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1950′s GreenFlash AU

Spring break’s done for me which means it’s back to school I go, and I probably won’t be drawing much because I have to focus a lot more on getting good grades and shiz. So I’m leaving y’all off with a 50′s GreenFlash AU. Ngl,  I shouldn’t even be awake right now.


Maybe where Reader can fall asleep anywhere. On the coffee table? Out like a light. In a kitchen cabinet? Out like a light. On the stairs? Out like a light. Hanging upside down? Better check to make sure they’re alive. And maybe with Bart and/or Jaime constantly finding the Reader asleep in these uncomfortable and weird places?

Requested by: @temperdragoness

After years of being a superhero, you’ve developed a bit of a special talent; you know, in addition to fighting crime and being able to fly. You have the ability to fall asleep anywhere and at the drop of a hat.

    You blame it on those three months back when you were ten, when you barely got any sleep. You’d learned that you had to take it where you could get it. In the cargo bay, in a team meeting, under a cabinet, riding in Sphere, on the floor, hanging upside down from the rafters. Any place, any time is your motto.

    The fact that it drives your brother and father crazy is just a perk. It makes your mother laugh. The fact that neither one can wake you up frustrates them even more, and it makes your mother bust a gut.

    “It’s not normal, Shayera.”

    You mother just smiles, “And what about our family is normal, John? You and our son are intergalactic cops, I’m an alien with wings. Wings our daughter happened to inherit.”

    “She’s hanging upside down while she sleeps!”

    “She’s lived most of her life on a space station.” You can hear the laugh in your mother’s voice.

    “I don’t understand that girl.”

    “And yet, she has you wrapped around her little finger.”

    No one could argue that. Despite his general displeasure at your choice of sleeping venues, you were a daddy’s girl. Your father had a harder time saying no to you, than he did your mother. That was how you’d ended up with your mother’s mace in a practice session for your tenth birthday.

    “You can stop faking now, they’re gone.” You peer one eye open and stare at your brother.

    “How’d you know?”

    “You had that little smile on your lips. Like an imp.”

    You shrug before releasing your legs and gliding down from the rafters. Rex just smiles at you, “And where are you going?”

    “To catch some real sleep.”

    You make your way to the only place you’re guaranteed to get some uninterrupted sleep. The mountain is quiet, which tells you that everyone is either on a mission or at school. You make your way to the library and towards your favorite couch. It’s deep enough that your wings never feel pinned. You’re out within seconds.

    You’re not sure how long you sleep for, but when those two bodies slam themselves down on you, you’re awake. You groan under the pressure, and glare at your best friends. Bart and Jaime just grin at you.

    Bart laughs, “Time for training, Wings.”

    You open up your wings and throw the both of them off, before getting up. The three of you race down the hallway, and into the training room. Three hours later, you’re more than a little exhausted when you land on a beam at the top of the room and lay down. You’re out in seconds and all you can hear is Bart complaining about it not being fair.

After Hal joins the justice league.
  • Barry: awesome, I got another cool friend well I guess I'll see you around,Hal.> (Leaves the room)
  • Hal: ( watches Barry leave the room)Yeah, I call dibs on the cute speedster.
  • Bruce: what are you five?,he's a person not the last piece of pie you can't call dibs on him.
  • Hal: Why not?!
  • Bruce: because this isn't a schoolyard and~
  • Victor: and because bats already called dibs on him at the first meeting.
Alien-a Luthor

“This might be harder to write, but what if Lena found out she was part alien?” @rubylipz

           It didn’t really come as a huge surprise to Lena, really. Her past wasn’t fully divulged to her. All she knew was that she was the result of one of Lionel’s less…discreet dalliances. Besides, knowing where she came from wasn’t very high on the list of priorities for Lena Luthor; she’d spent the past couple of years trying to distance herself from her past as much as possible, especially her family. Since Lena and Kara had begun their relationship, Alex had been much more of an ally and a friend to Lena, and working with the DEO mean that all of the degrees she had accumulated in the bioengineering, physics and math were finally useful. It was a relief to finally have a place she could be herself and have people appreciate that; the other day the president herself had written to Lena to thank her for her incredible contributions. Often Kara would drop by the office or come home to find Lena still working on things for the DEO, because most of the projects she was assigned were very cutting edge and mostly alien tech, and Lena Luthor did not back down from a challenge. The first couple of times, Lena had apologized profusely to Kara, saving her work and getting ready to go home right away. But Kara would have none of that.

           “Lena, I don’t want you to just get up and leave with me. If there are things you want to spend time doing, then I’m totally okay with that and I 100% support it.” Kara murmured, pushing the CEO gently back down into her desk chair. “I understand, darling.” The superhero peered over the brunette’s shoulder at the plans on the CEO’s screen, before motioning for her to cast it onto the bigger screen in the room, sitting on the floor to survey the CEO’s plans. The brunette crossed over to stand behind the blonde, before leaning down, confused.

