green lantern spectrum

The reason few Lantern rings ever come to Earth is because humans are too emotional by nature. Despite being such a passionate species, each ring requires one specific emotion to attract it. No matter how strongly a human may be feeling at the time, they’re never really feeling one sole emotion. The only reason that Green Lantern Rings choose earthlings is because they interpret a human’s ability to function at all despite all their emotions as a sign of great willpower.


Here’s to the self indulgent crossover that I ended up putting way to much effort into. But I love Voltron and I adore the Green Lantern lore and universe and I ended up putting some serious thought into that.
So just… let me explain: 

Green Lantern (Willpower): Pidge 
The Green ring is often regarded as “willpower”, but I also interpret it as “bravery”. I think this speaks a lot to Pigde. Pidge is highly goal oriented and motivated. And in order get her goal she is willing to overcome a lot of things, a lot of dangerous, scary things. Her will and bravery are both shining strong. 
+Green Lanterns are believed to be the ‘neutral’ color. They don’t lean towards good or bad. And I think it’s a nice touch for her. 

Sinestro Corps (Fear): Shiro 
So here’s the thing- Shiro might not look like the kind of person who would be motivated by instilling fear, but he might’ve been that kind of person during his time as Champion. He is also highly motivated by his own fear: of the Galra empire, of Zarkon, of getting captured again and even from himself. So while I think it’s not the only choice that could work for him (green could work as well) I found it fitting. 

Blue Lantern (Hope): Lance
I always see Lance as the one who can hold everyone together. He might get sad, sure, but he will also always be the one to try and cheer everyone up by doing something stupid. Other then that, he is also pretty hopeful for himself. Sure he’s not the best at anything but he tries, believing he can be a better pilot, or win over a girl. I find it endearing, and very fitting of the blue ring. 

Red Lantern (Rage): Keith
So it’s pretty clear, especially in the last two episodes, that Keith is highly impulsive- which fit the red ring. There’s also enough of a reason to believe at least some of his actions are controlled by anger. While Shiro seems to channel his relation to the Galra through fear, Keith seems to channel it through anger. 
Also Red Lantern have this thing where the ring replaces their blood with liquid fire so I mean yeah we also have that.

Indigo Tribe (Compassion): Hunk 
Honestly, I feel like this one is self explanatory. Hunk IS compassion. He fights because he cares, not only for the people close to him, but for everyone. Still not convinced? Here’s the translation of the first lines in the indigo oath: “In sorrowful day, in misfortunate night,We help those, who need our might”.
(Indigo Tribe members can also channel every other emotion. fun fact) 

Star Sapphires (Love): Allura
It’s important to remember that the violet corps isn’t necessarily driven by romantic love- but by love and care for the living in general. Allura fits that a lot. She’ll fight, yes, but she’s a diplomat first, always wishing for peace with other aliens. And just like the Star Sapphires, she’ll kick your ass if you try to harm anyone she cares about. 
+At some point, Wonder Woman was also a Star Sapphire, so this is definitely the “strong kickass queens” corps. 

Agent Orange (Greed) Haggar: 
Agent Orange is a weird thing for me, and it was hard to pick a character. I ended up deciding on Haggar. Orange is not a corpse, but an individual who isn’t really keen on sharing his powers or his treasures. He will help you if you ask, but he always has his own selfish interests first. I thought she will probably be the best choice for that. 

Ended up writing so much gahhh. 
Oh well. This has been fun. 

P.S Zarkon would be a black lantern.  

Acotar Characters Lantern Corps

Explanation: in the DC universe there is this thing called the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum, which is an energy field fuelled by the emotions of all senant beings. All of the emotions on the spectrum have a lantern corps, made up of beings that weild rings used to harness the energy of their emotion and use it to create constructs. I sorted acotar characters into their corps because I’m very board and have nothing better to do!

Feyre- White/Life. The white Lanterns actually have the ability to draw power from all the emotions, kind of like Feyre’s ability to use powers from all 7 courts.

Tamlin- Red/Rage. The red lanterns are very deadly and very evil, most of them not having very much control over their emotions and prone to random explosions of rage. (Fun fact, I took a test on what lantern corp I would end up in and I got red, so I can’t judge Tamlin.)

Amren- yellow/fear. They are more commonly known as the Sinestro Corps (after their founder) and are chosen for their ability inspire fear, so Amren would definitely make the cut!

Cassian and Azriel- green/willpower. The Green Lanterns are the most commonly known lantern corp. They are overseen by the Guardians of the Universe. They are definitely good guys (except for Sinestro, who is a traitor who is kind of insane.) The members must be able to overcome great fear in order to weild their ring. When one green lantern dies, it’s ring will seek out a replacement who will then be taken to Oa for training.

Elain- blue/hope. This corp is extremely small, as hope is the most powerful wave on the spectrum but the most difficult to master. It also requires the green light of willpower to fully work. They were formed to help the green lanterns during the war of light. They have the power to bring great hope to those who have none.

Rhysand- Indigo/ compassion. I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about them. The indigo light can only be weilded by one with great compassion for other beings, and can manipulate the other energies of the emotional spectrum. Rhys would be a great member of this corp which is really just a tribe and not an official organization like the green lanterns.

Mor and Nesta- violet/love. The only ones capable of weilding the power of love are: those capable of great love, who have lost their loves, or ones who have been rejected. I feel both Mor and Nesta would make great members of the Star Sapphire Corps, who are all females and the protectors of love throughout the galaxy.

The two options not on this list is the orange light of avarice/greed and black, the absence of light which stands for death.

You might have noticed that I left Lucien out of this list. That’s because I couldn’t decide where he would go. None of them seemed like him. If you want, you can tell me where you think he should go, and I might add him to this list. I might do one for the throne of Glass crew as well. We’ll see.


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