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I always miss the ask box, as well as your amazing help on this blog. I'm glad you're back! I hope you don't mind suggesting a few gems for fusions? I got a few gems for them: Strawberry Quartz × Rainbow Quartz || Tremolite × Black Strar Sapphire || Creedite (purple and orange variety) × Tiger's Eye || Sardonyx × Pallesite || White Opal × Fairy Quartz || If you are able to come up with any suggestions, thank you so much in advanced!

Hello there! All of us here thank you for your extremely kind words. As for your ask, for a fusion between Strawberry Quartz and Rainbow Quartz, I would reccomend 

Pink Aura Quartz

For a fusion between Tremolite and Black Star Sapphire, I would suggest 

Green Star Diopside

For a fusion between Creedite and Tiger’s Eye, I would reccomend

Purple Crazy Lace Agate

For a fusion between Pallesite and Sardonyx, I would suggest 

Dalmation Jasper

or Rainbow Variscite

And last, for a fusion between Fairy Quartz and White Opal, I would reccomend

Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

Hope this helped you and your gemsonas!

-Mod Charoite


A lattice print accent wall in our color of the week, Home Decorators Collection Zesty Apple. Give the technique a try with contrasting colors, or for a more sleek look, choose the same color but in different sheens. 

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End Up Here Chapter 6

Previous Chapters: 00, 0102. 0304, 05

Summary: Karma Ashcroft is practically a household name, currently being one of the biggest music acts in the world. Amy Raudenfeld is just a semi-closeted lesbian in a suburb in Austin, but when Karma accidentally sends her a message on kik, the two of them hit it off really well, and strike up a correspondence where they eventually share almost everything with each other… aside from their names and backgrounds. 

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