green lantern the animates series

Hey Voltron Fans!

Feeling lost after marathoning Voltron and don’t know what to now do with your life? 

Feeling the need for more tv about fun space families?

Wanna see more of Josh Keaton as a Space Dad™?

May I present:








YOU GET FANTASTIC STORIES AND WONDERFUL CHARACTER AND RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT HEADED BY JIM KRIEG (creator Spooksville, writer on multiple DC animated products) AND GIANCARLO VOLPE (director on ATLA and Star Wars: The Clone Wars)*





“But Annica,” you say, “I don’t know anything about the Green Lantern mythos or DC. I won’t understand any of it!”

You won’t need to know the background! The story accessible and easy for anyone who doesn’t have background on Green Lantern. You might miss a few easter eggs within the series, but plot and character wise, you won’t be left out of the loop.

“But I’m not a huge fan of 3D animation on tv shows” you say.

Once upon a time, I was very much in you position, and I will admit, at the beginning, it may seem a big jarring, but honestly the animation fits very well with the series and it grows to be absolutely gorgeous and you’ll soon stop noticing the initial difference that was throwing you off. 

“But Hal Jordan is a jerk!”

Oooooooooh yes he is. Normally. Believe you me I am aware. Normally at least - however this version of Hal Jordan, while at times cocky, has wonderful development and becomes a very likeable character. All the characters are written in ways that, even if you don’t like them, you will sympathise with them at points (hell even some of the villains).

So basically what I’m trying to say is

Go watch Green Lantern: The Animated Series

(*you may also get tears. Just saying it now so you don’t hate on me later)


Popped in on Rosie’s ( @junryou​ ) stream tonight and she sketched a gorgeous Razer!! (on the left) 

So I couldn’t resist sketching Aya (on the right) too to match and she said we should post them and so here they are together! uvu


*heart eyes* uh oh.

so Giancarlo, who works on svtfoe also worked on green lantern. And THIS character’s design caught my attention for some obvious reasons..(I wonder what lol).

Justice League Action and Green Lantern TAS Question

Okay, so here’s my question about these two shows, could it be possible to have an appearance of Razer or Aya in Justice League Action? I know it’s a ridiculous question, but I really liked Green Lantern the Animated Series, and even if it’s just a cameo, or a short introduction, I would be satisfied.

I know that it could be complicated to do so, may even spoil one of their ideas for the second season they weren’t able to make, maybe just Razer then? they don’t have to merge the series together, I just want those characters to be seen again, it’s not an obsession, just a tragedy that an amazing show like GL TAS was cancelled

For those who haven’t seen the series, I advise you to watch it.

like Young Justice, it really deserves another season.

but I went off topic, could Razer and/or Aya be seen on Justice League Action? or is it a bit more complicated then that?

Razer Headcanons

We all knew I was going to make A List someday I mean c’mon

  • Autistic
  • Trans guy
    • Parents’ response to coming out as trans was “Alright, how do we help with this ‘dysphoria’ thing?”. Uncle’s response was “Here are some of my old clothes. And knives. Lots of knives.”
  • Fangs secrete poison. Yes, both rows, on the top and bottom of his mouth
  • Ears are pointed like a Stereotypical Elf, and move around depending on his mood like a cat’s
  • Used to fidget A Lot when stressed, but dropped that habit when he joined the Red Lantern Corps
  • Bipolar, bisexual, will smack you if you make a joke to the effect of “Bi-bi”
  • Kept all those weapons from Babel in little pockets he sewed onto his shirt and binder 
    • Did not let Hal and Kilowog know he can sew because he’d rather not be bothered every time they get a rip in their civilian clothes
  • The list of people who can touch him without asking is essentially just the Interceptor crew and Saint Walker. Everyone else has to ask or he’ll get very angry
  • The only Red Lanterns he got along with? Bleez and Skallox. Bleez because she’s the same flavor of bitter as him, and Skallox because he’s quiet and doesn’t like Zox
  • Speaking of Zox, they were cordial until Atrocitus started visibly paying attention to Razer. Zox then started being the antagonistic jerk we see
  • Fastest way to tell if he’s comfortable around someone is if he’ll do other things while they’re in the room like
    • Hal/Kilowog/Aya alone with him? He’ll tinker with a robot he’s building, read something, fix something, etc. 
    • Sinestro is alone with him? He’ll Just Sit Over Here Thank You, No He Is Not Glaring At Sinestro What Are You Talking About That’s Nonsense
  • Doesn’t swear that often unless startled, at which point he will turn into a bundle of profanity
  • Likes video games, especially fantasy games. Sci-fi games about saving the universe are a bit too close to his actual life to be enjoyable
  • Can, has, and will operate on One Hour of Sleep.
  • Can, has, and will never admit to getting stuck in his binder and needing help
    • At least he isn’t binding with bandages anymore bc hooo buddy was that a disaster. Constant pain, he needed a Very Tired Bleez to help him into it if he had rib or arm injuries, it was a mess
  • Super Into Mythology, which is why he knows the legend of the Orange Lantern offhand
    • Hal: Yeah mythology on my planet is kinda weird?
      Razer: You have my attention.
    • He likes them for the same reason he likes video games; they tell the story of worlds full of magic and power, and do not have Universe Endangering Shenanigans
  • Comes from a carnivorous species. Most plant matter is inedible to him, but anything with citrus is toxic.
  • If he dislikes someone he is not above doing things he knows will annoy them specifically to be obnoxious.
    • Source: Directly insulting Kilowog all over “Into the Abyss”
  • Has eye damage, which is why his pupils are discolored compared to Ilana’s (Alana? Elana? Who Knows We See Her Like Once)
  • Cannot swim. Does not want to learn from Hal or Kilowog, but Aya can’t swim either.
  • Trusts Hal up until he hears anything along the lines of “Watch this” because that is usually followed up with things going horribly awry
    • Trusts Kilowog up until he starts doing the Dad Friend Thing because he. Does not like talking about his emotions
    • Trusts Aya up until anything like “I can handle this” comes out her mouth because she is overconfident and he is bad with loss
  • Read the Harry Potter books (digitally) because Aya figures they’re culturally significant to humans. Threw the data pad he was reading on every time a character he likes died.
    • His favorites are Hagrid, Hermione and Sirius. Certainly Not Because They Remind Him Of The Interceptor Crew What Are You Talking About
  • Good at calculating things in his head