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1950′s GreenFlash AU

Spring break’s done for me which means it’s back to school I go, and I probably won’t be drawing much because I have to focus a lot more on getting good grades and shiz. So I’m leaving y’all off with a 50′s GreenFlash AU. Ngl,  I shouldn’t even be awake right now.

Changing Planets

Prompt: One shot of the reader having Hal Jordan as an uncle and the reader is dating Wally West and Hal and Barry just fangirls over their relationship

Words: 305

          “They’re just so adorable!”

          “Ahh, young love.”

          You sink down a bit into the couch, Wally right beside you. “When’s your aunt getting home?” You whisper.

          “Not ‘till tomorrow, her flight was delayed.”

          That sentence makes you want to cry, and almost as if he senses, it Wally takes your hand. “It won’t be like this forever.” He whispers.

          You nod, “Yeah, you’re right, of course you’re right. I mean how long can two grown men fangirl over their niece and nephew’s relationship?”

          That sentence stops both of you cold, because your uncles have been known to obsess, and a chance at becoming in-laws on top of best friends was something they would obsess over until well AFTER it happened.

          Wally sighs, “Okay so when we turn eighteen, we move to a new country, get facial reconstruction, and create all new identities. Maybe then we’ll have a moment alone.”    

          You shake your head, “Won’t work, Uncle Hal will call in the whole of the Green Lantern Corps. I’m fairly sure he’s already picked a wedding date.”

          “Hopefully it goes with the colors Uncle Barry has picked.”

          The two of you grin at each other before peeking back over the couch at your uncles. When they turn towards you, the two of you quickly duck, and all you can say is, “You need to go pick up your

Aunt Iris, or call Dick and have him steal the batplane, because I can’t take much more of this.”

          Wally nods before asking, “Is there a chance we’re being a tad bit dramatic?”

          You look your boyfriend in the eye and say, “My uncle was looking at wedding dresses on Pinterest yesterday. He’d interrupt me every two minutes to ask my thought on them.”

          Wally nods before saying, “What about changing planets?”

          You grin, “That one might work.”


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