green man festival 2011


She Keeps Bees//Vulture

It all began with Kim Deal, her sweet vocals and plaid shirts. Jules learned the bass line on ‘Gigantic’ and I harboured dreams of being in a band. Time past and I discovered Melissa Auf der Maur, all angry and swathed in black. Like everyone, I came across the lovely Jenny Lewis via Rilo Kiley, struck by her great bangs and forlorn lyrics. My admiration for these three has remained consistent and unchanging in light of today’s pretenders. I am happy to report that Jessica Larrabee of She Keeps Bees has recently joined the chosen few lady musicians who are worth worshipping in a healthy, non-stalker kind of way.

She Keeps Bees performed a triumphant set on the main stage at Green Man a few weeks back. Larrabee was slightly liquored up, long hair swaying, she was reckless but delicate. Her voice was husky and lustful, and complimented the distorted guitar parts she so carelessly strummed. Larrabbe stopped in between songs to regale the crowd with tales of the previous evening’s debauchery and glance warmly at her partner and band mate Andy LaPlant who plays drums.

She Keeps Bees make tender stripped back blues, and put me and the rest of the world in mind of Cat Power. The Brooklyn duo recorded ‘Dig On’ in a cabin in the wilderness, armed only with a laptop and love for one another; it’s definitely worth a listen.