cities, corporations, and individuals now suing him over it.
  • Harley Davidson cancelled a scheduled visit from him because they didn’t want the bad press.
  • The House Intelligence Committee has now launched its own investigation into possible collusion between Trump and Russia
  • Representatives are actually talking about the volume of calls, emails, and protests at their offices. We are actually getting through to them!
  • Trump continues to be embroiled in scandal. It’s coming out that the recent raid in Yemen that got an 8 year old girl and Navy SEAL killed was based on faulty intelligence that Obama originally vetoed. Trump went with it (and there’s evidence that Bannon and his son-in-law were there for the decision) and people are dead. In fact, it’s coming out that even more women and children were killed during the raid than originally reported.
  • And all across the country, people are in the streets every single day. I know I am. We need to keep the pressure on our Representatives. Your calls, voice mails, and letters are making a difference. Your LOUD and VISIBLE dissent are making a difference.

But don’t forget the most important part! Register to vote NOW before the GOP starts rolling out new laws to make it more onerus. And don’t stop with you. Make sure all your friends and family are registered. These bureaucratic things take time so DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE ELECTION TO REGISTER TO VOTE. And when November 2018 comes around DO NOT VOTE ALONE. Take at least 5 people to the polls with you. Order your mail-in ballots early, and make a night of filling them out together. Don’t just pick your friends/family who already vote. Talk to the ones who never want to talk about politics. We’ve got to get as many people as possible!

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