green manicure

My Rich American Family

by reddit user aliceinvunderland

I am part of a rich American family, in a rich American suburb, full of rich American people.

Life is hell.

Every morning, me and the rest of the Wives get up at 5:00am sharp. Fifteen minutes of jogging around the neighborhood, five minutes in the shower (set to cold), twenty minutes for hair and makeup, and then five to get dressed. If we’ve managed that in time, meaning no later than 5:45am, we might be allowed solid food with our coffee.

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Final St. Patrick’s Day mani! Yes I know I went way overkill with the green and clovers, but I had all the vinyls & needed to use them. Lol. I may avoid the color green for a while though..

Used in this mani:

China Glaze - Treble Maker

Zoya - Ziv

Essie - Rock At The Top

HK Girl Topcoat

Shamrock stencils from @whatsupnails

I LOVE olive/army green so much idk why I don’t wear it more! Also, I’m so excited that I have pointy nails again. Lol. What’s your favorite nails shape??

Used in this mani:

Cirque Colors - Central Park After Dark

Ella + Mila - Sway With Me, Paradise Isle

Sinful Colors - Black On Black

HK Girl Topcoat