           “Kara, are you…talking to yourself?” Lena had heard mumbling and leaned down. Kara nodded distractedly, pointing to the screen.

           “The…uhh…crap. How do I say this in English…?” Kara frowned, scrunching her face up in concentration. Lena kicked off her heels and took a seat beside the blonde, surprised.

           “I can’t figure out how to power this.” They were looking at advanced plans that J’onn had given to Lena.

           “Can you pull up the original scripts that had gone with the plans?” Kara mumbled, leaning back on her palms. “I think this is Korugaran.” The blonde nodded and grabbed the smart pen, writing out missing equations on the plans on the screen. “I don’t know how to say this stuff in English.” Kara mumbled, squinting at the equations and the outline of the containment device. The brunette frowned, before grabbing the pen from Kara and filling in the missing numbers.

           “My god, you’re a genius.” Lena breathed, turning to wrap her arms around Kara. The blonde grinned proudly, hugging her girlfriend back.

           “Anything for you, deragevmaya.” Kara murmured, brushing her lips against the CEO’s cheek. Lena stiffened, before pulling away.

           “What…did you…” Lena blanched, and Kara tilted her head, concerned.

           “Lena?” Kara placed her hands on the brunette’s shoulder. “Lena, it’s just a Korugaran endearment.” The word had triggered something in Lena’s mind, and the brunette frowned.

           “I think…” Lena covered her mouth with her hand. “I think I recognize that word. From before the orphanage.” Kara held out her arms, and Lena walked into them, burying her face into the blonde’s neck.

           “Home?” Kara asked, murmuring gently. Lena nodded, and the hero flew them back to the apartment, before shooting Alex a quick text to let her know what was going on. “It’s late. Let’s figure this out tomorrow and sleep on it, okay, babe?” Lena nodded, before crawling into Kara’s arms.

           The DEO had many more resources than Lena had thought or wanted to go through. When Alex sent an encrypted report over to Kara the next morning, Kara knew Lena had to be the one to open it.

           “You know this doesn’t change the way I feel about you, right, baby?” Kara sat on the couch next to Lena, pressing her lips gently to the brunette’s temple. Lena nodded silently and took a deep breath, opening the report to read it.

           “It says my birth mother was from Korugar, and that my father was…Lionel Luthor.” Lena exhaled and let her body fall back into the couch. “Kara…I never wanted to know. It just seemed like…it would root me more into the past and I didn’t want that.” Lena stated, staring at the ceiling. “But now I guess I know partly why my m – why Lillian hates aliens so much.” Kara leaned over to kiss her gently.

           “Hey. The girl I fell in love with is smart, kind, and makes me want to be a better person.” Lena looked up and frowned. “Yeah, Lena.” Kara grinned, leaning down to kiss her again. “You make Supergirl want to be a better person and more like you.” The blonde tugged Lena gently into her lap and nuzzled her nose into the crook of her neck. “Nothing’s changed except that now you know where your mom came from.” Lena smiled and blushed light pink. “And besides, the planet of Korugar was known for their hospitality and community, as well as their willingness to form alliances and trade with other planets. I know that Krypton, in the past, owed them a great deal for trades of resources from their planet that helped boost our Science Council’s efficiency.” Kara flushed. “I’m rambling.”

           “No, I like it.” Lena murmured, a small smile sneaking onto her face. “All characteristics I want so badly to have, actually.” Kara grinned and leaned in to kiss her.

           “I’ve never actually met a half alien.” Kara smiled as she leaned her forehead against Lena. “I will have you know that this makes you way more attractive than you were before and you were already really attractive before.” Lena chuckled and kissed Kara’s nose gently.

           “Was I now?” Kara nodded emphatically.

           “I can’t believe you like me.” Kara giggled, flushing bright pink. Suddenly, Lena’s smile grew tenfold and she buried her face into Kara’s shoulder.

           “Oh my god, this means that Lillian isn’t my mother anymore.” Lena said excitedly, clutching Kara’s hands. Her smile was infectious and Kara found an identical one spreading across her own face.

           “Well if it makes you feel any better Eliza’s maternal instinct has already made her believe that you’re part of our family.” Kara giggled, sliding her arms around Lena’s waist.

           “She sent me a text the other day asking me if I was eating properly.” Lena looked at Kara solemnly. Kara’s smile grew and she snickered. “Are you okay with all of this, though?” Lena bit her lip, suddenly looking a little nervous.

           “Babe, of course. This doesn’t change how I feel about you or why I love you in the first place.” Kara murmured, pressing her lips gently to Lena’s cheek. “Just like you didn’t hate me when I hid being Supergirl from you.” Lena hummed and rolled her eyes.

           “I always knew you were Supergirl, babe.”

           “You didn’t. Come on, Lena. No way.”

           “It’s adorable that you think that, darling.”