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The current Justice League members in order of when they first appeared in DC Comics!


1950′s GreenFlash AU

Spring break’s done for me which means it’s back to school I go, and I probably won’t be drawing much because I have to focus a lot more on getting good grades and shiz. So I’m leaving y’all off with a 50′s GreenFlash AU. Ngl,  I shouldn’t even be awake right now.


Prompt: Hal and readers wedding anniversary is coming up and they both forgot about it bc superhero business

Requested by: ANON

The alert on your phone wakes you up. Your first day sleeping in in months is effectively

ruined when you glance at the notification on the screen. You’re only partially satisfied to know that you had remembered to turn your alarm off, only to forget about this notification.

    A minute later Hal’s phone goes off. You glance at your husband. He has his head sandwiched between the mattress and a pillow.  You reach over him, pick up the phone, and see the exact same notification. You sigh before twisting and sending both phones under the mattress.


“Unh …”
“We forgot our anniversary.”

Slowly the pillow is pulled off his head, and he turns to look at you, “Again?”

You nod, “We really need to set those notifications for the day before.”  

He nods, “I knew I turned off the alarm.”

He lifts an arm and you snuggle into his side, “That’s the sixth year in a row.”

He kisses the top of your head, “We do fine on birthdays.”

You kiss his chest, “Should we do something?”

“How about sleep? We haven’t done that in a while.”

You nod, “I like that idea.”

“We can do dinner tonight.”

You sigh, and close your eyes, “We have a League meeting tonight.”

“Screw the League. Let’s go to dinner, and then go dancing. It’s been a long time since

we went dancing.”

    “Send all complaints to the idiots trying to take over the world.”

    “Sounds good. We can bum the important parts out of Spooky and John.”

    You smile, before falling back into a deep sleep.


Maybe where Reader can fall asleep anywhere. On the coffee table? Out like a light. In a kitchen cabinet? Out like a light. On the stairs? Out like a light. Hanging upside down? Better check to make sure they’re alive. And maybe with Bart and/or Jaime constantly finding the Reader asleep in these uncomfortable and weird places?

Requested by: @temperdragoness

After years of being a superhero, you’ve developed a bit of a special talent; you know, in addition to fighting crime and being able to fly. You have the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at the drop of a hat.

    You blame it on those three months back when you were ten, when you barely got any sleep. You’d learned that you had to take it where you could get it. In the cargo bay, in a team meeting, under a cabinet, riding in Sphere, on the floor, hanging upside down from the rafters. Any place, any time is your motto.

    The fact that it drives your brother and father crazy is just a perk. It makes your mother laugh. The fact that neither one can wake you up frustrates them even more, and it makes your mother bust a gut.

    “It’s not normal, Shayera.”

    You mother just smiles, “And what about our family is normal, John? You and our son are intergalactic cops, I’m an alien with wings. Wings our daughter happened to inherit.”

    “She’s hanging upside down while she sleeps!”

    “She’s lived most of her life on a space station.” You can hear the laugh in your mother’s voice.

    “I don’t understand that girl.”

    “And yet, she has you wrapped around her little finger.”

    No one could argue that. Despite his general displeasure at your choice of sleeping venues, you were a daddy’s girl. Your father had a harder time saying no to you, than he did your mother. That was how you’d ended up with your mother’s mace in a practice session for your tenth birthday.

    “You can stop faking now, they’re gone.” You peer one eye open and stare at your brother.

    “How’d you know?”

    “You had that little smile on your lips. Like an imp.”

    You shrug before releasing your legs and gliding down from the rafters. Rex just smiles at you, “And where are you going?”

    “To catch some real sleep.”

    You make your way to the only place you’re guaranteed to get some uninterrupted sleep. The mountain is quiet, which tells you that everyone is either on a mission or at school. You make your way to the library and towards your favorite couch. It’s deep enough that your wings never feel pinned. You’re out within seconds.

    You’re not sure how long you sleep for, but when those two bodies slam themselves down on you, you’re awake. You groan under the pressure, and glare at your best friends. Bart and Jaime just grin at you.

    Bart laughs, “Time for training, Wings.”

    You open up your wings and throw the both of them off, before getting up. The three of you race down the hallway, and into the training room. Three hours later, you’re more than a little exhausted when you land on a beam at the top of the room and lay down. You’re out in seconds and all you can hear is Bart complaining about it not being fair.


Just some of the many outfits our Wonder Woman will be rocking in the upcoming Wonder Woman film!

Wings: Part 2

Prompt: Since I loved Wings so much (I still love it what am I talking about?) could I request a Part 2 in which Reader’s sleeping habits gets worst and Jaime and Bart are trying their best to at least get Reader’s sleeping schedule a bit more normal? 

Part One

Requested by: @temperdragoness

    “This is getting ridiculous.”

    “Are you telling me it wasn’t ridiculous when we caught her napping under the sink?”

    “No, I’m saying it’s ridiculous that we are carrying her through the base, and SHE’S STILL ASLEEP!”

    Bart stares down at you, a small smile on his face, “She’s a weirdo, but she’s our weirdo.”

    Jaime just rolls his eyes, “Need I remind you that you can run faster than anyone alive, and I have alien technology embedded in my back?”

    Bart stares at his friend, “She was asleep on a treadmill, and it was STILL RUNNING! That’s strange, even by our standards.”

    Jaime just sighs, “Let’s get her through the zeta tube.”

    They walk through to the station to find your dad and brother on the other side. They stare at the two boys for just a minute before your father sticks out his fist and a green light comes out of his ring. He mutters something about things getting out of hand before he takes you to your room and lies you down on your bed.

    You wake up minutes later. It takes you only a few seconds to realize that you’re back in your room. You lie in the bed for a minute before getting up. You’d been spending less and less time in your room lately. You found your bed too soft, and the walls stifling.

You slip out into the hall to find your dad waiting for you. He’s in what your mom calls his general pose, “And where, young lady, do you think you’re going?”

You smile, “The rafters?”

“To do what?”

You wince, “To sleep.”

“You realize you have a bed, right?”

“It’s too soft, I can’t sleep on it.”

Your father sighs after a moment, “Should have figured this would happen. Lord knows I couldn’t sleep on a bed when I came back from my first tour. I think you need some time off.”

You blink owlishly at him, “Excuse me.”

He smiles, “Your body is on alert. You’re used to putting yourself at risk, and now your body wants to be prepared at all times. It feels vulnerable in a bed. The best medicine I can think of is time off. No missions, and only light training. That’s an order.”

You don’t talk to your dad for a week after that. And if he enters a room, you leave it. You spend most of your time at the mountain. You can at least fly there.

Bart and Jaime confront you after three days, when they find you sleeping in the shower. You’re hesitant to tell them what’s going on, especially after what happened with your dad. Of course, by now you should know to expect the unexpected with them.

“Seriously, that’s it?” Bart asks.

You nod, and he pulls you to your feet. He drags you down the hallways to his room, with Jaime following behind. Somehow you end up sandwiched in-between them, and to your surprise, you’re out within minutes.